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Equipment for the regulation of microclimate parameters less associated with dimensional units that are connected to utilities. Advanced software companies of the climate systems offer a compact and at the same time effective to use devices with convenient management tools. Such devices include a humidifier Boneco 7135, designed for home use. Despite its modest size and low level of energy consumption, the device effectively performs its function, focusing on user preferences.

boneco 7135

The Principle of operation of a humidifier

The model is based on the principle of ultrasonic influence. In the case of the device is a membrane, the vibrations of which break the water into small drops. Further in the working chamber of the special Boneco 7135 the fan blows air, by the streams which formed a misty cloud. It achieves moisture characteristics that can exceed the natural rate. In any case, the user can adjust the instrument settings, using to maintain its functions water. As you empty the tank on the need for regular fill would indicate the corresponding index.

An Important feature of this model humidifier is the technology of water disinfection. Often filling capacity users take ordinary tap water, which is the same as composition. Thanks to special filters with ion-exchange resin humidifier Boneco 7135 also provides a comprehensive treatment of water environment from germs and bacteria.


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humidifier boneco 7135

Main features

In the line of ultrasonic humidifiers, this model occupies a middle position on technical indicators. The capacity of the device is 130 watts, which is enough to service premises with an area of about 50-60 m2. In the regular mode of operation Boneco 7135 consumes 550 ml of water per hour. The volume of standard tank is slightly higher than the figure – 650 ml.

Despite the modest performance, the device is pretty quickly gaining the optimum power and quickly bring the parameters to the required values. The dimensions of the device are also quite modest – 35 x 38 x 22 cm But not only the combination of compactness and functionality attracts the attention of buyers camera Boneco 7135. Reviews stress and modern management system. The owner can set the lock parameters in the automatic mode of regulation, saving yourself from unnecessary trouble.

boneco 7135 reviews

Instruction manual of the device

To Start working only after the preparation of the instrument for use. The unit should be mounted in a location remote from heating equipment. It is not recommended to send a spout of the device-specific objects for their intense hydration. Before switching it on, you should fill the tank with water whose temperature does not exceed 40 degrees. Control functions implemented via the keypad supplied with the humidifier Boneco 7135. The manual notes that the normal modes of a fogging device only works until the moment when it reaches the user-specified coefficient of humidity. To maintain a constant generation mode should be set to automatic format by means of the corresponding button. In addition, the operator have the option of heated fog range, which is also installed using custom settings.

humidifier boneco 7135

Instructions for care and maintenance

The Device through e-filling determines the need for cleaning. So, if the display lights up the letter “A”, it means that the device should be washed. Cleaning should be and water tank, and the tank Boneco 7135. The user manual cautions against using cleaners – the sink device components should only be done with clean water. If the process was used mostly mode fogging, cleaning should be done once a week. If the same were performed and the heating medium, the flushing is done more often – two times a week. Also regularly you should replace the cartridges filters. In average mode of operation of the humidifier is updated every month.

boneco 7135 manual

Features of the model Boneco 7135

Despite the simplicity of functionality, the device has received a lot of interesting technological additions. For example, the digital display elements of the programmable control provides high precision when setting the humidity level. Together with this indicator of the reservoir allows to control the current volume of water and, if necessary, fill the tank. Provided in the model Boneco 7135 and many structural additions. Thanks to the rotary evaporator, the user can adjust the orientation of the pair. But again, the manual does not recommend to put the device close to other objects, especially plants. To the characteristics of the device can be attributed to the treatment system liquidenvironment. The fact that the water from the reservoir passes into the processing area immediately, and after filtration. The inclusion of additional treatment stages allows you to create a healthier air environment. However, popular ionization system through the filters in this modification is still missing.

boneco humidifier 7135 reviews

Positive feedback about the model

Climatic equipment traditionally criticized by users for high electricity costs and noise work. However, in this case, the apparatus is free from such flaws. Quiet operation, for example, was made possible through the use of special design with rubberized legs. As for low energy consumption, it is due to compact size and optimized instrument operation principle. But there are other advantages of the humidifier Boneco 7135. Reviews, in particular, indicate the absence of a specific white residue on the furniture, which remains after the work of other members of the segment. Such attacks are characteristic of humidifiers that work with water without preliminary preparation. In turn, the design from Boneco involves a separate stage of water purification, relieving vapor generated from foreign particles.

Negative feedback

With all the advantages of the design, there are annoying flaws in its execution. Users note inconveniences in the process of performing water filling. To carry out this operation it is necessary to remove from the tray case, turn it over, then remove the filter and make the filling of the tank. The procedure is complicated by the fact that the constituent parts agree are not perfect and have to adjust to specific installation Boneco 7135. Reviews from critics refer to the function of heating. Some users report that it does not need, while others indicate that it is not justified.

humidifier boneco 7135 manual


The market of climatic systems observed products division into two classes. One is characterized by versatility, while the other suggests a clear segmentation of devices. Household air humidifier Boneco 7135 rather belongs to the second category, because it is focused on specific tasks in the regulation of microclimate. And with the function of increasing the moisture in the device to cope adequately, although the concept of specialised machines is the reason for the full and efficient operation. It is connected with the fact that the device gets rid of the encumbrance in the form of extra functionality. However, in the case of a modification of the 7135 was not without support options in the heating and water purification. And if the function of increasing air temperature in General, without enthusiasm, were met by the consumer, the filtering provided quite tangible benefits.

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