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The First thing to consider when choosing furniture for the kitchen, – is its functionality. But equally important is attractive. Yes, you need to consider the price of furniture. Many people want to get for little money high quality and beautiful furniture. But what is better: MDF or chipboard for kitchen?

Material for the facade of the kitchen

The Materials for furnishing the following apply:

  • Laminated chipboard;
  • MDF;
  • The tree;
  • Framework;
  • Aluminium.

If wood or aluminum is clear, the abbreviation, chipboard and MDF have many cause issues. These materials are widely used in modern furniture production.

which is better MDF or chipboard for kitchen

The Creation of materials such as chipboard and MDF, allows you to develop a wide range of products for the home, including the kitchen. Which is better: MDF or chipboard?

For the kitchen need furniture can withstand fluctuations in temperature and humidity. The Cabinet doors are constantly susceptible to mechanical stress, open them with wet hands. So the facade of the kitchen cabinets are usually made of MDF, and the side walls and shelves – of chipboard. This is due to materials.

What is chipboard and MDF

Chipboard – laminated chipboard. It is obtained, extruding the sawdust. But first, they are processed formaldehyde resin. Then it is laminated – cover with a paper film, impregnated with melamine resin. Water-resistant chipboard plate make the wax or its emulsion.

chipboard price

The predecessor of the DSP appeared in the 40-ies of the last century. To finish use not only laminated, but also plastic, veneer, acrylic, and even faux stone.

MDF – fiberboard obtained by pressing the dried chips. Before that, it added paraffin. They make the material durable. The sawdust used for the production of MDF, very small. Therefore, derived from it the product is much stronger and denser. Tar, harmful to humans, such products are not so much. There is a stove in the 60-ies of the last century.


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So which is better, MDF or chipboard for kitchen?

Advantages of water-resistant chipboard

Perhaps its main advantage is the low cost of the chipboard. Sheet price ranges from 220 to 400 roubles. It depends on the thickness that can be from 8 to 25 millimeters.

The Products made of this material is well tolerated humidity and high temperature, which is often found on kitchen furniture from laminated chipboard.

Price also depends on the type of decoration.

worktops chipboard

Colour range of products from LDPS wide enough. Often she repeats the colors of different wood species.

Disadvantages of chipboard

First, this rigidity, which cannot be milled.

Due to the presence of various resin laminated plate refers to a toxic material. This figure depends on what kind of resin used in its manufacture. Less harmful substances found in plates E1 class.

However, from chipboard to create even countertops. Cover chipboard HPL-plastic, which is also called laminate, using the technology of postforming. Pay special attention to the quality of the stitches. If it is bad, then the moisture gets to wood shavings, Board countertops swells up and loses all his qualities. Chipboard table tops are often not very high quality.

Advantages of MDF

The Material is easy to process using milling tools. It turns out patterned relief surface.

kitchen-MDF gloss

PVC Film of various colors can give furniture a modern and stylish look. She is not afraid of exposure to acids and household chemicals. Used for decoration of furniture of different enamel.

Products made of heat-resistant MDF. They do not swell from moisture. We can say that the material its characteristics are much closer to wood than particleboard. The surface of MDF kitchen (gloss) beautiful and original. The use of special effects (pearl, chameleon) allows you to get beautiful and original products. And given the availability of various colors, to manufacturers great opportunities to create beautiful and original products for the kitchen.

Disadvantages of MDF

A higher price than for products made of laminated chipboard.

The Coating can flake off if the temperature is above 75 degrees.

Frame facades

Apply the frame facades. Frame made of MDF profile is complemented by panels of chipboard, metal, glass. Frame is trimmed with PVC film or veneer. Their advantage is the low price and the possibility of creating a large number of different design options.

Disadvantages-the fragility, the complexity of care. Frame sometimes poorly connected, leading to unsteadiness of the product.

End Treatment products

The Method of postforming is that the laminate is already bent on the two ends. Other treated with a decorative edge after cut off desired size.

Often all four end process PVC, acrylic or aluminum rim. Color fringing can contrast with the color of the furniture.

Method is softforming processing edges of a workpiece cutters, rounding out. Decorative film in place of the cut butt glue.

MDF with enamel

Very effective product it is possible to decorate products from MDF with enamel of different colors. First, the surface is primed, painted, dried, polished. Apply the next layer, then some more.

After processing the last layer of surface varnish. After drying, Polish again.

The advantage is the view, the disadvantage-the high cost compared with plastic or film coating. This furniture can fade in the sun, on it there are traces from fingers. The back side of the door is usually white. In addition, from mechanical bumps appear chipped beyond repair.

What is better

So which is better: MDF or chipboard? For the kitchen it would be nice of MDF to make all the furniture and not just the facades? Yes, she would be stronger. But much more expensive. Therefore more likely to use such equipment.

kitchen from MDF reviews

MDF has a higher density. This will not only extend the life of products, but will also allow them to decorate various wood carvings and decorative ornaments.

Designed so the furniture has a beautiful appearance, the facade is not indestructible. Of course, this furniture is not as durable as wood, but with proper care it will serve owners faithfully for a couple of decades. And during this time, perhaps there will be new technologies to produce better quality furniture. Kitchen from MDF reviews collects different. Mostly consumers like the look, but not satisfied with the quality of the tabletop.


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