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To change the flow of a roaming environments to a full stop is used valves. Valve tap for water has the following properties:

  • Simplicity of design and operation;
  • Use in high pressure drops;
  • Small size and weight;
  • The ability to install on any section of the pipeline;
  • A small move shutter ensures convenient maintenance.

faucet plumbing

Types of valves

Valves are classified by three criteria:

  • Case shape;
  • View of the locking part;
  • Mounting method in the system.

The shape of the hull valves are of the following:

  • Straight-through - flow is blocked saddle valve in the transverse direction;
  • Angular - locking member moves opposite to the motion of the medium;
  • Mixing and for obtaining a preset water temperature.

A closing element varies according to the structure:

  1. Ball - pass-through field in the ramjet case. When combining the longitudinal axes of the hole and casing the flow is fully opened. Rotate in a perpendicular direction to 100% stops the flow of liquid. The valve performs the function of only the locking element and to control it is not suitable. The use of the device due to its high reliability, speed the flow of and compact. There is practically nothing breaks, since not much details.
  2. Valve - with constipation associated with a threaded rod screwed into the nut planting. The node used for regulating the flow rate and complete overlap of the stream (extreme bottom position).
  3. Needle - tapered piston with flow control of fluid under high pressure (about 220 Bar).

The Materials of valves:


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  • Ball: brass, stainless steel or structural steel;
  • Valve: cast iron, brass.

New materials are also used for the manufacture of valves. Polypropylene housing makes the device durable and cheap at the same time. PTFE coatings can improve the resistance to corrosion and aggressive media.

The Difference between valve and faucet

Taps and valves are different, although they are often identified. The latter is installed between the joints of two pipes, forming a line. The faucet includes a direct valve and a spout through which water flows out. taps and valves

Design and operation valve valve

The Most important working body of the valve is a saddle with a shutter that is moved manually by a spindle. Valve water valve device which is given below contains the threads in the body and on the stem, having the property of inhibition. As a result, the valve disc is tightly pressed against the seat, blocking flow when the valve is closed. In the open state, the flow section remains unchanged when the flow of water.valve tap device

Usually in case the thread is not done because it wears out quickly. For this it is attached to chassis nut, which is screwed inside the spindle. Then, instead of worn-out node, you can install another, and the case will be saved. All parts are interchangeable on the valve of water supply (GOST 12.2.063-81, GOST 5761-74).

The Valve is opened by rotating the handle. The spindle translational moves, freeing the passage for the liquid. If the rotation is done in the inverted direction, the valve closes.

Connect the device with the pipeline is made through input and output ports. Among themselves they can be distinguished by the presence of arrows that indicate the direction of flow.

Angle valves

For vertical direction changes of the fluid transfer capabilities of overlap and adjustment of the used angle valve tap (drawing below: a - entrance; b - corner). valve plumbing drawing

The Perpendicular arrangement of the inlet and outlet ports defines the purpose of a valve for pipelines that change direction 90O. The principle of its operation is the same as that passage. Move the gate is made coaxial with the inlet.

The Scope of angle valves:

  1. When approaching pipes for the heating radiator when it shuts off, or regulates the flow of coolant water valve (see photo below). Models of high temperature polypropylene easier and cheaper brass when connecting to plastic pipe.
  2. Prevent vibration, and the buildup pipeline.
  3. Reduced speed of the fluid flow without high frequency noise.
  4. Fire fighting water supply systems for operation in all positions.
  5. Simplify the installation of pipes by reducing the consumption of accessories.

valve tap photo

Device and principle of operation ball valve

The Main working body of the valve is a ball with a through hole. When the position of the handle along the pipe the valve is open. If to turn perpendicular to the pipe, it closes. The hole in the ball can be round, square, trapezoid or oval. In valves of small diameter tap is floating, while larger devices make it on special supports. High leakproofness of the closure is provided with an elastic seal. This allows you to install this type of models in the pipeline.

Water ball Valve operates in two extreme positions, when turned by 90O when it is fully opened or closed. Attempt to control consumption will lead to rapid wear of the seal.

water ball valve

Ball valves have wider possibilities of connection of pipes with the installation of water supply systems:

  • Communicating;
  • Corner,
  • With three or more bends to redirect the transported streams.

Connections are made with pipe nipple, flange and welded. The last option allows the patient to set the valve plumbing the system.

Valves-shower faucets

The Device runs a single lever ball or valve of the two valves. The set includes a removable shower head with an attached flexible hose and spout in the tub. The mixer performs hidden, outputting only the valves control the water temperature.

The Classical variant is a twin valve accessory, manual temperature setting. Hot and cold water are mixed in a special chamber, and then supplied to the shower hose or at the spout. The main elements of the device are two crane-axle boxes with removable pads.

Becoming popular single-lever device with easy adjustment of the water. The main element of the mixer is a replaceable cartridge. In case of failure it can be easily removed and replaced.

With built-in thermostat simplifies adjustment. It is preconfigured, which ensures the output water at the specified temperature. To this end, the housing is a thermostatic element that distributes streams. The only drawback of such models is the high price.


The Valves of small diameter are mounted on the thread (up to 60 mm). The trumpet has a round-up, the connection will be sealed with hemp or PTFE tape. The winding is performed in the direction of twist of the thread. This creates a tight connection that can withstand high pressure.

Large diameter Pipe is connected by flange with washer straight-through or angle valve via the sealing gasket. The contraction between them is done using nuts and bolts. Flange connection with the pipe is carried out by means of arc welding.

The Valve plumbing: repair

If the damage of the locking element of the valve is not worn out it is replaced with the same or new host. For this section of the pipeline free of liquid, cover it on both sides. Then disassembling the locking element of the valve type. Outlet ball valve removed completely carob or draw keys. Flange nuts are twisted in parallel and gradually with 3-4 coils on each.

You should First check the condition of seals that are replaced when worn. Leaks mostly occur because of deformation of the gasket and failure of the thread if not installed. Next, the inspection body and the saddle. In the absence of cracks the site going again. The hull can not be repaired, if it appears mechanical damage. Prirastanie to the pipeline requires trimming and the need for further welding works.

faucet plumbing repair

In this case it is necessary to set the valve plumbing new or refurbished. An inexperienced person to undertake a complex repair is not worth it because of ignorance.

Valves creates additional resistance, so the connections can form a blockage. To remove the valves it is not always necessary. Sometimes it is enough just to rinse the pipeline by opening all the taps.

Replacing the oil seal can be done gently with your hands. For this we need to shut off the flow of water from riser to disassemble the locking mechanism, replace seals and lubricate moving...

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