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Representing in its time an indispensable attribute of a purely rural undeveloped life, Russian oven today triumphantly returned to the modern home. Having undergone a lot of changes in functional and aesthetic terms, it still plays the role of the hearth, warming the home and soul.Russian stove

The Russian stove – it is, in fact, a unique invention, which embodies the best traits and traditions of our people: solidity, durability, reliability, a healthy and reasonable economy. This center is now able not only to heat their houses, but also serve as interior decoration and cooking delicious food. Many have lost one who never tried baked in the Russian stove homemade bread that has a wonderful aroma and no less than amazing taste. Amazing soup, porridge, pancakes – there is no end to the list of dishes that you can cook over an open fire or in a steaming hot oven. And Russian stove with bench not only fed, but also warm on a cold day will give a healthy sleep will help you recover faster senemoglu, and just bring pleasure who wants to relax in the warmth, comfort and peace. No wonder our ancestors said that the furnace will warm and heal, and feed.

Russian stove with benchThe Most popular today Russian stove is enjoyed by owners of country houses. That, in principle, understandable. Taking the not so  many places it is perfectly warm house, will allow you to cook food, and even (if it is oven with bench) will provide additional berths. Firewood, and to this day are the cheapest form of fuel, so the heated country houses such furnaces it is highly profitable from an economic point of view. The diversity of modern building materials and flight of fancy design allow today to build such centers, which not only perfectly cope with their features and become a true decoration of the house. For a country cottage with a Russian stove less relevant, as it is not able to heat large areas. However, many fans of the old install it in their homes. Sometimes even just for aesthetic purposes or as an alternative to the fireplace.


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oven stove for the Russian bathNeither cottager or the owner of a house is not a holiday or countryside life without Bani – another traditional Russian fun. And this is true religious building can not do without a heat source. To date, oven-stove for the Russian bath-the best and most used way of heating. With a simple unpretentious design, it is, nevertheless, remarkably functional. The heater does not require for its heavy manufacturing metal parts and complex chimneys, and therefore is easy to perform and beneficial in economic terms. In the presence of certain knowledge and skills of many craftsmen well able to build this oven yourself. That also shows its undeniable advantage over certain other heating systems.

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