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The Market of mobile devices every day is getting wider. This is not surprising because many of our friends and acquaintances have already got their tablets and smartphones, and those who did not, gradually do it.

It is Obvious that the constant increase in the number of users gadgets is beneficial to those who produce them and those who provide communication services. Company “MegaFon”, the tablet which is now sold with already pre-installed Internet package, you might say, is a Prime example.

Brand tablet MegaFon Login 3

MegaFon tablet

The fact that the company “MegaFon” is one of the leaders of mobile communication in Russia, you know, perhaps, everything. “MegaFon” is the strongest player in the industry, going “pace” with giants such as MTS and “Vympelcom”. And although the decision to release a branded device order is not original, for the operator, this is a really achievement, because the tablet “MegaFon” (the specs will be given later in the article) had a certain demand.

In General, about the device we can say the following: it belongs to the family budget, since the cost is slightly more than 6,600 rubles (despite the fact that a portion of this amount needs to be paid for the services of the Internet connection). Profitable enough, isn't it?

Benefits of a tablet from “MegaFon”

Internet megaphone for tablet

Apart from the fact that the device is offered at an affordable price, the company «MegaFon” the tablet will be configured in such a way that to think about connecting your Internet service you do not need. Moreover, as already noted, the package itself will force you to prepay for several months. It turns out that buying from the operator “MegaFon” tablet, at the same time you buy an Internet connection for a few months.


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What “MegaFon Login" tablet? Reviews about the device

So, this section will attempt to reveal the characteristics of MegaFon Login 3 - tablet model offered by the company «MegaFon” at the moment. They can be read in the product description. They pointed out that the tablet is equipped with a processor with a frequency of 1.2 GHz and memory 1 GB. In addition, the model is sold with a battery capacity of 3500 mAh, charge which should be enough for 7-10 hours of active use.

MegaFon tariffs for tablet

In Addition to these settings, the tablet also features a camera and a display diagonal of 7 inches. The device is offered with a 3G connection, which is able to read information from SIM cards. However, combined Login 3 cards only with “MegaFon” - it provides a special lock, which can be seen on Apple products and not only.

From the company “MegaFon” the tablet is thus very similar to a number of Chinese gadgets. As indicated by the mobile operator, the manufacturer of these devices is a company Foxda Industrial, and batch of tablets released by order of “MegaFon”. This means that such products will be slightly cheaper than that which can be purchased in the usual format, because it moves by your mobile operator.

Reviews of the model is quite flattering: users claim that their means justify the tablet (although to expect from him performance of the devices a class above not worth it). As a budget option portable multi-media platform Login 3 fits perfectly. Even in the Internet you can sit.

Terms of purchase tablet

tablet megaphone features

You can Purchase the device without a prepaid Internet package is impossible. So in fact stated in store price 5990 roubles is not present, it will still need to pay 700 rubles. Thus, the basic service is the package ‘Internet S». If you compare all of the available at the operator “MegaFon” rates for free, this can be called the most optimal and profitable for the simple user.

This rate, in turn, includes the volume of total traffic, ready-to-use 5 GB in size for a fee of 300 rubles per month. Thus, to browse news sites, weather, and check email using your “MegaFon” (the tablet), this will be enough. To increase the supply of traffic and to reduce its consumption also can be two ways. The first is a re-buy special packages, which will cost more but will allow you to surf the Internet from your tablet longer. The second way is to save by turning off the images or reduce the quality in which they are loaded. It can be done, for example, with some browsers, for example Opera Mini. If you use these techniques, as well as to constantly monitor the consumption of the number of megabytes what to do is not difficult, the Internet in the amount of traffic you will have enough “head”.

Where to buy

By device, as well as connect and configure it, adding at the same time the balance of the required amount, it is possible in salons of “MegaFon”. You can do it in any other network market of communication services, such as ‘the Messenger» or «Euronetwork». There are qualified specialists will explain all the details of what “MegaFon” rates for free preparing and what you need to do to take advantage of them. We will also be ableto arrange a starter pack on your name, which again is quite convenient.

MegaFon login tablet reviews

An Alternative on the market

Of Course, the field of mobile communications we have developed enough in order to offer a better alternative. If the Internet “MegaFon” for free connect how you feel too slow or expensive, you can switch to another operator. For example, MTS have a lot of plans, which in your case will be more favorable. Some of the tariffs, by the way, are available in the same format - with a ready product in the form of a tablet computer, branded operator.

To find them, you need to do some monitoring of the market of telecommunications services and to find out who has more favorable conditions. It may even be that the Internet “MegaFon” for free released under their brand, provide more affordable than the competition. So think and consider. Connecting mobile Internet service once, you will use it over the next months and maybe even years. Not lost!

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