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By nature, almost every person has the correct good posture, not only each by the end of its life can keep it. This is very important. Because the correct position of the spine affects the blood circulation and, consequently, the functioning of all internal organs and systems, ranging from head and neck and ending with the lower limbs. How to align your posture at home? This question is asked by many.

How to fix your posture at home: exercises

To maintain and improve health, each person needs to exercise. Now almost every city has fitness centers, gyms and offices of physical therapy at local clinics.

exercises for posture at home

To keep your body and muscle tone, not necessarily to devote to the gym all day. If a person does not play sports professionally, it is enough to spend 15 minutes a day to look beautiful and feel good. You can perform exercises for posture at home. Everyone can find at least 15–20 free minutes that you will dedicate to work on them.

To straighten your posture at home with exercise can you recommend

1. Sit on your heels and keep your back straight, hands down on the belt. Lean forward and try to touch the breast of the hips, not allowing himself to bend back. To lift body.
2. Sitting on your heels, put your hands behind your head. Elbows should be diluted in different directions. Lean forward and stretch the breast to the thighs, then return to the same position.
3. Do the same bending forward, but now the right hand put behind the head and left to get back and put the brush on the lower back. Elbows to breed as much as possible in hand. To do this same exercise, changing hands places.


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Exercises with gymnastic stick

how to fix posture at home exercises

1. Put a gymnastic stick without weighting on the lower back, fixing her in the arm pits. Possible to pull the forearm forward. You must bend forward and to rotate the trunk to the right and then the left. To rise to the standing position.
2. Translate gymnastic stick without the weight on the shoulders, behind the neck. Elbows to pull forward and to the side. Tilt your body forward and then bend backward.
3. Gymnastic stick remains in the same position. Turn trunk to the right and to reach out to the right. After that swing left and also pulled to the left.
4. To give up and start a gymnastic stick behind back. Tilt your body forward, raising the stick up. To stay in this position for a few seconds, and then lower it down while straightening the body.

Exercises for back cushion

These exercises are performed lying on the stomach on the cushion. You need to fix the legs back. Comfortable to do exercises with someone's help.

straightening of posture at home with exercise

1. Put hands on hips. Straighten the body, and then return to the position lying on the cushion.
2. To fasten the brushes to the castle to get his hands behind his head, resting on the back of the head. As in the first exercise, you need to raise and lower the body.
3. Hands chained to the castle and deployed with palms outward. Straighten arms and, reaching forward, also to lift and lower the torso.
4. You must put one hand behind his head and the other on the lower back. It is very important to ensure that the elbows were apart. To lift body up, trying to stretch the muscles. Omitting the body on the roller, you need to relax.
5. Propped on the cushion, to simulate swimming breaststroke.

When you perform certain exercises for posture at home is very important to keep your back in a straight position. Doing exercises standing, lying and sitting. Popular exercises for posture at home using a chair.

The Complex of exercises on the chair

1. To sit on a chair and bend at the knees to support the foot. You cannot recline in the chair back. You need to keep your back straight, hands lower along the body. Do the bending forward without bending the back in the chest.
2. Rotate the body left and right, with her hands on hips.

exercises for posture at home using a chair

3. To make a slow deep breath and bend, placing elbows and back. Throughout the exhale, pull your elbows forward, dropping the head down. The back must bend wheel.
4. Hands to put the emphasis on the back or rest your hands on the armrests. To raise the pelvis and straighten the knee to a straightened body rested on the feet and hands, bend and move your head back to feel the muscles of the cervical. Down on the chair.
5. Pull the legs and keep them on weight. Breed them in hand. Also straighten and breed. Cross both hands and feet, and then also at the same time to dissolve them. During exercise you need to feel the joining of the scapula.

Use classes for the body

how to align your posture at home

These exercises for posture at homeconditions can perform both adults and children of any age. After a few weeks improves the General condition of the body. Headaches, dizziness. The person ceases to feel pain in the lower back and neck. Increases efficiency, and increases endurance against physical stress. Posture becomes beautiful.

Exercises for posture at home or in sports centres, each man significantly improve his health, thereby increasing the duration and quality of life.

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