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The Woman – a rare gift of the Universe, the Keeper of the special energy of the continuation of life, an inexhaustible source of inspiration, beauty and sensual pleasures. Today, any of us available to stay for many years beautiful, healthy and desirable. Allow yourself not to think about age, incomes or expensive tools. Understand simple techniques and paying attention, you will remain active, sexy and happy for years to come. Start a new life right now, the first step will be the training of intimate muscles.

Unfortunately, very often our work involves sitting at office Desk, then sit in the car, getting home, and in the evening a couple of hours at the computer… Many endured inflammation and disease of the pelvic organs, abortion. Almost half of postpartum women are faced with the problem of prolapse of the vaginal walls or cervix. And about the rare sexual contact or complete lack of sexual life even not want to remember. But all of the above is the reasons for the deterioration of the pelvic floor muscles and ligaments.

You definitely need to start exercises to exercise the muscles of the vagina, if you notice incontinence when you cough, sneeze or laughter; frequent urination; getting air into the vagina during active movements, bending and sexual intercourse; penetration of water into the vagina while bathing in a bathtub or in the pond; frequent nagging pain in the abdomen; recurring inflammatory and infectious diseases.

If the woman carried at least one pregnancy and became a mother by natural childbirth, training of intimate muscles is required to reduce the vaginal channel, fully to restore tissue after childbirth and to increase the sensitivity of erogenous zones. Together with the effect of the exercises will improve the local immunity and you will get a vivid emotional content of their sex life.


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Exercises for the muscles of the vagina is called vumbilding. There are many techniques and suggested exercises. If you decide to become a stunning lover who can enjoy sex and experiencing multiple orgasms are, you need to know that the first results will be about a month of regular classes, they will please you and surprise him. Should see a doctor to rule out the presence of gynecological diseases. Training of intimate muscles is forbidden during pregnancy.

A woman's Vagina has a layer structure. The first porous layer, which is filled with blood after arousal, which leads to the narrowing of the channel. That's why we need foreplay and the origin of desire. The second layer is the mucosa, which is responsible for lubrication. The third layer is actually the lean muscle, it is responsible for the force with which the vagina squeezes the penis lover. The weakness of the muscular layer leads to the loss of sensory acuity, problems in bed and dissatisfaction of the partners to each other.

Before you start training - tip: when doing training of intimate muscles, visualize erotic scenes, let imagination will help you to open to sensuality, mentally pull the image of the ideal lover.

Pay attention to your breath. During exercise take a slow breath through the mouth filling the belly with air, then slowly exhale maximally retracting the abdomen and performing the exercise, then the breath, believe and do the next cycle. This can be seen as a separate exercise, if you do 20 repetitions, exhale strongly Contracting the muscles of hips, buttocks, anal and vaginal. Let's call this exercise – “a”.

The Following exercise is called “Elevator”. Just remembering how to operate this device, it is easy to introduce the methodology of its implementation. It is better to do the activity  lying in bed, with divorced and bent at the knees legs. Imagine the muscles of the vagina in the form of a ring which rises up as the Elevator, and down. Unable to stop, locking each stronger contraction. Repeat the exercise 20 times.

There is an old training intimate muscles, which was used by women from a noble Russian noble families. It was performed twice a day - morning and evening. A woman sits on your heels, straighten your back and slightly tilting your head forward, closes his eyes. Presenting someone with whom she wants to make love to breath compresses the muscles holds the fixed position of the muscles, considering a certain number of times, then exhales slowly, completely relaxing the muscle. First, it is possible to sustain a second or two, so gradually up to 10 seconds. Each lesson lasts no more than 10 minutes. Rotate 10 times in a slow rhythm, 10 times faster - and so repeat all 10 minutes of the session. If you do, don't skip days, the result will be obvious after only three weeks.

Is the month of training is not sharp and harmonious sexual relationship? Let's make the nerve endings of the vagina “work for us”, try to learn to control your orgasms and give yourself and him a memorable night. A last remark: according to studies, once a woman begins to engage in the training of intimate muscles, her hard body generates pheromones that attract men like a magnet.

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