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Many of life's problems people try to solve the old fashioned way, following the usual stereotypes. Kettle KitchenAid can completely change people's view of this seemingly simple process, like heating water.

Confident steps of a new brand

With the new American brand KitchenAid Russians were able to meet only a couple of years ago, although the company itself was founded in the beginning of the last century. It all began with a simple mixer, and resulted in a large and promising company, which every year appears more and more supporters. Kettle KitchenAid – it is a work of art.

kitchenaid kettle

He embodies the three most important qualities that consumers are looking for in such items:

  1. Very Attractive and very unusual design.
  2. The Ability for a long time to maintain the temperature of the water.
  3. Minimal noise during operation.
  4. The Maximum level of safety against burns.
  5. A Convenient mechanism for opening the cover.
  6. Temperature Indicator of the fluid inside the kettle.
  7. Temperature control of heating.

All this makes the kettle KitchenAid among other manufacturers. He's a good helper for Housewives in the kitchen. Such a device is able to solve many serious problems. In addition, the kettle KitchenAid has many different embodiments that can satisfy the desires of most demanding customers.

Unbiased estimate

To obtain the most complete picture, need to learn more about the KitchenAid electric kettle. The reviews of those who have already managed to buy it, only confirm all of the above. For example, consider one of the most popular models from KitchenAid 5KEK1722ESX.


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kitchenaid electric kettle reviews

This device has many advantages, all of which need to be discussed separately:

  1. Both outside and inside made of stainless steel and covered with heat-resistant enamel. This two-layer design is very convenient. It allows the tea to always stay outside a little warm and protects from possible burns. This is very good when children are present.
  2. Silicone handle is non-slip. This gives you the ability to firmly hold the device in your hands.
  3. The Device is very compact and convenient round base allows you to place it anywhere.
  4. The handle is a digital display with six temperature 50 to 100 degrees, which allows you to pre-select the heat level appropriate for the drink. Here is the indicator that shows the gradual change in temperature. In addition, there is a button, which when pressed allows you to save the desired temperature for 30 minutes.
  5. Side handle is a window with a measuring scale that has neon lights and burns with a blue color while heating.

This device will really compliment any kitchen and bring a lot of fun to its owner.


Unique designs and creative solutions – this is what distinguishes the KitchenAid kettle. The reviews only confirm the approval of this from buyers. Not to be unfounded, you can listen to how they speak about other new models of KitchenAid 5KEK1522. The first thing that catches the eye – this is an unusual design.

kettle kitchenaid reviews

Kettle resembles a mini-unit. It has a more rounded shape, and a volume of 1.5 litres similar to a small ball. Dual layer case made of stainless steel and aluminum makes it virtually weightless in the hands. In addition, the same design allows it to operate very quietly at a relative high power in 2400 watts. Temperature adjustment is mechanical and located at the bottom of the device. It is more practical than electronics, which at any moment can burn out from voltage drop. About the boiling water prevents the beep sound that is moderately loud and quite melodious. On the body also there is a round window with scale. This is a thermometer which allows to determine the temperature of the water in the kettle at the moment. No need to include it, as they say, “just in case”.

Simplified version

The KitchenAid electric Kettle are also more simple models. Take, for example, 5KEK12222. This is a relatively small device with a volume of 0.25 liter steel case with detachable cover, equipped with safe athermic handle. He has more than the usual domed shape, which fits into the interior of the premises.

kettle electric kitchenaid

The phone has compact dimensions and a capacity of just 1500 watts. In addition, it is very lightweight (only 1.3 kg without the stand) and easy to operate. The gear shift lever with led indicator in the shape of a small pedal located at the bottom of the housing. After boiling of liquid he, uttering a easy click, back to its original position. The scale of the level of water in this kettle is placed on the inner wall, and through a rather wide opening is very convenient to control the filling. A removable filter cleans the heated water from the scale. In addition, it should also pay attention to the price of such a model. It's worth less than 10,000 rubles, which is almost half lower than the rest, more powerful instances.

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