Protection to the stairs from the kids with their hands


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Modern two - or three-story house is impossible to imagine without a ladder. But when it was originally issued, it becomes the "highlight" of the interior. But if you have a child in the house – the stairs are fraught with some danger to the baby. Curiosity crumbs and the complete absence of fear can lead to irreparable consequences. But let's not talk about bad things! Better think how to protect the child in a multi-level house and how to arrange the protection to the stairs from the children.

protection to the stairs from the children

The Toddler, the rest, even for a few seconds unattended, can fall down the stairs, getting stuck between the balusters or try to climb them. It pushes parents to create a wall safe, protecting the child from entry to the unsafe area of the house. Protection to the stairs from the kids made with their hands, copes with this task.

What is the design goal of safety for stairs

There are two choices of such partitions: mounted vraspor or severepain to one of the side walls. Therefore, you have to choose the one most appropriate.

After selecting a concept design review, the specific characteristics of the partitions and determine what parameters should have a protection to the stairs from the children.

protection to the stairs from the kids photo

The principal features of the gate

Distinctive features of the protection to children from falls from ladders will consist of the following:

  • A mechanism locking the device is too tight to close so that the child could not open the door or placed out of reach of the baby, but to an adult it was easy to unlock with a baby in one hand;
  • The gate must open in the direction of the stairs, if not provided by the construction hoist up;
  • In the free opening of the gate should not touch the interior items, so you should think about the stopper for derzi;
  • Discard the lower spacers, because through them may stumble even for adults;
  • Gates themselves should be safe: not contain sharp parts and corners that can injure the child;
  • Each of the used structural parts must have mechanical strength to be environmentally safe and hypoallergenic, that is made of steel, aluminum, Plexiglas or other non-toxic plastic.

Such design is often installed in the other dangerous for the child places, for example at the exit to the balcony, loft, natural fireplace, near Grupa interior.


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Safety Gates with his hands: where to begin?

The Technical side of the issue is not as complicated as it may seem. Experts identify several ways of designing. Take a look at the most basic, but popular methods.

Partition from Plexiglas in a wooden frame

Materials and tools for Assembly of protection to the stairs from the kids:

  • Timber with rounded ends for decoration of wooden boxes with a diameter of 25-35 mm in cross-section;
  • Blade: standard and circular;
  • Bars with grooves for inserting the core material;
  • Plexiglass with the thickness not less than 4.5 mm – 1 PCs.
  • Hangings-2 PCs.
  • Screws;
  • Magnetic lock or automatic lock;
  • Electric drill
  • Screwdriver or Phillips screwdriver;
  • Sandpaper fine and medium density;
  • Putty for wood (to match the stairs).

protection of children from stair gates and fencing

How to build?

The Assembly for the protection of the stairs from the children themselves:

  1. Timber Sawed into pieces of the desired height and width of the future product.
  2. Similarly dealing with a sheet of Plexiglas (with allowances made for entry into the grooves of the frame).
  3. Cut out the details of the future box with saw groove, if they were not provided by the manufacturer. Do penetration at least 10 mm.
  4. Using a drill, drill the holes for the screws.
  5. Secure the frame by placing it inside a sheet of plexiglass.
  6. Clean with a wooden box with sandpaper and pospolite.
  7. Mount the side rail to the wall, the minimum tilting it in the direction of the stairs. The angle of inclination should be such that the gate itself was closed in the case, when she forgot to close.
  8. Screw on the side of the support loop.
  9. Attach to the free part of the curtains finished frame for future gate.
  10. On the side directed to the stairs, secure the latch or magnetic lock security. If you did not have, use a plain bolt or a bolt on. But note that such a system does not guarantee complete security.

Protect the ladder from the children (photo below) can be realised in the design space, not coming out of the General style of the interior.

gates for stairs to protect the child

A Gate with vertical bars in the frame

Required tools:

  • A piece of timber with rounded edges and a cross-section of 40 mm;
  • Wooden rods with a cross section of 20 mm in the required amount;
  • Sawing of the tree;
  • Hangings-2 PCs.
  • Screws;
  • Automatic latch or lock on the magnet;
  • Electric drill
  • Sandpaper: small and medium stiffness level;
  • Putty to match the steps or paint materials;
  • Wood glue.

protection of the stairs from the kids with their hands

The Main stages of the design

Assembly of a gate for the stairs for child protection consists of several stages:

  1. Sawing timbers under the rails at the required height and width of details: 4 – the height of stair railings, 2 – for the width between the balusters.
  2. Rounding and grinding angles for greater child safety.
  3. Preparation of boxes in the beams used as the top and bottom bases, drill out the required number of holes from 20 mm in diameter with a depth of 10 mm – the holes under the bars. In this place the distance between the bars not more than 100 mm, so that the child could not climb through between them or lose a big toy down.
  4. Prepare holes for the screws.
  5. Build the gate: wooden sticks put on the glue, collecting into a single unit the upper and lower railings gates and bars.
  6. The frame is assembled together: fold the flap on the horizontal surface as it should look like the finished product, and fasten with screws.
  7. Two longitudinal pieces of timber attach to the railing, holding the minimum slope in the direction of the stairs, as described in the previous case.
  8. On one side (piece) fasten the veil on the second-lock or lock from the stairs.
  9. The loop is hung ready protection of wooden bars.
  10. The gate is covered with varnish or paint.

Experts say that from a design point of view for the gate mounted on the balusters, the upper and lower crossbar is better to take with curved ends.

By the Way, there is another interesting version of the protection formation on the stairs from the kids – mesh. All that is required – to protect the railing on the top floor and balusters, and create a safe barrier at the entrance to the stairs. This method is effective when using a solid mesh of ropes. Moreover, this design successfully complements the interior, made for example in a marine style.

protection of the stairs from the kids grid

How to build protection for the stairs out of scrap materials

If for some reason you are unable to purchase materials and construct a protection for the stairs with their hands out of specialized materials, can use the means at hand. Often for such purposes, are present in the house design. Include such backless baby bed with vertical bars or plastic bars. Such obstacles are installed back to back. The only thing you need to take care of – the width of the passage that you want to protect. The partition should be fully fit by width measured in the space and securely “sit” in it. Of course, this is a temporary solution, with the prospect of replacement by a more robust construction.

protection to the stairs from the kids IKEA

In Spite of such extraordinary, even the very simple partition is already better than unlimited access to unsafe areas of the home.

If you have no time to design, you can always buy a gate for the stairs from the responsible manufacturer. For example, protection to the stairs from the children "IKEA" in high demand, and given the fact that the company offers a wide range of products, different in design, functionality and type of material used, the pick up gates will not be difficult.

protection to the stairs from the children

Choose what will be more reliable and serve efficiently to protect your kids. If your house has children, protection of children from stair-gates and barriers –

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