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The Market of tablet computers in a relatively small period of time reached unprecedented volumes. If you still 7-9 years ago about them and no one even knew, today this device is as basic as a mobile phone. For many the presence of the tablet computer is even more important.

Against the background of this demand is nothing surprising in the volume of supply of these devices is not present. Many of the companies producing the phones, are also engaged in manufacturing computers, successfully combining these products in the whole model line for a more effective promotion in the market.

"Chinese Apple"

Xiaomi MiPad

We've All heard about Xiaomi. This, as can be seen, even by name, a Chinese group engaged in the manufacture of electronics: smartphones, tablets, various accessories and other gadgets. In the view of the world media and fans equipment, the manufacturer appeared relatively recently - in 2011-2012. But the resonance that could cause themselves around the Corporation, cannot be matched with anything.

Developer attractive (externally and due to their parameters) of a device dubbed “the new Apple”. Thus the cost of such devices is rather modest when you consider the prices established for similar devices from competing companies.

In our review of the tablet market, we will focus on product from this company. It is, as you guessed, about Xiaomi MiPad. This device, which took a strong position on the market of tablets running Android. It is to him we devote our today's article.


Everyone would like to possess optimal mobile device, which would be available at a reasonable cost and had the highest technical characteristics. This is the main goal of every buyer to get the most functional device as cheaply as possible. Xiaomi company is focused on this requirement.


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Xiaomi MiPad 2

Do Not confuse the developer with a string of Chinese companies, which produce copies of famous products.

The Concept of devices released by Xiaomi, unique. The company tries to adhere to the highest standards of quality, to use the most suitable components to pay attention to the Assembly of all elements and optimization of all processes. All this is done so that there is the possibility to offer the customer the most favorable price of its product. And, of course, the device Xiaomi MiPad proves to us that such an approach may be beneficial. Its developers and keep all versions of their tablet (and they went on sale two).


Characteristic of the gadget is (traditionally) start with the view about his kit. After all, plays a big role, what we will see after opening the box with the product. In this case we will focus on plain packaging of coarse cardboard, which uses Xiaomi for all its products.

So, this company, unlike other Chinese suppliers, using minimum resources, to be able to offer the buyer the lowest price. This can be seen in the issue of the product set.

A Charger and a set of instructions - everything we found under the lid of the box Xiaomi MiPad.

Xiaomi MiPad 16Gb

Of Course, between these elements there is the tablet, protected by a thick layer of cardboard. To tell you the truth, it is against the background of coarse material looks even more eloquently and effectively. Perhaps this is to achieve the developers.


The question of appearance of Xiaomi can not be called so individual. It is obvious that all the elements of appearance that is used on smartphones and tablets of this brand, borrowed from Apple. For example, your device tablet Xiaomi MiPad (16Gb) resembles the iPad mini. Due to the rubberized glossy coating on the entire hull can be concluded that the engineers from China has turned its attention to the iPhone 5C. If not to take into account some differences in individual elements of the case, the Xiaomi MiPad can be called increased 5C running Android OS.

xiaomi mipad review

On the one hand, it's still a very good move, because the shiny plastic looks no less impressive than his “Apple” the original. On the other - borrowing successful design, Xiaomi has taken over and less positive qualities of the other device, including “mark” enclosure.

He Expressed thus: in practice on Xiaomi MiPad (16Gb) see all the fingerprints of its user. Because of this, the model in half an hour of operation does not look so attractive as the picture in the store. However, this is not such a critical moment to wipe the surface of the computer easily enough.


Chinese engineers paid a lot of attention to the display device. Its equipped with an LCD screen that surpasses many on the market of compact tablets with HD and FullHD graphics. Permission Xiaomi MiPad (4pda contains more detailed information about it) is 1536 2048 pixels. If the size of 7.9 inch is a great figure, which makes the picture as clear and colorful. This is confirmed by another parameter - the density of pixels. In the case of Xiaomi MiPad (the review of which we hold) this figure is 324 ppi, and it certainly can be described as very high in comparison with similar devices.


xiaomi mipad tablet 16gb

Graphical interface Xiaomi also picked to match its “Apple” competitors in the electronics market. At least the shell MiUI, which is installed on smartphones and tablets this developer, clearly testifies to this.

Notice the similarities quite simple: gradients, rounded icons, colors - all this is very much like all favorite iOS. And of course, such love for “Apple” gadgets plays and the developer attracting clients to Xiaomi MiPad.

The basic interface remains the Android operating system, which fixed the gadgets from this developer (although one of the variations of the tablet is represented on Windows 10).


In any device is an important evaluation criterion is performance. How optimized processes on the tablet, how fast it can respond to the user command, plays a very important role. So Xiaomi MiPad (16Gb) has a powerful processor NVIDIA Tegra K1 with a clock frequency of 2.2 GHz, adapted to play colorful games and work without a hitch. Working with him is very simple due to the high reaction speed of the device. Plus, given the high computational capacity of the device, the tablet can work with the “heavy” graphics.

The newer version of the tablet Xiaomi MiPad 2, has an updated“stuffing”, presented in the form of processor Intel Atom x5-z8500 that will further promote the technical features and increase the capabilities of the gadget.


Of Course, in order to create the images, the tablet no one is buying. This is clearly a minor, an option that the developers include in the set of requirements.

Xiaomi MiPad 7.9 has a camera with a matrix resolution of 8 megapixels (main) and 5 additional. This, of course, is not the ceiling for the market of mobile devices, however for a tablet of its price segment, the device is able to show very good results. Images are processed at the software level, which makes them somewhat clearer and stronger.


Another important point is the power source of the gadget. Since we are talking about the tablet, it is obvious that it consumes energy quickly enough due to large display and many of the supported functions. Take, activated 3G/LTE connection or playback video of high quality.

So on the first version the developer has set the battery capacity of 6700 mAh, and the new 6100 mAh. Probably the energy cost of Xiaomi MiPad 2 will be more optimized. May have played a role is the fact that the manufacturer wants to change the dimensions of the device, reducing the new model. Whatever it was, but the battery capacity in 6 thousand mAh battery is also a good indicator.


Differences in first generation MiPad concerned is that the colour combinations of the devices. The user is provided the choice of color case for Xiaomi MiPad. 4pda shows that the new generation of buyer can even choose the operating system on which to operate his computer. In particular, as mentioned above, sales will be available with Windows 10. She probably will develop a new GUI, which will repeat the above-mentioned MiUI.

There are Also rumors about the imminent release of a new version of the tablet - the third generation. However, what will be available to its owners, is unclear.


Xiaomi MiPad 4pda

The price of the device from Xiaomi has always been famous for its affordability. Manufacturer and indeed often relies on the budget of their gadgets. And, as statistics of sales, it is quite a justified move.

So, the first tablet cost in the range of 240-280 dollars (depends on the amount of internal memory on the device), and the second from 156 to 203 USD (meaning generation released devices). Thus, it is possible to conclude that the reduction of the final prices of these devices.

Furthermore, the figures presented as at the time of release of the tablet. It is obvious that after some period of time after their debut price of devices will drop, making them more accessible.


In the course of writing the article we found describing the many Xiaomi MiPad reviews. They are all composed of device owners, by the way, most of them are positive. Many even estimated the maximum quality of work on your tablet.

People writing comments about the device, noted that the Xiaomi MiPad, the processor is able to show the best performance in its price segment, but also on the category of compact tablets in General. It already allows to speak about high performance and speed. Next, from a positive point of view is noted (albeit copied) design. The owners of gadgets write that the rubberized plastic feels nice in the hands, does not slip, and looks great. Note and quality materials, which are assembled Xiaomi MiPad.

The Review is almost not affected by the battery life of the tablet - we just gave the feature its battery. Users emphasize that the device can operate for a fairly long period without recharging, making it ideal for use on the road or in the absence of power supply.

There are, however, negative reviews - they contain information about the faults of the gadget. For example, someone is not satisfied with installed on Xiaomi MiPadfirmware, with the result that users want to update the firmware of the tablet, pre-installed on a new OS version. Among the most common issues of this kind “flight” of some applications (for example, the same Skype during communication) and the failure of the accelerometer, due to which you cannot rotate the display as needed.

Still some problems of a mechanical nature when the device has started too quickly discharged, or refuses to see the charger.

A Number of users complaining of easily soiled case and fingerprints remain everywhere. There are still complaints about the presence of Chinese apps that are not actively used by us, because of what they have to remove and replace the European programs.

We also managed to find complaints on the camera computer. Like, MiPad photographs not accurately, the camera “noise” and “distorts" the color balance. Maybe so, but we should not compare the quality of shooting with a tablet that can offer even a simple "camera phone”, not to mention the camera.

In Addition to those mentioned, there are reports of heated CPU (located near the camera), which work with the phone is not so comfortable. Under heavy load, the temperature in this case rises quite significantly.


Xiaomi MiPad reviews

Many of the problems that we have described above (and others) is, of course, discomfort in the process of working with any gadget. But on the other hand, all these problems is nothing if to speak about the cost of the tablet and its capabilities. The easily soiled screen, or warming the body can tolerate if the device really has such a display, processor and price tag. What do thousands of shoppers product Xiaomi.

As for the software, and “departure” applications, on these issues, always working developers releasing updates with fixed problems. For this reason, do not worry - your problem will be solved in the same way.

In General, the result of our review we can draw a positive assessment of “hero”. Because tablet really suitable for many applications, inexpensive, and assembled high quality, reliable. What more can you ask from a budget Android gadget for this money?

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