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Living in the house can be a separate room or combine the functions of kitchen, dining room, bedroom or office. But whatever the purpose of the space, want it to be not only functional, but also beautiful. In this article you will find new ideas and tips on interior design living room photos and ready-made solutions.

Current trends in living room design

Thinking about the next repair, many are lost, what finishing materials to choose, what colors to use in the interior, what style to make a particular room. In search of the answer to these questions, property owners appeal to modern interior trends. Unlike, for example, fashion clothing, haircuts or accessories, the trends in the world of interior design do not change so often. And this is understandable. Hairstyle or wardrobe it is easier to change than to remodel an apartment or a house.

Follow the fashion is good, but no less and perhaps even more important to the look and feel and the interior was like you and reflect your condition. After this room you will not only expose “parading” of the guests, but also spend somewhat time with family and alone. As for current trends, highlight the following points.

The more space and light, the better

To do this, designers are advised to install Windows. And for small apartments it is appropriate to combine the living room with adjacent rooms (kitchen, corridor or hallway). These techniques will help to create a spacious and bright interior of modern living room. Photos for this decision is presented below.


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a Bright living room interior

No walls

Often living rooms are functionally United with other rooms (dining room, bedroom, office)but the use of different screens and partitions are not welcome. Zoning is due to the arrangement of furniture and use of different textures and lighting.

Environment and safety

These fashion trends will always be. Safe finishing materials, furniture, lighting and textiles – not just a fad, but a sensible choice of the owners of apartments and houses. The choice in favor of sustainability is also partly a safety issue, but also the fashion for natural materials.

Reasonable minimalism

Continuing the idea of free space, the designers prefer interiors that are not burdened with a large number of furniture and decor items. Furniture should be as much as is required for wearer comfort of the living room. In the photo - the idea of modern interior without surplus furniture and decor.

Discreet living room interior

Light color

This trend is particularly relevant for small living rooms. Thanks to the light tones the room visually increases and is filled with light. To the interior of the living room not looked boring, the designers are advised to use some bright elements-paintings, pillows and rugs, decorative items.

Mixed styles

Fusion is back in fashion, but in a more restrained form. It is recommended to combine similar in the direction of styles. This gives more scope for the imagination and not restrict the owners in the choice of materials and shapes.


This does not mean that you need to spend a considerable sum on purchasing designer “stuff”. Such a thing can be done it yourself. If it will differ in style and color from the main interior, it will even give a special charm to the whole image the living room. Photo of the interior with “designer” thing can be found below.

Exclusive thing in interior

Easy to replace luxury

This trend will especially appeal to those who are not willing to spend much money on the arrangement of the main room. Interesting modern living room interior can be done even with a limited budget. The main thing - to show imagination and do not be lazy.

Interior style

As for style, the living room design is dominated by classic. But rare to find an apartment or even a room done in the same style. Some styles remain popular for many years, while others lose their relevance. Each style has its advantages and disadvantages - strict and restrained high-tech to cozy Provence. Consider the popular and not losing its relevance, the styles of interior room.


The name Itself says a lot about this style. Hi-tech (High Tech) – high technology. This room will feature functionality, use of advanced technology, strict lines and minimal décor. The decoration is dominated by glass and metal. There was this young style of 35-40 years ago, as a kind of art Nouveau. In the fullness of hi-tech similar to the minimalism.

Classic style

Almost the complete opposite of the high-tech style will be the classic style. Base they are pastel colors. Finishing materials emphasize the status and wealth of the family. Parquet, laminate, moldings, painting – all the attributes of classic style. Present in large numbers decorative elements: mirrors in massive frames beautiful, graceful candlesticks, paintings and statues.

living room in classic style

Scandinavian style

This style lately gaining popularity. Living room interior design in Scandinavian requires a lot of space and light. For residents of Russia, especially the Northern regions, this technique is highly relevant because of the long winters with short daylight hours. Here's what else is important to consider making a living in this style:

  1. The interior is dominated by white color. It painted the floor, ceiling, walls and even furniture.
  2. Wood is favoured in the decoration of the room. And painted it should be in light color.
  3. The Use of forging in the interior. Items of furniture, picture frames, chandeliers can be made of iron.
  4. Scandinavian interior is plenty of light. This applies to both natural light and artificial. Even the curtains on the Windows-a rare element in the interior of this style.
  5. Style peculiar to minimalism. There is a large number of decoration items and furniture. Living room-Scandinavian is practical and functional.
Living room in Scandinavian style

The Living room in the Provence style

This French country style liked by many Russians. The color restrictions here, but is dominated by bright colors. Provence is typical:

  • Distressed furniture
  • Painted with paint brick wall;
  • Textile with floral motifs;
  • Wooden and clay decorative items;
  • Embroidery and lace.

Industrial loft

This is quite a young style preference, as a rule, people of young age. For people and older adults it may seem inappropriate for interior room in the house. For loft style peculiar items of non-residential premises (factory, workshop). Ideally, a former production facility into living space. Hence the style attributes:

  • No finish on the walls, fully or partially;
  • The walls are of brick;
  • Use rough boards for floors or walls;
  • Availability of production equipment (machines, racks, tables).
Living room loft-style

Art Deco

This style is distinguished by dvortsovoi, sophistication and at the same time pomposity. Fit art Deco style and spacious living with high ceilings. Large paintings and posters stand out against light walls. In the finishing and decoration used expensive materials (precious wood, ivory, crocodile skin).

In the living room, designed in the art Deco style, widespread use of original works of world art. The walls and textiles can be decorated with drawings. It can be geometric shapes, zigzag figures, stylized ethnic motifs.

Design a living room combined with kitchen

Few people in our country can boast of spacious apartments, especially the large kitchen. If you live in a tiny room there is no desire, without alteration not to manage. In this case, the logical solution is to combine the kitchen with living room. About how best to organize the interior, will be discussed further.

Have you Decided to join the kitchen with the living room for greater comfort, or you are just a fan of open space, it is important to skillfully combine such different designation of the area. Consider a few of the modern ideas of interior living room with area cooking and eating. To conveniently and beautifully zoning and use recommendations:

  1. The easiest way to visually divide the space – to set the bar. As it can be partially left wall. Finish the bar, you can perform...

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