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David De GEA was born in Madrid in 1990 (November 7). Today it is a well-known goalkeeper, in favour of Spanish national team and "Manchester United".


David De GEA is a graduate of the Cantera's of FC "Atletico Madrid". In 2009, the young goalkeeper, who at that time was 18 years old, first entered the field as a player of the first team. And this was the match held in the group stage of the Champions League. Played against the Spanish club FC Porto. The manner of the young De GEA made an impression on the audience, and many immediately said that this young man is really talented. Even then the head coach noted his composure and excellent exposure.

David de GEA

The Debut was sure, so De GEA is entrenched as the goalie of Atletico Madrid, despite the fact that he began as a third goalkeeper.

Moving to England

Atletico Madrid really wanted to save them grown goalkeeper in the team. Because when De GEA became the main goalkeeper of the team, the club reached the final of the game the Royal Cup and won the Europa League. It was the first trophy after a long break in 48 years! So goalkeeper David De GEA has been very valuable to the Spaniards.

But he didn't stay in the club, unfortunately. In 2011 he completed the career of the great Edwin van der SAR, who was a goalkeeper "Manchester United". The British had been looking for a new goalkeeper, and the main goal was David De GEA. After the match played against Juventus, head coach, whom was at that time, sir Alex Ferguson, said that their club has signed an agreement with the Spaniard. But then this information was denied as representatives of the "Atletico" and agents of the goalkeeper.


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David de GEA biography

Actually, originally it was not planned that David will go anywhere. Though the goalkeeper has changed his mind and, after passing a medical examination, signed a contract with Manchester United for five years.

Careers in UK

David De GEA, whose biography is quite interesting, successfully blended in with a new team. Even despite the fact that in his debut season for England, he missed the ball. But "dry" matches was enough, for example, against Tottenham. But in the game, which took place against Arsenal, De GEA even got to lock punched Robin van Persie from the penalty spot. Then the "Manchester United" has defeated his rivals with a crushing score of 8:2.

When the club played against Chelsea, David turned out to demonstrate amazing skill and technique by their actions in the defense (saves – in particular). In a subsequent game when the opponent is Manchester was Stoke city, the Spaniard did it again to please the audience with first-class saves, due to what the match came down to a draw.

goalkeeper David de GEA

By the Way, in 2012, revealed a serious point – it turned out that the shot is short-sighted. But he insisted that he does not interfere. The club decided that I would give him vision correction. Had doubts about this, however, the operation was successful – the shot is almost immediately returned.

Achievements and personal life

David De GEA already has a lot of awards and achievements, despite his 24-year-old age. So, with Atletico Madrid he won the Europa League and super Cup of UEFA. With "Manchester United" – the champion of the Premier League. Also in the English club, he twice became the winner of the super Cup. With the Junior Spanish national team won the title of European champion and won the silver medal at the 2007 world Championships. Then he moved to the youth team. With this team he twice became the champion of Europe. From personal achievements David has a prize of sir Matt Busby, who was awarded best player of the year (awarded twice).

And finally, a few words about his personal life. David De GEA is Dating a girl named Edurne Almagro. She is a singer who represented Spain in the 2015 Eurovision. The actress is older than her boyfriend of five years, but this small difference did not prevent them to meet.

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