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Among all types of fertilizers occupy a special place products designed for foliar feeding. One of these – fertilizer "Kristalon”. What are its characteristics and what are the main properties?

fertilizer kristalon

The benefits of foliar feeding

Now increasingly used foliar feeding. Their advantage is that through the leaves the nutrients, which we want to transfer the plant, it is quickly absorbed. Therefore, such feeding is carried out in case when you need urgent to pay any item, or to correct the situation with the condition of the plant. Two days later, the result of dressing will be considerable. Foliar application of nutrients has a fairly long lasting effect. The result lasts about two weeks.

Why the process is faster? When making fertilizer into the soil then the plant need to take more nutrients out. To prevent this, phenomena such as dry soil or waterlogged. In this case, the plants almost lose the ability to absorb necessary for the growth and development of chemical elements. As a result, spent fertilizer, money, time, effort, and the result is zero or minimum.

kristalon fertilizer application method

And the principle from the root of dressings use is sometimes less than harm. Not only that, they absorbed this way of making only a third. Saline compounds formed from these fertilizers react with their own kind, resulting in a precipitate and lose their mobility.

Action chelated fertilizer

Foliar application to the leaves fall minerals, similar to our vitamins. Small doses of nutrients, improve metabolism, photosynthesis. But you need to give the plants exactly the dose they need. Fatal to them as the shortage of these substances, and their excess. Help solve the problem of fertilizer Norwegian firms “Hydro” called “Kristalon”.


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Fertilizer “Kristalon” contains trace minerals in chelated form. This organic structure, which is readily used by plants. That is, the body accepts metals only after they become chelated form.

kristalon fertilizer application

In order to help them to do this, scientists invented a method of supplying trace elements to plants in ready to drink form. They are almost completely soluble in water, are not blocked by soil, do not come into antagonism with their own kind. Scientific studies have shown that the result of foliar application of chelates is 20 times higher than the normal fertilizer through the soil.

Description fertilizer

Complex fertilizer “Kristalon” completely soluble in water. Contains essential throughout the life period of the substance: nitrogen for growth, phosphorous for root development, fruit. Quality maturation is promoted by potassium.


Where is the use of the fertilizer “Kristalon”? Its application is justified for root and foliar feeding of all kinds of plants: vegetables, flowers. Can be used in greenhouse and open field.

fertilizer kristalon yellow


“Kristalon” is used from February to August. Winter in greenhouses used for fertilizing vegetables and seedlings. Feed Pets ornamental plants, flowers. May-July is used for fertilizing the fields, gardens and in greenhouses. In August, the main method of application-foliar application.


Sold by the fertilizer “Kristalon” in plastic containers and bags. The weight per package of 20, 100 and 800 Bags Packed in 25 kg.

Types of “Kristalina”

Designed and manufactured medicines, balanced by the basic chemical elements (NPK). They are designed for feeding in different growing conditions, whether the usual black earth, perlite or mineral wool. To the buyer for a long time not to think, what to take for a specific plant, packaging of fertilizers signed with its instruction.green kristalon fertilizer

Fertilizer “Kristalon” yellow (with a yellow emblem on the package) is designed for use in moist clay soils. Accelerates the growth of the ground part and roots. The advantage of the composition of phosphorus-containing compounds.

“Kristalon" red – a fertilizer that promotes lavish flowering and, consequently, a rich harvest. Used for fertilizing strawberry, pumpkin and onion crops where there is a lot of nitrogen.

“Kristalon” white with the advantage of potassium compounds in the composition is suitable for various vegetables and flowers during flowering.

“Kristalon” blue contains equal parts nitrogen and potassium compounds. Their number significantly exceeds phosphorus and magnesium. Use before flowering in all crops.

Special (green) “Kristalon” – fertiliser to replenish the stocks of all useful chemical elements. Contains a loading dose of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Developing the roots of plants.

“Kristalon” brown contains large amounts of potassium. Apply in late summer. Used for foliar spraying.

“Kristalon” orange, which, like the previous one, feeds plants potassium use soon after flowering. Sprayed leaves.

“Kristalon” al contains high amounts of magnesium. Used for all types of plants.

“Kristalon” a cucumber intended to pumpkin.

The application

How to use “Kristalon" (fertilizer)? Method of application for indoor plants is watering in the period of development. Uses up to 10 g of product to 5 l of water. In the summer you need to fertilize every time irrigation (once a week), in winter – two times on the third.

The Transplanted yellow flowers feed ‘Kristalina”. It helps to form a developed root system. Leafy plants fertilize in the summer ‘Kristalina" blue winter – white.

kristalon red fertilizer

Blooming red feed, which improves the quality of flowers. The same drug is watering cacti in winter.

For fertilizing seedlings with a solution (1 g per liter of water) treated once a week. Use “Kristalon” yellow. It provides plants with phosphorus reserves for the entire period. Therefore, the following fertilizing preparations, the level of this element which are insignificant.

Vegetables and flowers in a greenhouse are treated during each irrigation in such concentration as houseplants. In 10 liters of water dissolve 20 g of the drug. In the open ground, fed twice a month.

How to conduct a foliar application using “Kristalon" (fertilizer)? Method of use is in the treatment of a sprayer with any type of nozzle at the rate of 1 g per liter of water. The number of feedings is determined by the condition of the plants.

Yellow “Kristalon” improves root system, blue treat before flowering. White spray of flowers in the period of unfolding of the buds. Red increases the shelf life of the fruit. But the last time treated no later than two weeks prior to harvest.

Foliar feeding, and watering, best done in the evening. You can add in a solution of drugs against diseases and pests.


Growers suggest that the use of "Kristalon"

  • Compensates for the missing nutrients at all stages of development from germination to harvest.
  • Increases resistance to cold and resistance to drought.
  • Speeds up growth.
  • Helps the plant obtain nutrients when weather conditions or other reasons, the root system is not doing its job.
  • Contributes to early ripening.
  • Improves the appearance and quality.


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