How to find a lost iPhone? Is it possible?


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Becoming the owner of a trendy iPhone, surely each of us will think about how to protect your gadget from theft or loss. The alarm on it, of course, not supply. But with one great program lost iPhone 4 how to findYou can determine its location, as well as protect all your data from unauthorized access. How to find a lost iPhone? Is it possible? Now, let's find out. So, let's imagine the situation: a person lost the iPhone 4. How to find it? Of course, the first thing he remembers about where you've been lately to find out his possible whereabouts. And if your iPhone was stolen, the owner usually quickly turns for help to the police, wrote a statement and waits for the result. Sometimes this process can take a long time - the weeks, or even months. But this phone is all of your personal information - you don't want to be accessible to the thief?! It is therefore necessary in advance to secure your phone from such unpleasant occasions.

How to find a lost iPhone?

In order for the loss to quickly locate a telephone, you had to install a special application called Find My iPhone. This program allows you to use another device to find your lost iPhone, send a signal to it, and block unauthorized access. So, do the following:how to find lost iPhone

  1. Download and install the Find My iPhone app on your gadget.
  2. Run it and go through the authorization where you will need to enter your Apple ID.
  3. In the privacy settings turn on the geolocation feature ("Settings" - "General" - "Privacy" - "Location services").
  4. Activate iCloud, then turn on the option "Find my iPhone". This is all done in the menu "Settings".
  5. Put the password to unlock the phone. This is done in order to the person in the hands of your iPhone, I could not disable this setting.

To check how it works, it is necessary from the computer to visit the site to login and start the app "Find my iPhone". After a few minutes, the screen will display the result of the approximate location of your phone. Well, now you know how to find a lost iPhone.

Features of the program Find My iPhone

can you find lost iPhone

This utility is able to find the lost gadget only if it is enabled. Because as soon as he switches off the GPS function will not work. In addition to location with the help of this program you can send a signal to the device. And what is most interesting, even if your gadget is in silent mode, the sound will still! It is very convenient in case you lose your phone, for example, at home or at work. Surely you do not just forget about where you put your iPhone. Plus, with this app you can remotely wipe or lock all data on the phone. Therefore, if someone wants to use your iPhone - it will fail. After unlock it will only be you!


I would Like to believe that you've read this info, just out of interest, not because you had a stolen iPhone. So let's make a conclusion and answer the question about whether it is possible to find the lost iPhone. You can find him, but only if it is currently enabled, and even better is at home. So if you have not installed the app Find My iPhone on your device, then make sure to do it right now! And how to use it and how to find a lost iPhone, you already know.

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