Champions of England football: from the forties to the present day


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The championship of England on football, which is now called the Premier League, is one of the most spectacular and discussed in the world. In strength he is second only to the Spanish and German leagues, but the interest is clearly in the first place, as during the tournament always takes place the intense struggle between several clubs for the title. In this article, you will learn who are the Champions of England at football in recent years.

This is very interesting information that will allow you to understand what are the clubs now are the strongest and which were previously. The first Champions of the England football date from the late nineteenth century, therefore, you should understand that in one article it is impossible to look directly at the entire history of the pioneers of football. Will be considered the winners in recent years.


Since after the Second world war in the game very much has changed, Champions of England football will be treated as complete. So, the first official leader after the war became «Liverpool» (this was his fifth victory in history). It was followed by a sixth championship «Arsenal» and two debut victory "Portsmouth", which completed the decade.

The Fifties

Champions of England football

The Champions of England football of the fifties was not too diverse. Only in 1951, 1953 and 1955 won «Tottenham», «Arsenal» and «Chelsea» respectively. In other years the leadership was divided between «Manchester United» (three championship) and “wolves” (also three wins). Interesting is the fact that in 1954, “wolves” won his first trophy-and immediately began to show impressive results.


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In the sixties, the Champions of England at football in the years as follows: "Burnley" in 1960, «Tottenham» in 1961, in 1962, for the first time the winner was “Ipswich”. «Everton» won in 1963, «Liverpool» – 1964, “DOJ”– 1965. Again «Liverpool» found himself on the top line of the tournament in 1966, again “DOJ” – in 1967, «Manchester city» – 1968. "Leeds" won his first championship in 1969.


Champions of England football for years

«Liverpool» has achieved incredible success in the seventies, winning the championship four times: in 1973, 1976, 1977 and 1979 (five if you count 1980). In addition to this club at the beginning of the decade, the trophy was awarded «Dynamo» and «Arsenal». In 1972, for the first time in the championship won the club "Derby", and in 1978 the trophy was first passed into the hands of members of the club «Nottingham forest”. However, the tournament did not end – the list of Champions of the England football continues.

The Eighties

The Eighties marked the end of the First division football League of England. The so-called national championship all the time. Last Champions of England football for years in this format of the championship was varied, however, continued to dominate «Liverpool». After the victory in 1980 and the failure in 1981, when the first line of the tournament took the “Ipswich», «Liverpool» three times in a row became the leader of the championship. From 1985 to 1988 there was a struggle between the «Liverpool» and «Everton». The clubs take turns picking the title until the end in 1989 they put «Arsenal».


the list of Champions of England on football

Three years lasted the First division football League of England, and during that time won «Liverpool», «Arsenal» and «Leeds United". And since the season 1992/93, the winners were determined already in the Premier League, which remains relevant to this day. The first champion was a “DOJ” that has been waiting for since 1967. And it is for this club left dominance until the end of the decade. Four times won the championship «Manchester": in 1994, 1996, 1997 and 1999. In 1995 a series of victories stopped the ‘Blackburn”, and in 1998 – «Arsenal».


The Beginning and the end zero was left for the “man”, which won the Premier League in 2000, 2001 and 2003 (in 2002, the title was assigned to the «Arsenal»), and then three times in a row-from 2007 to 2009. In 2004, the victory also won the «Arsenal», and then twice won the «Chelsea». He gained a second wind thanks to financial injections. It was the second and the third victory in club history, the first he won, as you may remember, back in 1955.


the champion of England on football 2016

In 2010 «Chelsea» for the fourth time in history won the Premier League, and in 2011 «Manchester" as close to being a champion for the twentieth time. Next year's financial contributions helped to win his third victory of the club «Manchester city», which was last won in 1968. In the next two years the two clubs from Manchester have issued another title. And “DOJ” won the championship of England for the twentieth time. In 2015, the victory was for «Chelsea», but the champion of England on football of 2016 – “Lester" (head coach Claudio Ranieri), which only recently made it to the big leagues. It was a real soccer miracle. Absolutely not a part of town with a population of 300 thousand people proved that nowadays success can be achieved with great difficulty.


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