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The Modern market of home appliances is not only rich in a variety of models, but also manufacturers. Consumers available a huge selection of refrigerators, depending on their own needs, the quality of the product, specifications, price criterion. Often buyers are primarily interested in the firm. Refrigeration equipment from Vestel in recent years increasingly drew attention to themselves. Mostly it is due to the current economic situation in the country, which increases the demand on the model economy.

Refrigerators Vestel: manufacturer

The Registered firm has a main office and production in Turkey. Many believe that the fridge Vestel country of origin – Turkey. It is worth noting that the equipment supplied to the Russian market is going in our country, in the city of Aleksandrov, technology, and the Turks under their control. Fridge Vestel, according to customer reviews, meets all the criteria that apply to modern technology. Therefore, this Turkish manufacturer is considered odni of the most popular companies for the production budget and quality of refrigerators. This is due to the fact that for a very reasonable cost you can purchase a technical device that has additional functions, which greatly facilitates daily life. Today it is a huge holding, which includes 19 companies. Each of them is responsible for the technical development and production of electronic devices.

fridge vestel

The Company was founded in the 80-ies of the last century and so quickly began to develop that after a few years she had many offices in Europe - in France, Germany, Italy and several Scandinavian countries.


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General manual

Every model that the manufacturer has distinctive features and improved performance. Therefore United for fridge Vestel operating instructions does not exist. However, you should pay special attention to safety, as key aspects suitable for the device in General, regardless of their novelty.

The Developer is extremely not recommended to install refrigeration equipment at the place, where direct sunlight. This is due to the fact that in Sunny weather the refrigerator will become less to cope with their responsibilities and very hot. The same goes for tight installation of furnaces and other heating elements next to the fridge. If you have the opportunity to make a permutation, it is better to hold it, or to think in advance the place of installation of the new device.

Advantages of refrigerators from this company

The Company Vestel is popular for a reason, and new models of equipment differ around the world so fast that sometimes you have to run additional production.

fridge vestel reviews

Advantages of a Turkish refrigerator manufacturer it is possible to allocate following aspects:

  1. Manufacturer during the manufacturing process applies the complex knots or set, so I can use it like the elderly and children. Typically, these fridges choose practical consumers that it is extremely important that the unit performed the core functions perfectly: cold and kept cold.
  2. In case of breakdown necessarily look for original parts for replacement, although this is the best option prolong the life of the refrigerator. If you need to call experts to diagnose or replacement of equipment parts, you can always save money on the use of alternative parts.
  3. Ample volume and variety of products organized so that each person can choose for themselves the best option.

Disadvantages of refrigerators

However, the refrigerators of the company Vestel has its own drawbacks:

  1. After some time of active operation the required temperature to preserve the quality of the products ceases to persist, gradually increasing the rate until complete loss of function. As a rule, to resolve this failure, we have to change the fan.
  2. Strong noise during operation of the refrigerator Vestel. The manual requires the consumers producing the correct installation of the device. Failure to follow this rule the operation may be incorrect. Most of the models from the modern lines of products belong to A class and have a comfortable range of noise level. In response to the problem of the refrigerator Vestel reviews masters of almost the same – improper installation of the device on the level.  vestel refrigerator manual
  3. Depressurization. This is the most serious drawback, because in this case all of the products begin to rapidly deteriorate, because the cold is not stored in the camera. Often to resolve the problem, the necessary replacement of the sealing gum on the refrigerator door.

Latest developments from Vestel

The 21st century is not only a breakthrough in the field of technological discoveries, but also a serious competition. Due to the high demand for quality and affordable technology is born and offer. In order to obtain profits, leading companies are constantly working on technical capabilities,that would be able to interest the consumer.

As for refrigerating devices of Vestel, it is important to note their safe operation, as well as the fact that they do not have a negative impact on the environment. Most models belong to category A, which means that the fridge Vestel consumes minimal amount of electricity. For consumers who do not wish to manually defrost your refrigerator, the manufacturer offers modern models with the system No Frost. Due to the fan operation on the walls of the chambers are not formed ice. refrigerators vestel manufacturer

There are other popular development, due to which the Vestel refrigerators are popular among the competitors:

  1. Using electronic signs on the outer case, each user can set individual settings, in accordance with the products stored in the refrigerator.
  2. Superzamorozki helps to maintain the quality of products for long term. As a rule, the average temperature is -24.
  3. Free zone – a separate Department, which is constantly maintained zero temperature. As a rule, it is intended for storage of vegetables and fruits. This allows you to preserve their freshness.

Size and the amount of Vestel refrigerators

As a rule, before buying any model it is necessary to relate their own demands and the useful volume of the model. Compact kitchen suitable option with small freezer reconciliation. Such models width do not exceed 54 cm in height - about 1.5 m refrigerator often sold for a large family, because its capacity is on average at least 350 liters. Cooling chamber of this device has 3-4 shelves. In modern models, the manufacturer has provided the ability to change their height, that, according to user reviews, is a very significant advantage. fridge vestel operating instructions

All current models of refrigerators Vestel have the ability to adjust the temperature by the user.


No one model of refrigerators Vestel does not have high requirements because it is focused on a wide range of consumers. To each device attached manual, which contains a detailed description of the model, the plan is first run, rules, defrost, etc. to increase the service life, you must follow the manufacturer's recommendations. In addition, the violation of these rules will result in a denial of warranty in case of breakage of the device caused by the user. fridge vestel customer reviews

Key features of popular models

Among all the model range include several devices that today are of high interest among buyers.

  1. For a large family often choose a refrigerator Vestel VNF 386 LS. This six-foot unit will fit even in small size kitchen. Its width is 60 cm, as standard refrigerators, but due to its altitude it has a substantial useful volume - 336 L. For stable operation during a long absence you can activate the “Vacation”. The power consumption will be much lower. The control panel is located on the outer part of the body, so you can choose the storage conditions on an individual basis. Both cameras are equipped with an automatic defrosting system.
  2. Refrigerator Vestel VDD 345 LW also has a good useful volume of about 312 liters. Perfectly fit for small kitchens. Freezer located at the top, but has a separate door. The defrosting system of the drip.
  3. Refrigerator Vestel VCB 385 VW with drip system defrosting suitable for large families. The volume - 338 L. Model refers to the type of energy saving that is not less important aspect for many buyers.


fridge vestel brand

Due to its reliability, practicality, functionality and a reasonable cost refrigerators of the Turkish firm Vestel is able to compete with other leading companies in the Russian market.

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