Vertical gardening with his own hands: features, recommendations, and reviews


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Vertical gardening people do in order to decorate the garden or a room in an apartment, office, private house. Sometimes this method of registration is necessary to hide flaws in the interior or to divide the area into zones. What use plants, design, read the article.


Vertical gardening is not only used in the design of the landscape. Applications are different:

  • Adorned the building. Such landscaping is popular in England. The people here are transforming their homes with vines. Usually covered one wall of the building. For reviews of experienced gardeners, the advantages of this method is the possibility of design refresh, and also hide minor flaws structures, such as the curvature of the walls.
  • It Creates a favorable microclimate inside the buildings at any time of the year. Look beautiful and create a special atmosphere of the gazebo in the garden and arches overgrown with vines and other plants from the form of climbing flowers. Those who are already engaged in greening, it is recommended to decorate your site this way as it creates shade, reduces noise irritation.
  • Vertical gardening in the country is used in the zoning. For example, we need to keep the gazebo for a break from the buildings for different purposes, which are available on site.
Vertical gardening


To perform vertical gardening with their hands are ideal for those plants for which no matter the soil composition, they do not need regular watering. Successfully used vines of all kinds, moss. But all depends on the location of planting on the site. If it is the North side, use cotoneaster, girlish grapes, Japanese quince is considered the best option. On the South side should be planted a completely different plant: Magnolia, clematis, honeysuckle, Chinese Magnolia vine. On the site, with the West – Wisteria, cantici, East – Capuchins, hydrangeas. Plants for vertical gardening using annuals and perennial.

Plants with annual life cycle

These include those that die after flowering. The following year they must re-planted.

  • Polka dot scented – delicate plants flowers collected in a fragrant bunches of different shades. Long flowering, from early spring until frost. Seeds zambesiaca and perfectly ripen for next year.
  • Morning glory-a climbing annual plant. Thanks to the core leaves, you can create a screen. These designs are light and graceful. Flowers in the form of gramophones look impressive. Flowers zambesiaca.
  • The Beans – the plant has several varieties, but they all have twining stems up to three metres in length.
Vertical gardening with your own hands

Perennial Plants

They do not require annual planting, in one place grow long, without losing their decorative qualities. Some representatives of this group of plants is presented below:


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  • Actinidia – this plant amazing properties to change the color of the leaves is called "chameleon». During blooming they are bronze, a little later-green after flowering – with pink spots, then become crimson.
  • Grapes girl – this is an amazingly beautiful plant. In autumn its leaves turn crimson-BlackBerry color. Different ‘creep”, can cling to any surface.
  • Drevogubets rotundifolia – this vine, with its powerful stems reach a height of 10 meters. Growing fast, big leaves in autumn turn yellow. Decorative fruit orange hue. Looks very impressive.

Moss gardening

Using this representative of the flora is a new direction in landscape design. In appearance the moss is not related to eye-catching plants, it is quite inconspicuous. But, in the opinion of people who appreciate the beauty, in the hands of a master it can turn into an amazingly beautiful home decoration.

Plants for vertical gardening

It is

  • Environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic.
  • Lack of susceptibility to disease.
  • Does Not require watering, mowing, lighting.
  • Long life of about five years.

Vertical gardening with moss used to decorate the walls of houses and their roofs. Experts recommend to use it even indoors, and in two variants: with one type of ornamental plants or more.

The Advantages of vines

If working on a vertical planting area in the garden or in the country will be conducted without the help of a designer, the best plants for that are vines. Their advantages are the following:

  • Huge variety that you can choose the shape of flowers, leaves, their colors and even aroma: lobii, melothria, climbing roses and others.
  • Plants grow quickly, so they can grow to create different figures.
  • Planting of vines is simple, and care – simplicity.

The Vines are able to wrap any support, they cling to them with their devices: shoots, stems, elongated petioles, roots, mustaches. An important advantage is the planting using the minimum of space, which is especially important for the city. When choosing these plants for small plot gardeners recommend the use of one kind of vines. If there will be more, they just close to each other and will not develop.

Vertical gardening in the country

The Use of climbing plants has a number of disadvantages that should be considered in the design of vertical gardening. These include:

  • Walls with plants on them may mold if they are located in the Northern direction in relation to the parts of the world. You get mold, with which to fight.
  • Plants in the flowering period for many people cause allergies. With neighbors need to be considered.
  • Creepers safely reach the roof, causing water gutters are clogged.

Varieties of vines

There is a wide variety of these plants that are suitable for landscaping areas in the garden or at the cottage. But experienced gardeners recommend to grow the following climbing varieties:

  • Morning glory – annual plant, with several varieties. Often use the purple kind. Its shoots grow up to a length of eight meters. The leaves are very decorative, but small, appear in may. A month later, the stems cover the funnel-shaped flowers of exquisite shape. Another kind-red-blue morning glory. Its stems are even longer – 10 m. the Main feature is that during rain the flowers don't close.
  • Cobia – a plant native to Mexico. Love him to grow Russian gardeners for the incredible beauty of flowers with a diameter of eight centimeters. The only thing not very convenient, is grown through seedlings. First you need to germinate seeds to grow young plants in a pot, and in the first month of summer to put in a permanent place.
  • Mina, or quamoclit vane – the vines are not very long, only three meters. But the bloom large, 20 cm They have a surprising form: in the form of spikes in two rows. Gardeners recommend to grow a plant in your garden for planting, as the process can get a tremendous pleasure. For cultivation of the seedling culture method is used.
Design vertical gardening


So we call plants, the locus of which are arid regions, they are used to the constant lack of water. Moisture for life store them in the leaves, stems. Evaporation protected by a waxy coating. These plants are very popular in landscaping because they are an incredible way to very quickly adapt to any environment of growth and climate change.

  • Sedum, or stonecrop – is characterized by diverse shape of the leaves and shoots. In landscaping is used as a hanging plant and a groundcover.
  • Tradescantia – thanks to the ideal shape of the shoots is hanging in pots, the stems, put it in the cradle, wrap around her. It looks very nice.
  • Crosses – represent shrubs of small size, long shoots which hang down. Grown as a hanging plant and a groundcover. Have leaves of different shape: spherical, oblong-linear.

Design for vertical gardening

Decorate your garden in this way is easy. After selecting plants, consider creating supports, without which they will not grow. Options include the following structures:

  • Lattice strips of wood for decoration of walls of buildings. It can be bought in store or self-made. In this work, spruits...

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