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Air rifle “Edgan Matador” refers to weapons presented in the so-called linking “burlap”. In other words, defining the nodes of guns – the trigger mechanism and the shutter are located at the rear of the housing, in close proximity to the butt. A specific design feature has allowed the manufacturer to give the rifle “Edgan Matador” the most compact size, which is reflected in the decrease in accuracy.

Key features

rifle Matador“Edgan Matador” refers to a category of RSR-rifles. Here, the cartridge is released from the barrel under the influence of the energy of compressed air. Series rifles immediately draws the attention of high-quality Assembly. As a material for the manufacture of bed is widely used beech wood. Some modifications contain a bed of graphite, which practically is not erased as the operation.

The standard rifle included:

  • Charging connector;
  • Technical documentation;
  • Passport
  • Test target;
  • Video;
  • Carry case.

Standard model

The Rifle “Matador” standard sample has a length of 74.5 cm At the present time the attention of the consumer presented model caliber 4.5 and 5.5 mm. Pneumatic rifles this category is recommended to be used in temperatures from -10 to 30 O.

On sale standard rifle “Matador” comes in fuelled condition. As the operation refuelling with compressed air the user can perform via a special pump or pressure stations.


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The Gun is supplemented by a pressure gauge that allows you to monitor the level of pressure in the air tank. The change in this indicator can improve the quality of shooting in certain conditions.

As to the use of sights, a rifle Matador allows you to set optical, laser and collimating means.

Extended modification

edgan MatadorRepresents the overall version of the rifles from the production line “Edgan Matador”. The length of the model is 89 cm with a weight of 3.1 kg.

The Presented version is reliable Assembly and high quality workmanship. A model can contain as traditional butt wood color and texture, and is completely painted in neutral shades case. While in paint formulations are added particles of graphite and of mica, the presence of which significantly increases the lifetime of the model.

Short modification

The Most compact rifle “Matador”. Its weight of only 2.5 kg and a length equivalent to 68 see Despite the relatively compact dimensions, the weapon has a high capacity.

The Main design feature of a shortened modification is the shift of shopping to the right in relation to the axis of the barrel. This solution allowed the manufacturer to improve the ease of use of the gun for the user.

Basic contains several shops with 10 cartridges each. When you first need to empty the receptacle for bullets easily replaced. Storage stores provide special fastening strap in the area for the installation of sighting devices.


airgun Matador priceThe Use of a modified version of repeating rifle, “Matador” gives the ability to significantly reduce the time it takes to recharge. Significantly higher in such weapons and accuracy.

The dimensions of the modified product is identical to the standard model. However, in this case, there are notable structural differences. Thus, the axis of rotation in this case involves several balls that pressed into the store. This feature allows you to cope with recharging, relying on.

Additionally it is worth noting the inadvisability of firing from multiple rocket models while the shutter is open. Such action is fraught departure the rubber seal from the breech of the rifle. The result may be the need for removal and replacement of the upper block of the pneumatic weapon.


air rifle edgan MatadorDespite significant competition in the production of airguns, rifle Matador continues to take a leading position in the domestic market.

Regardless of the modification, rifles series “Matador” are used mainly for sport and entertainment shooting. Rarely, these models are used as the main weapon for serious hunting. The reason – minor nominal power of a pneumatic gun.

How much for air rifle “Matador”? The price of the gun as standard is about 55 000. To change the price depending on configuration.

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