Weevils: how to deal with garden pests


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A funny Little bug with a long nose-a proboscis, which they call it "elephant" is a headache for growers, and not only them. Just think, this pest affects the same pleasure with raspberries, strawberries, cherries, apples! Gets from it and the colors, even the room. "Elephants" is able to cause considerable damage to the farmers by destroying the grain in the barns. The rice weevil is a parasite on rice. There are even cotton "elephant" and its palm counterpart. Varieties of this pest more than ten thousand. In almost every corner of the world has its own voracious weevils. How to deal with so many Legion?

weevils how to dealExotic representatives of this family we are now not interested, we would be local to understand. Long-nosed pests do not spare the most delicate and vital parts of plants. Under attack are the seeds, buds, buds, fruits and twigs. If you do not take any measures, it is possible to say goodbye to half of the plantings in the garden.

Winter "elephants" prefer hiding in the fallen leaves or climbing in cracks on the bark. But in the spring they move to the trees to feed on swelling buds juicy. The juxtaposition of the tree starts to "weep." With damaged kidneys dripping SAP, and gardeners understand that woke up the weevils. How to deal with them, you need to find out immediately, while females do not put in the buds of their eggs. Otherwise the ovaries will not be fully dried larvae of the delicate blossoms. After 12 or 18 days to start the output of young animals, which attacked the leaves and the few surviving ovary. And in July, all the elephants hide in the bark.


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weevil on Apple how to fightEradication Program includes enhanced preventive measures. The leaves, which serves as the bugs of winter shelter should be collected in autumn and burned. Some gardeners even set traps of foliage, placing it under fruit trees as bait. From this generously offered space for hibernation will not give the most careful weevils. How to deal with those who wintered and came out in the spring? There are several ways. First of all, mechanical protection, that is the usual shaking off insects. It's better to do early in the morning when it's still cool and insect metabolisms slow. As soon as will become warmer, pests will get out. Collect the fallen "elephants" for a film or a tarpaulin, and then burn. It is useful to tie in the adhesive belt at the upcoming flowering trees.

weevil cherry how to dealNoticing the dried buds on his favorite kind, you know - weevil on Apple. How to deal with already hatched larvae, if precautionary measures have not worked? You'll have to spend spraying insecticides. Pre-Auber all the damaged buds. Prepare poison solution according to the instructions and treat all plant parts, even tree trunks the soil lightly sprinkle. Picking up the tool, pay attention to its dangers for humans and pollinating insects.

Not the least the scourge is a weevil cherry how to deal with it, you already know. The event, in principle, the same, except that carry them will have a little later. The mass flight of beetles is in the period of flowering cherry trees, which are slightly delayed compared to other garden plantings.

The Weevils (how to deal with these is not harmless elephants, you know) will not stop their attacks on your plants. Therefore, you need a system in their destruction. Active ways to combine prevention, carefully watching the condition of fruit trees.

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