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“the Player” – it's pretty well known brand on the Russian market come from China. Since 2005, the company firmly established on the shelves of local stores in the first place with their electronic books and tablets.

smartphone Digma reviews

Recently, the brand has engaged in production of smartphones “Player”. Characteristics of the gadgets was not particularly different, because the devices were aimed at budget and ultrabudgetary sector. Despite such affordable price tags, the devices of the company are considered of high quality, along with other competing models from China. Of course, to the brothers from the “Huawei” or “Saami” them away, but to pay attention.

So, we present to your attention review of smartphones “Player” – popular models of the Linx C500 3G and 4G Flash Vox. Consider the basic characteristics of gadgets, their advantages and disadvantages, and the appropriateness of the purchase. The calculation will take user reviews about smartphones “Player” and views of experts in this field.

Digma Linx C500 3G

This model were the most reasonable price tag range and reliability of its design. Naturally, the low cost of the gadget involves some compromises, but the company still managed to produce not only a cheap camera, but even with a qualitative component.

smartphone digma

The Smartphone Digma Linx C500 3G got a classic design, but it only added to his elegance. Any decorative elements on the housing there, with the exception of three original strips of plastic, stylized metal. The location of the keys and other functions can also be called a standard.


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The design of the gadget is sealed, therefore the case has additional interfaces for working with SIM-card and external SD storage. Smartphone Digma Linx C500 3G weighs quite a bit – only 121 grams with dimensions of the housing 72 x 142 x 9 mm.


The Device has a very simple IPS-matrix with a schedule of 854 by 480 pixels. On a five-inch display, the picture looks not the best way, and the individual points are visible to the naked eye. As honey here is the system multi-touch and a sensitive sensor, and a fly in the ointment – pale and inexpressive picture, sanusha in the sun.

For this reason you will want to leave entirely negative feedback about the smartphone “Player” series Linx C500 3G. Normally work with a display is possible only in the premises or in the evening, and in other cases it is necessary to cover the screen with hand to see the information.


Performance rests on the shoulders again budget CPU Spreadtrum SC7731, and the graphic part is a simple chip “Mali” series 400 MP2. Judging by user reviews, the smartphone “Player” Linx C500 3G no problems with the interface: the tables are turning quickly, apps open without explicit delays, and the browser does not stumble on the next page.

smartphone Digma review

Trouble starts when you run games and other “heavy” programs. 512MB of RAM is clearly not enough for modern applications. And if the media, things are more or less tolerable, the games do not load at all or terribly slow.

Operation time

Battery Capacity 1800 mAh is clearly not enough for the voracious platform “Android”. In the instructions to the smartphone “C500 3G Digma Linx” said device is enough for 10-12 hours of active work, but in fact it is not. High, what to expect – six hours in full load (games, video, Internet).

Should I take?

Stands, if you need a phone, not an entertainment center. Yes, on this model you can run simple toys and watch the video, but count on something serious for 3500 rubles not necessary. Reviews about the smartphone “C500 3G Digma Linx” mostly positive (a score of 4 on «Yandex.Market”), but more demanding users are better to pay attention to other models of budget and not ultrabudgetary segment.

Oysters Vox Flash 4G

This model is a little more serious than the previous Respondent, but the stars in the heavens also not enough. The designers managed to equip the unit with sensible “filling” by investing minimal resources. The device can be called one of the most successful experiments of the company in the budget segment.

smartphone Digma description

The Device comes in a classic monoblock of plastic. On the perimeter passes the patent bar, which gives a unit amount of originality and solidity. Location of controls standard for smartphones. One of the notable features of the gadget are touch buttons located on the housing and on the screen, that is, it is part of the interface.

According to an official description of the smartphone “Vox Digma Flash 4G”, the back cover got soft-touch-coating, and in fact, we have let and qualitative, but the matte plastic above class spraying. Nevertheless, the device fits in the palm of my hand and tries not to slip from the hands. The dimensions of the gadget (71 x 143 x 8 mm) is quite comparable to its weighing 127 grams.


The Smartphone has a very good for the budget segment of the IPS-matrix with a resolution of 1280 by 720 pixels. On a five inch screen so the schedule looks more than comfortable, and the pixilated invisible even on close inspection. The viewing angles also have a good figure, so you can watch videos or flip through pictures in the company of one or two like-minded people without problems.

smartphone Digma features

The comfortable Screen works on the multi-touch system and takes up to five simultaneous touches. There is an automatic adjustment of brightness, contrast and color correction, and very sensible. Also it is worth noting qualitatively the presence of glass, class 2.5 D, with slightly protruding edges. The last point adds points to the security, because the fall triggered the depreciation and the chances of saving the screen grow significantly.

Users in their responses repeatedly noted the presence of a competent protection and so quality of a matrix in the low-end phones. So there is only positive feedback.


As for performance, for its price segment, it is at the highest level. Modern processor "multimedia libraries" series МТ6737 works in tandem with the smart graphics accelerator “Mali-T720”. The interface of the gadget can be called lightning, as well as a multimedia component (video, radio, music).

smartphone Digma manual

As a fly in the ointment here is the amount of RAM. 1GB RAM is clearly not enough for today's applications. Of course, games and other “heavy” the program will run on the device, but the quality of use will be far from comfort. So in order to avoid subsidence at the FPS and the other lags will have to drop graphics settings to minimum.

Standalone operation

The Device has received modest for the chipsets battery 2000 mAh. Powerful processor coupled with graphics accelerator well “eat”, so the charge of the active operation of the product fading away.

Under ordinary load on the machine (calls, messages, Internet, hours of video) battery lasts for a day but by the evening, the gadget will ask for the connection.

Should I take?

Vox Flash 4G Smartphone turned out to be surprisingly attractive for its price category. Its cost, and it is about 5,500 rubles, he beats with a vengeance. If you are not a serious “heavy” toys, then this smartphone will be a great and affordable option for your everyday needs. Besides the reviews about the model on the trading floors is quite flattering and without critical comments.


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