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Mechanized plaster walls, which can meet more frequently, is a method of applying the solution onto the surface using a special apparatus, without any extra help, which significantly reduces operation costs, reduces implementation timelines, and improves the result. The name itself suggests that as a fixture for application use a special machine which delivers fluid under pressure. With such a method were able to eliminate many processes, including mixing, delivery and application of substances to the surface. Plaster walls in a mechanized way, reviews of which indicate its effectiveness, considerably reduces the cost of repair of apartments, allowing also to reduce the time spent on the implementation of the work, except a lot of negative aspects, in particular, spot and localized application due to the fact that the substance is mixed evenly. This method provides opportunity for rapid treatment of large areas. The process is carried out with a long spatula to achieve optimal surface smoothness. Previously, the phase alignment of the walls and plastering were the most time-consuming and costly, but now everything has become much easier. The most popular option was the plastering mechanized way with the help of PFT RITMO M, reviews of which speak in favor of the need for this option.

An Important advantage of this method is the lack of the need for putty work. The mechanical method of applying the plaster ensure readiness to walls for wallpapering immediately after drying. If you want to apply paint or a decorative coating that requires special smoothness, it is required to plaster in 1 layer, then the surface is barked.

Mechanized plaster walls reviews


Mechanized plaster walls, which may be of interest, produced using modern technology. This approach ensures a high quality end result. The special principle of mixing allows to make the mixture homogeneous. This became possible due to the fact that the plaster is added to water, not Vice versa. Mechanized plaster, which speaks of its instant adhesion, adhesion to the surface very quickly due to its submission under pressure. Mixtures, which are used for applying by machine, are more expensive than those used for manual work. The surface is plastered in this way, you do not need putty before hanging the Wallpaper. The time and cost of works is significantly reduced.


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If you are interested in what is best - plaster mechanized or manual, reviews tested both methods will help you to make a choice. It is important to note that ready mix plaster more acceptable to use than cement and sand. Natural gypsum gives them a white and porous structure makes it environmentally friendly. They can be used to produce single-layer alignment, causing the layer to 50 mm in thickness. The surface to be treated with putty.

Plaster walls a mechanized way reviews

Working Principle of plaster stations

At the moment the plastering stations by several manufacturers: PFT (Germany), M-TEC (Germany), Putzmeister (Germany). The most widely technique the first of them. This high-end equipment that comes with the spares kit.

Mechanized plaster walls, which indicate its high quality and speed of work is structurally divided into two areas: for the dry mix and ready for mortar. The dry mix is in the hopper, and then fed through a special feeding drum in the mixing chamber. In this capacity it is mixed with water by means of mixing spiral. This occurs after a goods receipt of the finished mortar mix to the pump, forcing it in the mortar hose. The machine can be run at any time, it does not matter how the capacity is filled with dry mixture. To download or stop the unit do not need to wait the full development of the material.

Working Principle

- the hopper of station produced a continuous supply of dry construction mixtures;

in the mixing chamber the substance is fed dosed, then mixed with water in a certain percentage;

- screw mortar pump is supplying solution from the mixing chamber under pressure through the mortar hose;

parallel to this, in the special nozzle is compressed air and the solution was sprayed from the nozzle to the surface.

Feedback on mechanized plaster

Description depending on the station

Mechanized plaster walls, reviews of which you are probably interested in, is powered by a voltage of 220 or 380 volts. There are stations of various voltages which differ by the volume of work performed. In assessing the forthcoming volumes required to determine what station it would be best to use.

Plastering machines PFT Ritmo – is a compact universal unit of modular design. It can workdry mix and liquid materials-primers, paints. This device will apply to the following:

  • Preparation of plasters based on cement and gypsum with their subsequent application;
  • Applying putty in the form of pasta;
  • Surface treatment with primers;
  • Carrying out painting works of nature;
  • Preparation of thin-layer screeds and their device.

Reviews on mechanized plaster walls with the help of this unit point to the fact that he has such advantages:

- compact device that is convenient and easy to operate;

- ability to work with mixtures with different properties;

- the most time-consuming operation fully mechanisims;

- performance is adjusted without steps;

- washing machine is quick and easy. You can quickly remove the rubber mixing chamber is easy to rinse it, and then also quickly set in place;

- work from the usual city electric network with voltage of 220 volts;

- this unit is convenient for smaller teams and construction firms;

- simplicity and speed of Assembly and disassembly and compact transport.

That the car worked with no downtime, the optimal composition of teams of 2-3 people. This mechanized plaster reviews, which attest to its convenience, is broken down into 3 parts for easy transportation in the trunk of the car. Washing machine and all hoses required to use only 2-3 buckets of water. All of these characteristics allow you to use the unit for small volumes of work, even for 1-2 room apartments, which previously was done manually.

Mechanized plaster reviews

Plastering machines PFTG5 Super

PFT G5 Super is a versatile unit with highest performance, which is characterized by a modular design, as well as the ability to continuously work with dry mixes, which are designed specifically for machine application. The scope of this plaster of the station is:

  • Preparation of solutions on the basis of plaster and cement and then nabryzgivanii on the surface.
  • Device cement screeds and screed.
  • Preparation of construction adhesives, mortar and other materials and their subsequent submission.

Plastering machine can be filled with a mixture of directly from bags or via a pneumatic conveying installation. Plaster walls in a mechanized way, the reviews of which are strictly positive, represents a convenient solution with many advantages:

- modularity ensures maximum ease and ease of transportation;

- plug connections have different connectors, which eliminates any errors when connecting;

- improved safety is provided due to the standard installed pressure gauge indicating the pressure of mortar on the current time;

- ergonomic arrangement of all controls;

- excellent maneuverability is ensured by the presence of large rear wheels with a diameter of 50 cm, with their help, the Assembly easily overcomes obstacles and irregularities, the width of it takes place in any doorways;

- high level performance;

- the durability and reliability of the device;

- structural strength and high corrosion resistance.

Plaster mechanized or manual reviews

The Technology of execution of works

Reviews on mechanized plaster point to the fact that this is a convenient and fast method of surface treatment for which you want to perform certain preparatory work. To start delivery of the unit and the whole complex of tools to the worksite. Mounting the unit in the workplace. You can then prepare the surfaces.

Before the start of the work required to clean all surfaces from grease, rolls concrete, structural adhesive, masonry mortar and other protrusions more than 10 mm, and exposed metal parts should be cut off and protected from corrosion. All loose portions of the surface either fixed or removed. Concrete block or panel of the substrate and the surface exposed to staining, gypsum, plasterboard and gypsum partition blocks need to dust off and primed “Betonkontakt”, applied using brush or roller.

The Surface is paved or silicate or ceramic brick, aerated concrete, breeze, aerated concrete and other materials, which are characterized by high absorption, need primed “Grounddermitel” or similar fastening and a penetrating composition. For priming in this case, a spray gun or ceiling brushes, which results in increased extraction efficiency.

comments about the plaster mechanized

Layout of surfaces

Mechanized plaster walls, which may seem interesting, apply after having checked the verticality of the surfaces. To do this, use the broadest level, the length of which is 2-3 meters, and in horizontal direction the test is carried out using a template or cord. The test results giveinformation about the presenter. The corners of the room are checked with the help of angular templates, angular or rules. On the surface are laid out for placing beacons. Plastering mechanized way, which builds trust, is the same as the manual method: only after will be installed and fixed beacons.

Application Process

Reviews of the plaster mechanically, point to the fact that it is necessary to follow the operating instructions. It is required to load the dry mixture. Mortar gun should be at a distance of 20-30 cm from the surface to produce a jet of solution is strictly perpendicular to it. Followed by pulling forward of hand with the mortar gun, and then open the air valve. The solution is applied with uniform movement to and from oneself with mandatory overlap each previous line new. The thickness of the layer when applied is in direct relation to the speed with which the gun moves. Before you start filling in the whole surface, is to fill the corners and joints.

Formation is surface

The Process of levelling of a solution and formation of the final surface takes about 30-50 minutes from the time the solution was applied or until the expiry of the preservation of its mobility. After the solution is applied, it must first be leveled by pulling along the beacons. If in some places there was an insufficient amount of solution, add it and flatten.

The Pruning of the solution formed on the surface is approximately 40-60 minutes after application or within 15-30 minutes after the end of its leveling. Surface preparation the prepared solution to “cutting” is checked: it is applied to the rule, and then extends along it. If the rule is removed only the top layer and this does not affect the whole mass of material, it is evidence of readiness. If there is a contraction of the entire mass, it requires more time. Another important point is that mechanized plaster walls, reviews of which are wondering, is very fast, so if “cutting” the surface layer is required to make some effort, this suggests that the moment was lost. In this case leveling will be a little difficult.

Mechanized plaster walls: photos, reviews

Mechanized plaster walls: photos, reviews, the materials used

This technology uses a special plaster mixture in the dry state. The quality and properties of these compounds are crucial in this case. There is a basic set of qualities of dry mixtures, which, in the opinion of consumers and professionals, not all correspond to the compositions. In any case, this method allows you to quickly and effortlessly obtain high quality results. Reviews about plaster walls mechanically indicate the high effectiveness of this option at the expense of application quality and performance.

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