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The Basketball player Allen Iverson has reached in his professional career considerable heights. The article describes his biography and achievements.

Childhood and youth

Ezail Allen Iverson was born June 7, 1975 in HAMPTON, which is located in the state of Virginia. Mother, Ann Iverson, at the time of birth of the son was 15 years old. Father, Allen Broughton, the education of the son was not engaged, so the player carries the mother's surname.

Initially, basketball was not interested in Iverson. At school he got serious about soccer and thinking about the professional career of a football player. But after spending time in camp with his teammates on the football team, Allen was filled and the game of basketball. The young athlete quickly gained momentum and, as a student of the middle managers represented both the school team in which he was, at the championship of Virginia.

However, in February 1993, there was one very unpleasant incident that almost put an end to the promising career of a young athlete. In one of the bowling alleys HAMPTON, Iverson was involved in a fight with a group of white Teens, which later turned into a racial conflict. Allen Iverson and his companions, also black, was arrested as adults, although at the time it was not more than 17 years. Allen then was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment, of which sit in a prison cell he had 5 and 10 probation. This offense suffered serious consequences – the guy had to miss the senior class that could have an impact on its further progress. The role played by his sporting achievements, thanks to which Iverson was enrolled in the Georgetown University, on the recommendation of John Thompson.

First steps in the NBA, "Philadelphia Seventy sixers”

Allen Iverson

The First step on the way to becoming for Iverson was the inclusion of it in «Philadelphia Seventy sixers” as a guard player. In the environment of this team, he immediately became famous as the fastest undersized player in the history of the National basketball Association. Him for high-speed dribbling was not equal. Allen Iverson stood fast learner and not hiding greatness, showed a brilliant performance, which has led to misunderstanding on the part of his teammates. Despite such significant achievements, the other players quite unflattering comments about the opener. For grandstand fans «Philadelphia» Allen immediately became the idol can not be said about his teammates. They were upset that is still very “green” a player holding such a pretentious in public, criticize rivals and veterans of the NBA.

In early summer 1997 «Philadelphia» has undergone some changes in its structure – the team has a new. Also for the post of lead coach johnny Davis came Larry brown, a veteran of the NBA, which immediately took over the parenting spirited boys. It definitely played a role in the development of the athlete. And in January 1999, the guy concluded with ‘Philadelphia Seventy sixers’ new contract for a period of six years. Iverson was then transferred to the position of shooting guard, where his excellent skills came to the place. Allen Iverson was once considered the best player on the team by the number of them points.

“the Denver nuggets”

Allen Iverson pictures

In December 2006, the basketball player Was included in the team «Denver nuggets" of the having donned the role of the second scorer of the Association. On 23 December of the same year he had the opportunity to show their talents in the game against the «Sacramento kings”, where he scored 22 points and 10 assists. “Denver” he immediately helped to get the play off, where in the first round they won, lost the next four «San Antonio spurs».

“Detroit pistons”

Allen Iverson biography

In November 2008, Allen Iverson was included in the “Detroit pistons", which he did not have a relationship with the coach, which restricted the player in the action. Also replaced his usual role of attacking defender he had to play the role of point guard, which also caused discontent. At the end of the season the lead coach, Michael Curry, Allen was excluded from the starting lineup, dropping in his place, Rodney Stuckey. Iverson soon loudly expressed their discontent, saying that he will put an end to his career than to be waiting expectantly to sit on the bench. In the summer of 2009 Allen leaves the "Detroit pistons" in the status of a free agent in the NBA.

It is Also worth noting that the shortest NBA player to be awarded on his sportfield such vivid grandiose achievements, was considered to be Allen Iverson. Its growth is 1 m 83 cm In accordance with statistical indicators, he now is in third place, ahead of the existing players in the number of accumulated points for his career.

“Memphis Grizzlies»

Allen Iverson growth

Then, on 10 September 2009, he signed a contract for a period of one year from “Memphis Grizzlies». In this team, he spent comparatively little time. On 7 November, citing personal reasons, quit the team, playing in its composition only three games as a reserve player, and on 16 November, terminated the contract. 25 November of the same year, not choosing a suitable club, Iverson said it is prepared to end his playing career.

Return to «Philadelphia»

basketball player Allen Iverson

Shocking for fans was the news that the leadership of the basketball club “Philly” thinking about the return of Iverson to the team. The decision the club made in favor of the player, and on 2 December the contract with Allen was already signed. The starting five “Philly” on the position of Louis Williams, who early in the season broke his jaw, was assigned to Allen Iverson. Photo masterfully worked his gear and throws demonstrate the remarkable talents of the athlete.

In February 2010, Allen had to leave the club in connection with my daughter's illness, the care of which, according to the basketball player, took a lot of time. In this regard, he missed five games of the Match of all stars for which has been specifically selected by the user. March 2 this year «Philadelphia» admitted that the basketball player on the Playground will not return.

In conclusion

To date, a key figure in the NBA appears to be Allen Iverson. Biography of his sports achievements can not leave indifferent – highest in the history of his professional activities, he points ranked third. His every action was unpredictable for the opponent. He had outstanding speed and well suited to the game. It was such in the hearts of their fans, no matter what, there was a basketball player. Now Allen has forty, but to question his professionalism no one dares. Maybe he'll come back, anything can happen.

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