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Lovers to visit traditional theaters, modern manufacturers design equipment give you the opportunity to take in the atmosphere of the film from the comfort of home. Comparison between the effects of the question, but, as the experience of the user, a compact device is also capable of providing an unforgettable experience. However, to expect a good result from the home show only when you use high-quality equipment. Manufacturers do not limit consumer choice, offering all new technological developments. Main characteristics and review projectors for home theater will help you make the right decision when buying.

Features of models for home theater

reviews of home cinema projector

Originally, the projector was designed for use in large spaces such as halls, schools and other institutions. To this day this assignment continues to move the model in the direction of development, suggesting and division in the field of use. So there are devices for use at business conferences, training processes, etc. Feature of such models is the ability to work under artificial lighting. In turn, devices for home use designed for watching movies when off the light. To some extent this nuance makes it easier for the manufacturer, whose home projector. How to choose a model? Among the main criteria it is worth noting connectivity, brightness, focus and other parameters that define its functionality and the quality of work.


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As a rule, projectors are not equipped with the means to “read” information from the direct carriers. This distinguishes such devices from the usual VCRs and DVD players. At the same time as the source may be a computer, laptop, telephone and the same DVD player. Main – to provide for the possibility of a connection. In most models used connectors for digital signal, although, oddly enough, there are also analog channels. The latter include composite inputs, timeless S-Video, BNC and VGA. But often there are more modern digital connectors HDMI, DVI, and DispalyPort. As shown by reviews, projector home theater with HDMI ensures the highest quality “picture”. In addition, modern equipment is more readily interacts with these ports without requiring adapters. However, it is impossible not to recall the analog inputs that may be required when working with players from the past century.

home projector how to choose

What should be the brightness?

This is one of the most important but at the same time subtle for the layman parameters of choice. The fact that this characteristic is not specified in the labeling, as it is largely influenced by indirect factors occurring in the process of watching a film. Nevertheless, when buying, pay attention to the value of the luminous flux, measured in lumens (LM) determines the power of light. Not to say that it depends on the brightness, however, the light power can affect the balance in modes of reproduction. Therefore, the choice of projector for home theater about the brightness should do, guided by the values of the lumens. So if the diagonal is 130 inches, then you can safely take option 1 500 LM. This will be enough for watching a movie in the dark. For 80-inch format, it should provide 600 LM. It is important to consider that excessive brightness is also not is a plus, so “reserve” to store its value makes no sense. Although, if planned sessions with the lights on, you should rely on the indicators in the 3-4 thousand Lumens. These values, incidentally, are commonly used in an office projector models.

projectors for home theater prices

Contrast projector

In the spec this parameter is also not specified. Indeed, in some cases, it is difficult to determine, and in terms of lighting contrast does not affect the quality, as the lighting comes naturally. However, sometimes you can find specific values in the model descriptions. For example, projectors for home theater Benq often contain characteristics of the ratio of 1 000:1. But this does not mean that the user can expect to receive a lengthy and detailed “pictures”.

The Only thing that can be appreciated by inexperienced consumers in this setting is the presence of the auto iris. In essence, this ensures optimum regulation of the balance of brightness. In practice, this means strengthening or suppression of certain colors for a more high-quality broadcast color. Unfortunately, this option is only “treatment” in dark scenes where there are no rich in color objects. This method of contrast correction is called dynamic. In contrast to the direct values of the contrast, the presence of this feature really deserves attention. As evidenced by reviews, projector for home theater with automatic iris copes with its task in terms of the missing light.

Optimal solution

In the case of a resolution obviously. The higher it is, the more detailed and overall better the image. However, still it is necessary to initially consider the tasks that should solve the projector, because a particular format is suitable in some cases and less effective in others. For example, for movies in Full HD will need a suitable model which supports this format of 1920×1080. If special requests to the quality that you would like to save money, opting for models with the WXGA format – in this case, means a resolution of 1280×800. But the best projectors for home theater still have higher resolution – for example, it becomes more and more popular 4K resolution. The maximum resolution permitted by such technology, is 4096×2160. To view video from a DVD player will be sufficient and the format of the SVGA, which transmits an image with a resolution of 800×600. By the way, is the best format if you plan to use the device for presentations.

The Nuances of focus

3d hd projectors

Each projector includes characteristics such as attitude projection. This is a parameter that indicates the ratio of screen width to distance from it to the projector. High resolution projection have a long model. For example, at a ratio of 2:1 will be provided with a picture with a 2 meter width, which is comfortable to watch at a distance of 4 meters. Therefore, we need to compare the features of the premises and of the optimal projection solution. But even in the presence of the long walls is not always advisable to purchase longer models. They do not guarantee the quality of the image – at least, talking about this reviews. Projector for home theater may be short. In particular, some manufacturers refer to this group of devices of the format of 0.55:1. But no clear standards, so we can also include the ratio of 1.5:1. By the way, the choice of short-throw models are not always due to lack of sufficient space in the room. For example, not to close the luminous flux, sometimes acquired ultra-short-throw projectors that can be placed near the screen at a distance of 15-20 cm.

HD 3D projectors

The Wave of popularity of 3D technology could not ignore the design technique. There are several different formats, which ensures the effect of a stereo pair. For example, manufacturers are using configuration "side-by-side” and “top-to-bottom”. If you intend to work with Blu-ray in three-dimensional format, it is necessary to provide the presence in the apparatus of HDMI interface, the minimum version of connector for such purposes – 1.4. Modern 3D HD projectors also include the use of special glasses. But this is no ordinary accessory for the perception of three-dimensional images, and devices which are developed on the basis of polarizing filters. In combination with a 3D projector these glasses are expensive, but the visual effect is greatly enhanced thanks to them.

Design and the size of the projector

best projectors for home theater

This is Probably the easiest choice, where everyone can rely on their own taste, regardless of the technical details and design features. I must say that home devices have the most delicious and presentable designs. There are options with regular geometric forms, a lot of vehicles with streamlined bodies – the projector blends seamlessly with the interior. The only limitation in this respect may be due to the size. According to reviews, projector for home theater with a small size is a delicate topic to handle. But there are obvious disadvantages of the major models – such devices should only be purchased if you plan to carry the device during frequent travels.

Feedback about the Benq models

Models of the company are regularly included in rankings of the best projectors. This contributes to their functionality and implementation of new technological solutions. Users report good brightness, in all modern formats, including Full HD. Also in the lineup you can find good machines that support three-dimensional image. But there are also disadvantages that have projectors for home theater Benq in virtually all segments. For example, quite often users complain about the sound and low noise. Anyway, the lineup has a wide range of options with different operational parameters, so the optimal projector from Benq will find anyone.

Feedback about the Epson models

Among the scholars of the sector, the brand Epson is known as a trendsetter and manufacturer of high-tech devices. Another thing is that wide user deals with models of different levels, which have not only advantages, but also disadvantages. On a positive note, the home cinema projector Epson in almost all designs and provides high-quality image. The owners describe it as juicy and rich. By the way, in regards to contrast the products of this brand is considered the best option.

However, all the advantages of pictures again marred by weak sound. In somemodels the sound of operation of the device – for example, sound insulation is 30 dB makes itself felt not the best way. In addition, the high cost of the Epson models already in the middle class – up to 70-80 thousand. However, there are budget projectors for home theater, prices vary in the range of 20-30 thousand, But such devices do not reveal all the technological advantages of the equipment for watching movies.

Reviews of the Sony models

3d projectors for home theater

The Products of this brand are also criticized for high cost, but in this case it is fully justified. Developers Sony now offer the highest widescreen resolution. Owners say the picture clarity, brightness and depth of contrasts. This effect provides projectors for home theater, the price of which exceeds 200 thousand rubles, Users of this technique emphasize that it is practically devoid of drawbacks, which are observed by the competitors. That is, the projectors, no noise, ensure high-quality sound, all on a background of flawless pictures.


If familiarity with the characteristics and intricacies of the choice of projector, many will wonder: is not it easier to buy a big screen TV? The more that the price of both options are roughly comparable. But it all depends on the big screen – in inches, the comparison is not in favor of TV, and this is a major advantage in the process of watching a film. And that's not to mention the pleasure that provide the best 3D projectors for home theater with wide format. However, in this case, the gap in price is quite impressive. There are other benefits of projectors, among which compact size and minimum load on vision. And if you have the idea to go to the country and make the show? Of course, a compact device wins in practicality. But in any case it is important to provide all the nuances of exploitation, to meet expectations.

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