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Today there are many types of knives-from kitchen to combat. The type of blade are distinguished: double-edged, straight, low or high butt, tanto, etc.

survival knife Knives for survival appeared not so long ago - in the second half of the last century. They should serve for the safety of their owners, and to ensure survival in extreme conditions. Often, attempts were made to create such a knife, which would combine the functions of both weapons and tools. The beginning of a mass usage refers to the period of the First world war. Much later, Soviet designer Kalashnikov, famous for his invention of the model machine of the same name, created a collapsible melee weapon with a large blade. The idea is to create a universal survival knife gradually more possessed the minds of the best designers. Some models, normally well-established, quickly became unusable in a specific situation. They were made from high alloyed stainless steel, is equipped with the advanced guard, hollow handle, made of light alloy.

best survival knife Modern survival knife – often a whole set. It can include a subsidiary Skinner and sophisticated sheath, which can be located cutters, slingshots, saws, even devices for launching signal rockets. Survival knife is often used like a saw. Some models can be used as insurance and foothold. Their arm most often hollow - it is necessary to embed it CALLED (survival kit).

Often in Hollywood movies the main characters use huge knives. Indeed, there was a time when such devices were popular. In addition, the desire to put in the knife as much as possible features makes it cumbersome, inconvenient to use. However, such a model in our time is gradually out of use, they are rarely produced. Lately knives for survival are becoming more compact. Developers often sacrifice the size and functionality. The best knife for survival – is not cumbersome and overly equipped, practical and compact.


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buy survival knife Some models are made not of steel but of titanium. These knives are light weight and high resistance to different types of corrosion. However, the hardness and durability of the cutting edge they are inferior to steel.

Today, these devices. They not only ensure the personal safety of their owner, they are also used in battle or in extreme situations. Combine the functions of weapons and versatile tool. Often included any CALLED. Some knives can be turned into a more formidable weapon, planted on the shaft (actually, making a spear). If the arm is short and does not allow for this, these models are often used as a machete or cleaver.

Knives rescue is one of the most interesting modifications. They are usually small in size. Their blade has a high saturation tool and can contain different types of cutting edges and saws. To create such models were recently.

Before buying a survival knife, check out its characteristics. It needs to be durable and solid construction and made from quality material. As for bulky broadswords, then they are best avoided.

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