Installation the profile under the siding with your hands


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Installation profiles under the siding - a fairly crucial moment, as the panel will repeat their outline. If the installation carried out incorrectly, then the siding to lie in the same plane will not, it will begin to warp.

profile installation under the siding at the corners

Installation profile

Installation of metal profile under the siding is done in three stages, each of which is very important.

Surface Preparation - at this step is removing all superfluous and unnecessary and prepared a place for work.

Marking the surface - set the profile under the siding must run in one plane. Correctly performed markup will largely determine the correctness of the installation. If it is done wrong, the surface will get the wrong geometrical form.

Attaching profile under the siding should be done properly. The finished structure will have a considerable weight and because the attachment must be robust and rigid.

installation of metal profile under the siding

Choosing the right profile

Setting the profile under the siding with their hands begins with the material selection. For the manufacture of the carrier frame construction, typically use a metal profile with a U-shaped cross section, having a galvanized coating. Its dimensions are:

  • Length – 3 m;
  • Section – 27х60 mm.

Form rail of the same kind is also used in the construction of designs of plasterboard with interior decoration.

Profile for siding smaller sizes (e.g. 50x50) cannot be used, because its edge is no special flanging, designed to stiffen the strap.

profile installation under the siding

Surface Preparation and markup

Setting the profile under the siding on the prepared surface is the key to quality work. The statement as follows.

  1. First, you need to prepare everything for comfort of work. Need a place for free movement. It is also recommended to erect scaffolding.
  2. Now start to remove from the surface, so that nothing is hindered.
  3. Next is the first line of attachment. This will allow not to think about the correctness of placing of profile mounting will be executed by the line drawn parallel to the ground.
  4. Then you need to put a mark at the level of the fixture and move it to the other side of the plane. It is best to use a water level, then the work will be done.
  5. One line Connecting the two marks. You can use the simple nylon thread.
  6. Conduct cross the line.
  7. Set the level plane and, using the plumb Bob, hold with respect to the earth perpendicular.profile installation under the siding with your hands

Installation of lathing of metal profile

Attachment to the outer wall sheathing is done using anchors or dowels. Their length is selected based on the weight of the siding and profile, and also depending on the thickness and type of material from which made the walls.


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It is Important to remember that if the house is wooden, you can only use screws, but the wall mount is made with dowels. For this drill the holes in the wall of a suitable diameter and then hammering in the dowels.

Now put the profile under the siding at the height in the desired plane. To do this, take the thickness of the insulation and add it to not less than 1 cm.

It is Important to remember that if you are installing insulation, it must not deform the panels are attached, so as to lose their quality. So is the gap of about 40 cm,

On the diagonal plane of the tensioned line and note at what altitude will be attached to the profile. With shims it may be adjusted.

Setting the profile under the siding on the walls is made together with the sheathing, the spacing of which depends on the mass of finishing material. The heavier the siding, the sheathing between the slats, the distance should be less.installation profiles under the siding

In the instructions, attached to the siding, often provided recommendations about the step of sheathing for the material.

As a rule, the distance between the bars is 40 cm, and for vinyl siding – 60 cm If the region is quite often observed gusty strong wind, then the step should be slightly reduced.

Fixed metal profile under the siding. Depending on whether the direction of the holders of a facing material, the attachment is made horizontally or vertically. Horizontal-setting panels the profile should be located in a vertical position. Horizontal sheathing is required for vertical installation.

Mount metal profile for facade on hangers

Setting the profile under the siding on the front part runs slightly differently.

  1. Fixation of the profile strips to the front is performed by using metal hangers, which are thin galvanized plate with holes. They allow you to adjust between the profile and the wall distance. The hangers are bent U-shaped and fixed to the wall with screws and plugs. Between them is the distance is the same as the selected installation step.
  2. After fixing the suspensions to the front they mounted profile. It is inserted into the suspension at the desired distance from the wall and fasten with screws.
  3. Generally, installation of lathing begin with installation at the edge of the wall side profile. They are inserted strictly on the level, because they are the benchmark for further device profile laths.
  4. In several places in height between the side profile is stretched string or fishing line. This guide sets out all the remaining planks of the profile.
  5. On suspensions, the mount can be stiff enough, therefore, to provide extra strength between the furring strips attached with special jumpers.
  6. If the crates not to use hangers, and a complex system of fastening, the design will be more reliable. Such a fastener is made of galvanized segments of the profile cross-section which is 27-28 mm.
  7. To the wall of one of the segments attached to the wide part and the other is inserted between the main bracket and spacers in between them. Fix elements of the given node with screws.profile installation under the siding on the ceiling

This method of fixing using jumper is considered the most reliable with the installation of the profile frame.

This design is used when to correct on the wall of the existing unevenness of the length of the suspension is not enough.

In addition, the profile 27х28 mm, the value of which is below the standard, used for other purposes. It is used as an initial level when installing a vertical batten.

Setting the external and internal angles

Setting the profile under the siding at the corners as follows.

The Inner and outer corners are indented 5 mm from the top edge of the wall and below the starting strap 20 mm. If the building height is greater than the length of one corner, should be read together. This requires at the junction from the lower corner to cut 25 mm mounting surface is further lapped to impose the upper corner on the bottom (the overlap should be 20 mm) and nail them. If the installation of the interior angles is performed on the pediment, you need to leave between the end edge of the corners and adjacent bars gaps.

setting the profile under the siding on wall

Attach siding to the ceiling

The Siding is used not only for facades, but also for interior decoration. Way to work outside and inside are markedly different.


If the installation of the profile under the siding on the ceiling will be done with your hands, then you need to find the correct execution of this work. The technology of fastening of the siding is made in several stages.

The Work starts from the ceiling — is measured by the distance at which you will install the material. It should be noted that it depends on the following parameters:

  • Whether in the future to insulate the ceiling;
  • The level at which it is planned to install the lamps (minimum distance is 4 cm).

After you have determined the distance using a tape measure and pencil should be on the walls of mark, focusing on that, you need to draw around the perimeter of the room line. Further along this line using bars to gain a foothold in the siding.

Then the install profile under the siding using nails (screws).

If you plan to install ceiling lights, you should get to the ceiling wiring.


Using these instructions and following the advice of professionals, to choose and to install a metal profile can even a person with no experience in such construction of. The material Cost is low, but the work will be done efficiently, only when properly carried out the calculation. After all, this material will also waste that should be considered.

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