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Catch a big carp – the dream of many anglers. However, it is not always true. Very often, instead of large instance on a hook smaller counterparts, which are found in abundance in the ponds. How to catch carp? Let's find the answer to this question, but first, you should understand that it is for the fish.

Karas – representative of the carp family. It is divided into 2 subspecies – gold and silver. The first species can reach a length of 50 cm, and weight – 4 kg of silver carp, a more modest size. In length it can reach 30 cm, weight-2 kg. carp Lives in a swampy area. In mountain streams does not occur. It eats plant and animal food (zooplankton, small invertebrates).

Types of fishing

Cast feeder rods

Catching a carp on a few types of gear:

  • Float tackle – classic flight rod, a small reel with line, float, hook, line and sinker;
  • Tackle (feeder fishing) – feeder rod, spinning reel, fishing line, feeder and hook.

Tackles for catching carp is better to choose wisely. This fish is strong, so no need to skimp on sharp hooks, strong and invisible in the water line, floats good with rods. It is also important to know that both float and bottom fishing you will need bait.

When and Where to catch carp

Fishing for carp

Arriving at the pond, anglers are not only thinking about how to catch carp. In the first place the question arises-where to look for this fish? You need to know habitat. Carp prefers shallow, with an abundance of thickets of water stations, shaded in silted creeks and bays slow flowing rivers. In small and large lakes, the representative of the carp loves to dwell among coastal vegetation. In shallow ponds the fish takes place deep (quiet backwaters, flooded pits, deep holes).


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One of the favorite habitats for carp – depth at submerged snags. Such catching is dangerous due to the abundance of branches and other underwater obstacles. The snags high chance of breaking tackles.

Catch carp from spring to autumn. The most productive fishing in the summer in overcast but warm weather. Favorable these days to fish for carp when there is no wind, there is drizzle. In the autumn of representative carp like the most Sunny periods. On cold fish react very sensitive. She stops to take the bait sinks to the bottom and begins to look for a place to survive winter. In the winter carp almost never caught, since it stands in wintering pits and is not interested in even the most seductive lures. Only thaw the fishermen manage to catch a trophy.

All about the bait

Feeder "method"

Many fishermen believe fishing for carp the most fascinating and at the same time challenging. Carp – stupid fish. She is skittish, wary of strange noises and smells. The fish has a very long spin around the nozzle, nuzzle, but did not try it.

How to catch carp, known to many, but how to catch a lot of fish or a trophy representative of carp, know one. Fishing – it's bait. It must meet special requirements. Fishing hooks should be fresh, rich smells and tastes. Purchased in fishing stores.

Those people who want to be different from other fishermen and catch a trophy, is to make the bait. The cooking process is simple:

  • Any grits and steam it in the water;
  • Bread biscuits grind in a blender or scroll through a meat grinder;
  • Sunflower seeds roasted;
  • All the ingredients take on a fishing trip before catching mix them.

House mix cereal or bait, add any fragrant (anise or vanilla) is impossible. Too early in the cooking process will start souring. Tainted bait will attract fish, but just scare. And one more important thing… the Most popular bait for carp fishermen – pea porridge. It attracts not only the fish but also other aquatic life (e.g., carp).

Preparing for fishing

Making or buying bait, fishermen gear, nozzle and go fishing for the delicious carp. Arriving at the pond, they choose the place of fishing, then lure the fish and begin to decompose gear. While fishermen prepare equipment, fish suitable for bait. The gear in the first place is not laid out, because, otherwise, after their training will have to do the bait and wait for the first bite. A necessary condition for – silence is in the process of collecting the fishing equipment.

Crucian carp in the cage

A Very important thing – the nozzle used when fishing for carp, must be present in the bait. For example, some fishermen caught on corn. Part of the bait they add a bit of grain of this annual grass. Likewise, when using worms as a nozzle. In the bait they are added in the form of small particles, obtained by cutting with a knife or scissors.

Of the ready-made mixture make small balls. They are gradually thrown into the water. This method is carried out sakorn point of fishing. It is important to note that the bait should be normal in consistency. If it is, for example, recalls the clay, the balls at the bottom will not quickly crumble. This lure will attract fish. Carp will be less willing to swim to the buoys.

Bottom fishing

Feeder rods

Feeder fishing appeared a long time ago and successfully progressed to the present day with many improvements in the tools and tactics of catching. The tackle is quite simple – it is a feeder rod which is matched to the weight of the feeders, feeders and leash hooks.

There are several types of feeder snap-ins:

  1. Snap-in "paternoster" (loop Gardner). The feeder is mounted on the twisting, diverting her from the leash with a hook.
  2. Snap-in “inline”. The feeder is attached to the main line and is stopped just before the leader silicone bead or a plastic tube.
  3. Snap-in “method”. The trough is filled with all the nipple-spring. On one side there is a sinker and the other side is clogged with food.

The process of fishing is very simple. Clipside fishing line on the reel and trough thrown in the same place. Only need to choose the reference point at the other end of the shore. Thus, the feed enters at the same place with an error of half a meter to the side due to the possible wind. Perebrosa with this method of fishing do quite often. If, for example, there are no strikes for 10 minutes, then you can re-roll. Athletes throw the feeder in 3–5 minutes with no bite.

Winter Fishing

Fishing for carp off the ice

In Winter, the carp representative inactive and practically eats. Avid “karakaticu” do not care and they still find ways on how to catch carp in winter. To go out for fishing better in the thaw, as the carp in the extreme cold is not powered at all. The pits and deep parts of the reservoir can not watch. If carp are there, then the activity will be close to zero. The only where can I find carp in winter – it is a place with a lot of fallen trees or springs near the shore.

To Catch a carp representative of winter taken on winter fishing rod with a jig and a hook. As alerter bite acts as a winter float podtopleny in the hole. The best bait for fishing is a Joker.

Fishing in spring

Winter fishing for carp

Spring – a time of giants, the major trophies. Most often fishing for carp in the spring on the float rod begins when the water warms up to 15 degrees. Like other fish, carp representative at this time trying as much as possible is, after all, have the time of spawning. But do not forget that heating of the water up to 15 degrees very often coincides with the spawning of the ban.

Where to catch carp in the spring? In this time he often walks near the reeds and snags in the shallow parts of the reservoir. The choice of bait for carp in the spring can be trickier than in the summer. Carp is probably the most unpredictable fish. In the spring this is manifested much stronger. The main bait remains the same crank, but it is recommended to have and maggots, and worms, bread and dough, and peas and corn.

Summer Fishing

fishing Rods reels

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