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Trellis – a piece of furniture consisting of three folds mirror mounted on the dresser or table. It is necessary for all who are carefully watching their appearance, because it allows you to evaluate it from all sides.

trellis with mirror

He appeared in the eighteenth century and was the main subject of the interior of the female boudoir. Currently, the trellis has undergone several changes – more simple and concise. He is still very popular and in demand.

Every woman should have a personal space, a special area where she can devote time to their appearance, to admire the reflection of myself in order.

The Trellis with a mirror mounted on the table, allows you to store in its many drawers toiletries, jewelry, and items needed for crafts.

There are two kinds of mirrors-traditional and angular. This element of the interior is different from the usual vanity or dressing table that has three folds mirror, connected to each other. Secondary mirror the most, it usually comes to the floor, allowing you to see her outfit completely. The side mirrors are smaller and allow you to assess your appearance from all sides.

trellis with a mirror in the hallway

The trellis Bedside table has drawers at the top and at the bottom are shelves hidden behind doors. On the surface of the cabinets is fashionable to store perfumes, lotions, creams, etc. In closed drawers to conveniently store nail accessories, jewelry, hair accessories. On the lower shelves you can put the sewing basket or other necessary stuff.

The Trellis with mirror is relevant not only in the bedroom, as many people think. It can be put in dressing room or hallway.

In the bedroom trellis it is best to install the window. If this is not possible, then we need to consider additional lighting, which should be located on the side panels. Remember that the fixtures set on top will only emphasize the flaws and make-up.


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Very convenient to put the trellis with a mirror in the hallway. To do this, choose a model with low stand. In this case, the Central mirror will be high enough to see his appearance in full growth.

Picking up the trellis with mirror (the photo you see in our article), it is necessary to pay attention to the material from which made the product. You need to opt for environmentally friendly materials. Today, trade organizations provide the opportunity. For sale is a lot of models, so every buyer can find a suitable alternative.

It is well known that every element of the design must conform to the stylistic decision room. You can choose a variety of design solutions of the trellis. It can be done in the style of minimalism, classic, Empire, country, Baroque.

trellis with mirror photo

A Great solution for a small bedroom or hallway will be a corner trellis with mirror. Its difference is that it can perfectly fit into the interior of the small room and takes up very little space.

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