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Properly designed space will make even a small cozy room, which is very important in compact urban apartments. And a great helper here would be the wardrobe, the facades of which can be a wide range of colors. It can be placed in any living room, with sliding system from flea niches to make a full wardrobe.

These cabinets are of two types: freestanding and built-in. Hull has a frame with walls and shelves and is an independent piece of furniture.wardrobe facade Wardrobe, the facades of which are mounted on frames attached to the ceiling and the floor, referred to as integrated. The main drawback in this case – the unreliability of construction due to uneven walls. Although it is very rational decision if you have a niche in the wall. It should be noted that this Cabinet will not carry over, so for those who live in the apartment, set it makes no sense.

About the design

The Facades of sliding wardrobe doors can be manufactured from many different materials-glass, mirrors, MDF, decorative laminate, bamboo and rattan. Popular canvas photo printing, stained glass and sandblasted patterns on the mirrors. To protect consumers, breakable doors of the cabinets are sealed with special shockproof film, which in the case of what the pieces do not scatter. Looks interesting wardrobe with a façade made of several materials. Different variations and combinations make this piece of furniture are the most relevant to the design of the entire room.facades doors sliding door wardrobes


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For the filling

Important difference of all models is the filling Cabinet, it is often useful to number sections helps to determine the choice. However, it is only represented in the models. When ordering individual internal filling can be made with the wishes of the buyer. Usually make two sections: one for clothing, the second with shelves and drawers for small things and easy things.

Seat Selection

Filling depends on the place where will be installed the wardrobe. The facades are selected on the basis of interior room. And will it fit for a nursery, hallway, and bedrooms, this model will differ in accordance with its purpose.

  • Hallway internal layout of shelves should suggest storing outerwear and shoes. As for the doors, mirror sheet here.
  • In a closet for the bedroom mirror is not suitable, and the content must contain rods, shelves and drawers.
  • For a child's facade of built-in wardrobes should not be any mirrors or glass. Here, as nowhere will be open appropriate section and the maximum number of drawers and shelves, where you can put all toys, books and stuff.the facade of the built-in wardrobe

Lighting, and backlight 

Recessed lighting can be very useful, it can be inside and outside of the Cabinet. Exterior lighting looks great in combination with mirror and glass door panels and acts more as a decorative element. Internal is perfect for a deep Cabinet, its presence will make it easy to find the right thing.

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