How to choose a radio with good reception: market overview and reviews of manufacturers


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Sometimes it may seem that radio has long gone. We fully felt the advantages of new gadgets and media devices: memory stick or memory card where you can record your favorite music, smartphone, whose versatility, it would seem, will always leave a radio in the 90-ies of the last century.

radio with good reception

However, despite the ubiquitous ‘smartphoneware”, some people still gladly walk over radio waves in search of good songs using a handheld or fixed radio with good reception. If you are still a fan of «Europe Plus”, “Russian” or “Sport FM» below is an overview of the market of receivers specially for you. It involves models of various types and species, especially distinguished by the quality and confident reception, so choosing any of them – you can't go wrong.

Best clock radios

This Chapter introduces you to the most distinguished models in terms of price and quality of category of maintained.


"Supra" captivating the consumer beautiful appearance and the fact that it is a radio with good reception (digital). Reviews about the model very friendly and some critical flaws the gadget has.

radio with a good reception of digital

Radio is equipped with digital green display on the front panel. All the main controls located on the top end. Each button and the connector is signed, therefore, with the configuration and operation of any problems should arise.


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For Autonomous operation of the receiver meet the two AAA batteries that last a long time. Also have the ability to work from the mains in 220 W via the adapter (included). To disconnect the gadget from the network is possible without fear to lose the saved settings, memory meet the same pair of batteries.

In order For you do not slept for work or an important event, the gadget has two alarms that can be programmed for any time interval. For little money a radio with good reception (digital) "Supra" will delight you with the quality and ease of use.


  • Budget but quality option;
  • Interesting and attractive appearance;
  • Two independent alarms.


  • Sometimes remembers the wrong radio frequency.

The Average price in online stores — 1000.

Philips AJ 3115

A radio with good reception (digital) from “Phillips” laconic and minimalist in its appearance – apparently, the designer is in the soul of the ascetic. This model can often be seen in American movies, because this clock radio equipped with the most rooms in hotels.

radio with a good reception of digital feedback

The basic front part of the gadget is a digital display where the time is displayed. Buttons and connectors of the model a bit, so to deal with them is not difficult. A radio with good signal reception (mini) AJ 3115 is equipped with two AAA batteries, but older versions will need «Crown». But autonomy can be useful only to those who love to travel, in other cases, the gadget can be easily connected to a conventional power supply, and batteries are used to save information about the configuration of the waves and the current date with time. The device also features a sleep timer display and a radio that allows you to adjust night time.


  • A budget;
  • Significant battery life;
  • Sleep timer display and radio.
  • Radio with good reception;
  • Digital (pocket) option for travel.


  • Too austere design;
  • No ability to adjust the brightness of the display.

The Average price in online stores — 1000.

Rolsen CR-100

Pocket radio with good reception and a large digital display – convenience for the user. Waking up, the person should clearly distinguish between the current time, and if vision fails, then the ‘Rolls" just what the doctor ordered.

radio with good signal reception mini

The Model has a digital radio and can store up to twenty frequencies in VHF and FM bands. As in the previous two cases, autonomy answer two AAA batteries, but with the possibility of operation of the power supply.

The Gadget will Wake any of the two options – audible alarm sounds or your favorite radio station. Sleep will not work, as the device has the function of repeating the signal. Overall this is a very sensible and balanced radio with good reception. Reviews on model, very flattering, but the only thing to complain about owners, so it's tight buttons, though to them fairly quickly and after a week I don't notice any discomfort.


  • Large digital display;
  • A budget;
  • Stable and long (in standalone mode).
  • 16 levels of sound settings;
  • Comfortable and wide spaced repetition of the signal.


  • Tight buttons control the functionality.

The Average price in online stores — 800 rubles.

MW and shortwave radios

In this category will be considered multiple options for travel and at home.

Tecsun PL-398MP

A radio with good signal reception, battery operated, is a versatile option that can easily take both at work and at leisure, to enjoy the favorite thing to the music. If you have a spare set of batteries, my favorite radio station will make you happy one day.

radio with good signal reception

The radio "Texan" powered by two rechargeable AA batteries, has an on Board slot for the SD card and is rightfully called universal model. If you wander into a remote location where the radio signal is absent, you can listen MP3 music from a memory card.

A radio with good reception "Texan" can work with different frequency ranges: FM, VHF, MW, LW and SW. The sound is pretty good through two speakers, allowing you to get a significant stereo effect.

The Gadget is equipped with an alarm clock and a sleep timer that adds to it even more versatility. All function buttons located on the front control panel, so before you put the receiver in a bag, don't forget to block them. Judging by the user feedback, the model is quite successful and the only thing they complain the owners of the gadget is the high price of the device.


  • Maximum range of frequency ranges;
  • Possibility to use SD-card;
  • Attractive and ergonomic design;
  • The versatility of a device;
  • Thermometer.


  • The relatively high price of the gadget;
  • The sound quality could be better.

The Average price in online stores — 6000 rubles.

Panasonic RF-3500

It is Worth noting that a radio with good reception (digital) “Sony” and “pioneer” differs from similar models by the quality and relatively low price, the latter is clearly the leader in this field.

radio with good reception reviews

The Range of RF can catch the frequency of the most popular ranges but excellent work can only boast of FM radio. The disadvantage of the device, according to user reviews, is the lack of illumination range of the scale, making it difficult to use in the dark. As for design and ergonomics, everything is done at a high level – beauty, convenience and comfort. This can be attributed to its excellent build quality and very good sound for a single speaker.


  • Attractive appearance;
  • Excellent ergonomic features;
  • High sensitivity and stable reception in the FM band;
  • High-quality sound.


  • Only one speaker;
  • Speed dial has no illumination.

The Average price in online stores — 2500 rubles.

Tecsun PL-310

The PL-310 can be described as a simplified version of the flagship of this line, but it doesn't make it disadvantaged in functionality and ergonomics. The only thing that saved the manufacturer is on the dynamics, so a radio with good reception happened without the stereo, the rest are all in their places, even the thermometer.

how to choose a radio with good reception

The Device can operate with frequencies in five popular bands. The gadget can remember up to five hundred fixed radio waves, which is about a hundred cells in one range. The receiver works by pyativoltovy network adapter, and if you want to take it to nature, then we can...

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