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Jay Cutler-Mr. Olympia (4x) and one of the most famous bodybuilders of the world. Three times won the prestigious tournament “the Arnold classic». Periodically starred in the movie. In this article you will be presented with a short biography of the athlete.

Jay Cutler bodybuilder

Introducing bodybuilding

Jay Cutler was born in a farmer's family in 1973. From childhood the boy was accustomed to hard physical labor. Jay regularly helped his older brother who worked construction. This way of life (healthy food and exercise) laid in his young body a solid Foundation for development. At 18 Cutler seriously engaged in bodybuilding and easily pressed from the breast 140 pounds. However, little progress was observed. The reason was a classic rookie mistakes:

  • Daily exercise;
  • Plenty of exercise;
  • Too much;
  • Many hours of training.

The Lack of results prompted Jay to educate ourselves. He read a lot of literature, consulted with senior colleagues and listened to the signals his own body. Since then the progress of the athlete became apparent.

Jay Cutler growth

Early career

In 1994, the hero of this article won the Amateur tournament in Los Angeles. We can say that from that moment began a sports biography of Jay Cutler. The judges noted its huge potential and predicted a great future in bodybuilding. The young man inspired the praise of professionals, and he decided to take up this sport seriously. Best athletes trained in California, and Cutler went. He was hoping just to blend in with the local crowd bodybuilders, but faced with the envy, snobbery, and pomposity athletes. They did not want to disclose J.'s secrets. Soon the young man returned home and decided that in the coming years will Eclipse all on the professional stage.


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The next two years, bodybuilder Jay Cutler worked hard and was able to win the US national Championships. This allowed us to move from Amateurs, as evidenced handed him a PRO-card. Since then, the athlete began to participate in tournaments. While Cutler completely ignored the different parties and spent all my time just for training, recovery and proper nutrition. In the late 90s, Jay began to help with advice Chris'aceto. And they were effective, as his form with each passing year have only improved.

workout Jay Cutler


In 2000 Jay Cutler (growth of the athlete equal to 175 centimeters) won the tournament “Night of Champions”. After that he took the decision to move to California. The choice of Jay fell on the small town of lake forest. Here Cutler began to earn good money on is clothes, exercise equipment, sports nutrition and other bodybuilding paraphernalia.

The Progress of Jay at the new location became more noticeable. His weight had increased from 113 to 120 pounds. Excellent quality muscles and impressive volumes helped him three times to win “the Arnold classic" (2002, 2003, 2004). But the main bodybuilding trophy of the tournament he had not yet given.

nutrition Jay Cutler

Mr. Olympia

Cutler was constantly second genetically gifted Ronnie Coleman. But the bodybuilder didn't give up and believed in his quick victory. And the fans nicknamed him “the last white hope". The support of the fans helped to make the body Builder important decision. Jay decided to win the "Olympia" at any cost. He signed a contract with “Maslach” that allowed us not to focus on other competitions.

In 2005, the bodybuilder Jay Cutler decided to skip “the Arnold classic” to better prepare for a "Olympia". In the end, he took second place, again losing to Ronnie Coleman. Cutler decided to train harder on a very strict schedule. At that time he called himself in an interview with “the most disciplined bodybuilder in the world”. Jay was doing it all for the coveted title. Hell of discipline and Titanic work bore fruit-Cutler handed the statuette of Sandow in 2006.

Getting the Jay of the long-awaited title called experts and fans mixed reaction. Some believed that the victory of bodybuilder is well deserved. He surprised the judges with deep separation and showed the best form in his career. However, others argued that the title of Cutler provided it sponsors. In support of its rightness, they cited a number of weighty arguments. First, long before the start of the competition there were rumors about the victory of Cutler. Second, during the awarding ceremony after the 3rd places were announced from 1. the Coleman quietly left the scene.

biography Jay Cutler

New appointment

The Confrontation between Ronnie and Jay was repeated in 2007. This time Cutler deservedly received the title, but Coleman was not in the best shape and was in fourth place. After this failure, Ronnie was done with the speeches. Besides age already had their (46 years). And the back injury did not give Coleman to raise the necessary condition (because it constantly lost). And Cutler in subsequent years continued to train hard and dominate the "Olympia". Only once (in 2008) a bodybuilder has lost an honorary title to Dexter Jackson. Winning the statuette for the fourth time, the hero of this article was earning very good money.

Workout Jay Cutler

The Cycle of an athlete can be considered a classic: 2-4 work days and 2 leisure days. Training Cutler volume: about 20 sets for each muscle group. Rest time between sets-45 seconds. Usually workout Cutler does not exceed three hours. Jay does not have a permanent partner each time and prefers to deal with someone else. And all because of the training it is always different. As soon as Cutler is with him to determine he was calling other friends. If any of them are free, partner the bodybuilder assured.

The Best exercises for back bodybuilder Jay Cutler believes pullups (wide grip). As for triceps – it dips. Well, perfect for feet – squats. Jay has repeatedly disproved the myth that only performing some squats will help to develop the entire musculature of the body. Sam Cutler uses them only to work out the legs. Special attention the press pays a bodybuilder, pumping it 5 times a week.

Jay Cutler Mr. Olympia

Nutrition Jay Cutler

Bodybuilder emphasizes the importance of the same number of calories in the diet. Because one gram of carbohydrates they are the same as in one gram of protein. Such manipulations allow the DJ to easily lose fat while maintaining muscle mass. Cutler tries to score in the offseason more than 5-7 pounds, then to not had to reset. And one of the best ways to restore a bodybuilder thinks of the sauna. After the hard training he often goes to relax.

Daily diet consists of Jay 4000-6000 calories (one meal – 600-800 kcal). Cutler has to cook in advance and carry it with you in containers. Sometimes after training, he eats at the restaurant (mostly carbohydrates). In his interview with bodybuilder many times complained that the meals are part of the job, and he doesn't even have a favorite dish. Yes, and what eating habits can tell when you eat seven times a day, sometimes even at night. According to Cutler, the best source of protein – white fish. It has almost no fat.

Personal life

Jay was exemplary family man. With his wife he met in school. In 1998, the couple has played a modest wedding in Las Vegas. The wife of Jay Cutler - Kerry - is for athlete's Muse, the support and the main support. During the competitive career, it is most facilitated his life, helping to cope with any difficulties. Kerry even had to work, so the husband could properly prepare for tournaments.


In 2013, the bodybuilder Jay Cutler completed a career. He seriously was engaged in entrepreneurship and started a company manufacturing sports equipment and nutrition. However, Cutler has not abandoned training. For photos and videos with the participation of the athlete you get to watch his hard work aimed at polishing the already perfect forms.


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