Bedini generator - myth or truth?


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Generator Bedini – this invention from the section alternative energy, built on the principles of electromagnetism John Bedini and Nikola Tesla. The first such device, operating on the basis of the provisions established in 1984. It was demonstrated by “the International Conference them. Tesla" in Colorado springs. The inventor of this device was Jim Watson, who, after presenting to the public a prototype of the device in question disappeared along with the family… And this is not the first such situation: many scientists who are really close to the opening of "perpetual motion", or disappear without a trace, or die from an accident. Here is such a rock…generator Bedini

Well, now back to this invention, as the Bedini generator. Let's try to understand the essence of this device. Lately a lot of famous scientist John Bedini (USA) and a number of his inventions in the field of energy of the vacuum (it is also called "free", "radiator" or "negative"). And he started with the development of audio amplifiers, battery chargers for rechargeable batteries according to the principle of Tesla. But most importantly, that made him famous, is referred to a device that has several different variations. The photo shows the Bedini generator from the cooler. The scheme of such a device are shown below.generator Bedini from the cooler scheme

Consider what represents this design. Externally it's pretty simple: a Bicycle wheel with magnets, a couple of batteries and basic electronic control circuit consisting of one transistor, two diodes, two resistors, neon lamp and coil.


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Let's see on what principle does a generator Bedini. To an electrical circuit from the battery power. The transistor is in the closed position – generation occurs. Run Bicycle wheel. With the passage of the magnets near the solenoid, produces a magnetic field that causes induction in the coil. In the primary coil creates a pulse of electric current, whereby the transistor (the photo shows a generator with the Bedini samozaparcia). The scheme, due to the open transistor closed. The current flows through the primary winding of the solenoid, the limiting resistors, a lamp, a base-emitter junction and returns to the starting point (the coil). If the amperage is sufficient, the lamp illuminates. The transistor, and through the secondary winding of solenoid current is supplied from the positive terminal of the primary battery again to the secondary winding, then through the transfer transistor collector-emitter voltage at the negative terminal of the battery. The secondary winding current creates an opposing magnet wheel of the magnetic field in the core. As a result, they are repelled by the field of the solenoid, and the wheel rotates. Coils are wound in the opposite direction. Therefore, when saturation of the core in the primary coil induces an EMF of negative polarity, which locks the transistor. When closed, the transistor current changes its path from the secondary coil through the diode to the positive terminal of the secondary battery and the negative terminal on the coil of the solenoid. This is the principle of operation of this device.Bedini generator with samozaparcia diagram

But all this in theory, many hams believe that the invention of the Bedini is nothing like cheating. It is not necessary to trust others ' opinions, check their own experience and you will know the exact answer.

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