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Vax-vacuum cleaner, which first went on sale back in the last century. At that time they were innovative instruments. They can be used to make dry and wet cleaning in various areas. It is worth noting that the English engineer A. Brazier has made a revolution in the world of home appliances by creating the first vacuum cleaner. Realizing his dream into reality, he invented a new product that became a sensation. This unit customers immediately appreciated, the demand for it almost from the first days of sales reached the highest level. Thanks to the popularity of other manufacturers in a short time has expanded its range of detergent models.vax vacuum cleaners

About the manufacturer

The First vacuum cleaner was invented in 1977, It was then the company's Vax. Vacuum cleaner – the main products of this company. Under the Vax brand sold devices for commercial and domestic use. Founded the company engineer A. Brazier. Currently the brand is owned by a large Corporation TTI Group (China). The firm has expanded its range and, in addition to vacuum cleaners, has been producing heaters, washers, dryers and air purifiers. Unfortunately, these products are not sold in Russia. Domestic buyers may purchase only TM Vax vacuum cleaners that are sold in all major shopping centers household appliances and electronics.

The Manufacturer is interested not only to fill the shelves with their products, but also provide maximum protection to the consumer. In these purposes on the territory of Russia are numerous service centers. Every new unit undergoes rigorous testing before the start of industrial production in order to completely eliminate the possibility of factory defects. The buyer's needs are paramount, so the company continually conducts surveys in order to be aware of the market trends. Through this approach, all products fully meet the high European standards.


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Quick overview

Vax-vacuum cleaner based on proprietary technologies. In the apparatus advantageously combines the design, specifications and functionality. To use this type of equipment as for General cleaning of carpets, upholstery, and daily housekeeping service. Almost all models of large dimensions, quite heavy, but maneuverable, thanks to the available wheels. Housing in detergent cleaner – vertical, classic – standard. The suction power is enough for a good cleaning. For example, during wet processing, the surface dries instantly, and the carpet or upholstery – within one to four hours. Includes lots of tips that help you to efficiently clean even the most inaccessible places. Considering that these vacuum cleaners are designed for use on large areas, the manufacturer equips the models with a long cord – 5-10 meters. Duration of operation depends on many factors. For example, the instructions indicated that during wet cleaning, you can only use a special detergent, otherwise excess foaming can lead to burning of the motor. If everything is done correctly, the cleaner will last at least 10 years. And this, of course, is an indicator of the quality of not only materials and components but also the Assembly.vacuum cleaner vax


Currently there are many reviews about products brand Vax. Vacuum cleaner for most people have become indispensable. Due to consumers can we make a real list of advantages of these devices. Let's list the main ones.

  • Excellent quality cleaning surfaces from contamination.
  • Capacity of the tank.
  • Modern design.
  • Large range of attachments.
  • Cord Length.
  • Easy to clean of dust.
  • Long lifetime.
  • Availability of service.


Now you should talk about the cons. Unfortunately, along with the advantages they also have. What is not satisfied customers the Vax vacuum cleaner? Reviews most helped to make the following list:

  • After each operation it is necessary to wash and dry the device.
  • The problem with the acquisition of spare parts.
  • No additional accessories.
  • Repairs are only carried out in centres located in major cities.
  • Large size have vacuum cleaners Vax.
  • The Prices are high – in the range of $200-300.
  • Low-level maneuverability.
  • Awkward hose design (zalamyvayutsya when driving).
  • There are No latches on the nozzles.
  • Low-quality filtering.
  • Fragile plastic.vax vacuum cleaner reviews

HEPA filter – an advantage or a disadvantage?

According to consumers the most significant drawback is the filter. For Vax vacuum cleaner uses a HEPA device. However, the manufacturer positions this model with innovation. But what the buyer gets, really? Unfortunately, a common problem HEPA filters already for anybody not a secret. Eventually clogged, it becomes a significant obstacle for quality air circulation. This, in turn, significantly reduces the suction power. Inside the filter accumulates dust and bacteria that can trigger allergies or other lung diseases. If it is wrong to care, then after a certain period of time during operation of the cleaner will be felt rather unpleasant smell.

Vax 7151

a filter for vacuum cleaner vax

A vacuum cleaner Vax 7151 – the most popular model. Designed for dry and wet cleaning. During operation it consumes a power of 1500 watts. Unit weight without water – about 8 lbs. cord Length-10 meters. For easy operation with telescopic tube. Container for collecting dust big – 10 l. water Tank: dirty – 8 l, clean – 4 l suction Power-280 watts. The device is equipped with SpinScrub technology, which can efficiently clean the carpet. The kit includes nine nozzles: turbo, Hydrodry washing (6 cm), and others. To the surface of the carpet would dry faster in the model 7151 is used Vax Dual V.

Buyers are testing the device, revealed some shortcomings: inconvenient water shut-off, inability to regulate its level, the fragility of the plastic parts.

In the stores, vacuum cleaner Vax 7151 sold on average for $350.

Vax 6131

A vacuum cleaner Vax 6131 has a maximum suction power of 270 watts. vacuum cleaner bags vaxRefers to a universal instrument, therefore, it is possible to do both dry and wet cleaning. When work consumes a power of 1300 watts. Includes six tips: FibreFlow cleaning, to remove dust, for furniture, crevice and others. Bag holds up to 10 liters Capacity water tanks: clean – 4 l, dirty – 8 L. the Total weight of the unfilled liquid cleaner exceed 8 kg. the cord is long Enough – 7.5 meters.

According to the opinion of buyers, in this model, there are shortcomings. In particular, is the lack of automatic cord winder and power adjustment. Most people are singled out one-piece tube, which takes a lot of space.

The Cost of a vacuum cleaner Vax 6131 varies from $250 to $310.

Vax 420 Silence

vax vacuum cleaner prices

This model is a quite powerful device (input – 1800 watts, suction – 420 watts). Cleaning type - dry only. Dust designed 2.5-liter bags. Vacuum cleaner Vax 420 Silence to clean any surface not a problem as the kit includes five different nozzles: dust, combined, parquet and others.

The advantages of this device customers will include light weight (5.5 kg), good maneuverability, availability of power regulators, low noise (65 dB).


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