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The Company “Phillips” definitely knows how to push (and not only) phones. Regularly on sale there are new models that are successfully over and over again add to the already considerable product range of the company. Another creation of the company was the phone under the name “Phillips Х5500”. Conventionally, all devices of the company can be divided into several categories. We particularly deeply into this topic not going to go.

Suffice it to Say that there is a firm specific trend was reduced to the production of models with high energy efficiency. As a result, hence the long time of Autonomous operation without recharging from the mains. Perhaps the owners of the device and fell in love with it – because you do not need to worry that it will turn off at the most inopportune moment.

Phone "Phillips Х5500": characteristics and features

Philips х5500

Thanks to the presence of a very powerful battery (and its capacity is about three thousand mAh), the device can operate for a very long time. I wonder what the engineers managed to put so energy-efficient battery in the apparatus, equipped with a screen diagonal is only 2.4 inch. This decision has caused experts in the field of mobile phones applause. Still, it was expected that the device will not like the larger, and this would be a substantial drawback. However, employees your get paid not in vain.

Now, the screen is made on the basis of the matrix IPS technology. This allows the owner of the phone long contact with the visual display without substantial damage to the eye, but instead takes the removal quality of the image. Telephone “Phillips Ksenium Х5500" supports two SIM cards, for which the apparatus provides separate slots. Device has a not particularly high-quality camera (its resolution is only 5 megapixels). However, software written the auto focus function that allows this resolution to achieve far not the worst images.


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Otherwise, note that the phone is “Phillips Х5500" reviews, which you can read at the end of this article, was a logical continuation of the product line of the company. Namely, this is a modified version of the model Х623. Well, if that's the case, it will be quite interesting to see what has changed in the subject of today's review compared with its predecessor.

Package contents

Philips х5500 reviews

What we'll find in the package? The package is very, very average and typical of such devices. Actually, the box is, first and foremost, the phone itself and the battery capacity of 2,900 mAh to him. In addition, we will be able to find a standard cable MicroUSB – USB, which is designed to connect to the network adapter. It can also be used for synchronization with a personal computer or laptop.

In addition to the above, in the package you can find, of course, the manual and warranty card. And complete the whole ensemble adapter, which allows you to charge your phone from the mains and wired stereo headset is very average quality.


phone codes х5500 reviews

It is possible that the reader at one time used the camera Х623. In this case, he will immediately find many similarities in this model and “Phillips Х5500”. You can say that in the first device was founded on certain ideas, which, however, does not fully practical applications. Here Х5500 and was a continuation of this thoughts previously mentioned factors engineers successfully implemented.


phone codes х5500

The Device was pretty hefty. The General body can be called a monoblock, and this will be absolutely no error. Besides, he is a different thickness. Now the main trend of the smartphone market is the pursuit of the thinness of the device. And in this kind of race. "Phillips Х5500" is clearly not in the first place. The size of the device in all three dimensions are 124 53 15.5 mm. The phone weighs 156 grams. Yes, it's a large concern, of course, but let's remember what battery is installed in the device. After that, everything must fall into place.

Build Quality

phone codes ksenium х5500

This parameter has no complaints and to be not even supposed. Monolithic designs are supported just fine, it does not deteriorate, and the use of plastic as a manufacturing material of the housing does not provide any attention to it. Generally, the apparatus is assembled properly. Nothing creaks and does not fall off, gaps in the process of operation was not found. Besides, a positive factor in terms of build and reliability was the weight of the phone. Though he felt in some way particularly massive, but it adds to his strength. So why not then?

Side of face

Philips х5500 features

They are special inserts, which are decorated in relief. Faces, which are made in a similar way, improve the reliabilityhold your phone in hands. And not just reliability, but also comfort. Accidentally dropped from his hands, the apparatus would be virtually impossible, the chances are reduced almost to zero. By the way, if we talk about the color of the inserts, they are gray. Generally, most of the building is decorated in a black color, so the gray elements are largely differentiated in the background of the ensemble. And it's not a disadvantage, and thoughtful design solution that could be called an advantage.

Top end

He gave shelter to a standard connector 3.5 mm, which can connect computer headphones and wired stereo headset.

Lower end

Here we have is a standard MicroUSB port that is used for connecting the corresponding wires and synchronization with a personal computer (or laptop). Besides, it is used to communicate with your network adapter, from which there is a direct charging of the phone battery.


Buttons control volume and power button located on the side faces. But the individual item, which would allow control of the camera, the phone no. He was in the model Х623, however, in the case Х5500 of the button, the engineers decided to give up. Rocker allows you to change the sound mode, and also to manipulate the volume of music playing in the respective media application.

Rear panel

It is not that other, as a combination of a small amount of glossy accents, integrated in a metal structure. Interestingly, these insertions are located exclusively on the opposite ends: upper and lower. It is possible that the designers of the phone with the help of this solution tried to make the design more original. In fact, however, we see that it affected negatively. Some time after the use of metal cap covered with a network of small (and perhaps large, depending on operating conditions) cracks.

Phone "Phillips Х5500”. Owner reviews

Many buyers of this unit referred to the poor quality of speaker. Ringtones, which are available in the standard set of ringtones, are, frankly, disgusting quality sound. The subject of today's review was created just for calls, and it is clear at a glance. So why engineers missed such an important moment? About it is anyone's guess.

In the service menu however, you can produce some artful manipulation, which partly solve the problem with the sound. The case is definitely heavy. For some, it can also be a negative indicator. However, this topic has been discussed in conjunction with the battery of the device, so to complain about and definitely the record overall of your smartphone in the disadvantages, we will not. 3G camera is not supported, so to make the modem from the device do not work.

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