Ball valves for water pipe: types, characteristics, installation


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When carrying out repairs in the apartment is often a replacement water supply systems that contain valves and gates. How properly made the choice of these elements will depend on the safety of occupants of the neighboring apartments. With the installation of substandard or fake products there's always a risk of flooding.

In order to avoid errors when purchasing the plumbing components, you need to know their basic function and purpose.

Responsible for the flow of water in the bathroom and the kitchen can be the most common and reliable ball valves for water pipe. This view is gradually replacing the previously used wedge gate valves, conical and cylindrical valves. This type is used in systems not only water, but also gas and oil pipelines. They are so versatile that has found application in almost all related areas.

The scope of application of ball elements:

- transportation via pipeline of different liquids: oil, petroleum products, and solutions in the industry;

heating and water supply;



- fire hydrants.


Ball Valves for plumbing began to be used for more than 100 years ago in Europe. ball valves for plumbing

The photo is of a modern ball valve brand STOUT (Http://, combines in its design, all the advanced technical solutions and innovative materials.

Until now, the crane remains the only such device that combines the reliability and simplicity of design. The main element is a valve mechanism which consists of a conventional balloon with a hole, blocking the water flow. It can move at an angle of 90 degrees and adjust the water flow or overlap. The hole that is in the balloon can be of various shapes - from oval to rectangular. But its size depends on pipe diameter and intended purpose of the crane.


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The water Flow occurs when the hole in the ball is turned parallel to the pipe, overlap the flow if the hole is perpendicular.

But to accommodate the ball can in several ways:

- simple devices for small volume – floating;

in large cranes-for special supports.

Part of the ball element

It Is indispensable in the plumbing device of the following elements:

- body;

- pen



gasket packing for stock;

ball shutter;

seal for the ball of the saddle type.

Ball Valves for water can be met in the case of brass. It is considered to be good quality, but it all depends on what percentage of this substance contains the alloy. The outer part is made of Nickel, to prevent oxidation.

The Handle can be steel with a top layer of Nickel, on which is applied a small amount of polyvinyl chloride. ball valves for waterSelf-locking Nut, which are ball valves made of steel, made of steel coated with chromium.

Made of brass, Nickel-plated and made stock. But his seal - heat-resistant Teflon. Some models have a seal made of butadiene rubber of a special composition. Brass covered thus make the ball, for sealing the heat - resistant Teflon.

Advantages of ball element

When choosing valves for the plumbing, the choice of this design may be due to the following advantages:

- reliability

with the simplicity of the design;

- ease of use (simple turn of the handle);

- simple installation, which can produce not even a professional;

- resistance to corrosion;

- high integrity

- high durability;

- good cost-effectiveness.


Choose the right faucet will help the knowledge of their varieties. They are classified by the installation method.

Threaded end ball valves for water intended for pipe whose diameter exceeds 45 mm. Thanks to its compact dimensions, this crane is securely attached to all types of systems, from heating, to plumbing.

Flanged ball valves for water used in products of larger diameter. ball valves full boreIn their installation, be sure to use sealing gaskets, which allow to increase the strength of the connection and its tightness. The great popularity of this kind purchased in a gas - and oil pipelines. All thanks to the fact that it is able to withstand high pressure. Ball valves nipple is indispensable in such areas as food and chemical industry. All due to the fact that this element can be used multiple times to mount.

A kind of ball valve-welded. From the title it is clear that it is mounted one-piece connection – welding. The dismantling of this element is excluded, therefore its application is justified only in the construction industry.

The Most common type - valves full bore threaded end ball. They have found application in most spheres of activity. All thanks to the simple way to stop the flow in pipes – just turn the handle. This is the kind of crane which can be found in the household systems. But for industrial use ball valves steel. The material allows you to perform tasks in extreme conditions.

The valve, the species of which are classified, regardless of diameter, full bore and as reduced, have their differences. The varied elements? For this you need to consider in more detail the design of each type.

Ratio pornoromanesti

In full-bore devices, the diameter of the holes in the pipes that connect to him, not narrowed. But as reduced the size of the hole in the bowl is lower than in the flange. Due to this, reduces the consumption of metal. Also reduced the effort required for the control of valves. The coefficient of hydraulic resistance efforts, as reduced from much higher than a similar full-bore valves.

The advantages of full bore elements:

- stainless steel ball valves full bore with little resistance coefficient hydraulic loads;

- never lose pressure.

- reduced load on the locking element;

- durability

Despite the large number of advantages, ball valves have full bore and disadvantages:

- high weight of the product;

- high cost.

As reduced ball valve element has multiple features in its structure. steel ball valvesPass it to shrink from both sides symmetrically or not. Asymmetric tap of this type can only be installed in the direction of the workflow. While symmetric is not affected by these conditions.

As reduced elements of the construction may vary in length, amount of overlap and pass rates. The latter value plays a big role. It will depend on the other. A diameter reduction of permeability can reduce the production costs, but at the same time, will increase the hydraulic resistance. So in advance you need to decide which is preferable and whether the value of the magnitude of the pressure.

Ball plastic products

For the manufacture of non-metallic valves, uses the following materials: polypropylene and polyethylene. This design eliminates the occurrence of corrosion of any kind. This equipment mounted in those places where the flow from the aggressive environment. The downside may be the inability to use the heating and hot water - this environment affects the material of products.

Proper use

Any kind of equipment if installed properly and used carefully, will last over they are due. ball valves priceBall Valves for water are subject to prolonged operation over several years. For this there are a few tips:

- may not increase the length of the handle, use only the one that was given initially.

- must match the thread of the faucet and pipes;

- it is impossible to prevent the dragging of the connection, otherwise it may deform the housing of the locking device;

- when you install the faucet in an environment with known contaminants, preferably before a device to put a protective mesh.


The valve, the installation of which can be produced independently mounted under the following conditions:

- the place for installation should be chosen so as to avoid interference with the rotary knob

- diameter of the ball valve must be compatible with the diameter of the pipe;

- proper positioning of the crane, depending on the water flow, the device needs to be the arrow mark;

- at the connection it is possible to wind a special sealant or oakum in the direction of the thread, it will protect from possible leaks;

- after installation you need to check the faucet for leaks and turn the water on.


Eternal parts can not be, so any plumbing device sooner or later breaks down and requires replacement. diameter ball valveProblems with elements such as ball valves for water pipe, can be caused by a blockage in the space between the gasket and the ball, as well as those that come out...

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