How to clean the ass?


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Buttocks – though not the main part of the human body, but still very important. Not everyone knows that it affects our posture, like a counterweight body. The fairer half of mankind dream to have a slender elastic ass, which nature gave, alas, not all. In such moments the question arises of how to clean ass? What will help to bring this part of the body in order? Let's see what we can achieve this goal.

Where on the buttocks are the extra pounds?

The First reason, of course, is improper diet. Sweet, starchy, fatty, smoked – not all foods that lead to weight gain. In addition to the food, to increase the priests lead a sedentary, sedentary lifestyle. This problem is familiar to many of those who work in offices. Women who spend too much time at home, also at risk. In General, that the buttocks are covered with fat, we only blame our wrong way of life. But you can always change the situation that we are now going to do. So, let's see how to clean ass at home.

Power supply Review

The First thing to do is to review the foods that you eat. And not just to revise, and in many ways to change your food habits. Simply put, you will have to go on a diet. There are plenty of diets, but many say that in the struggle with excess weight on the buttocks one of the most effective is one based on counting calories. So, to remove the priest must adhere to the following recommendations in the feed:

  • Slimming buttocks need to eat a day not more than 1200 calories.
  • Power fractional, four to six times a day.
  • A day you need to drink at least 1.5 liters of clean water, which is essential not only for proper weight loss based on removing fat, but not excess fluid, but also to maintain the skin in the elastic state.
  • From the diet, you should eliminate all unhealthy foods, primarily sweet, fat and flour.
  • Your diet should contain fresh fruits and vegetables and cereals, despite the fact that the calorie content of them rather big.
  • Rule – after six is not – we say no. The last meal should be three hours before bedtime.

How to clean ass with exercise?


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No motor activity allow the buttocks in order to be very problematic. So, after the review of nutrition will have to abandon a sedentary lifestyle. The simplest thing to do at first – just start to walk. For this purpose you can use the footpath, but it is best to take a walk on the street. Start to walk with hours, then time for a quick walk can be increased. While walking, you can periodically go to run, everything will depend on your state of health.

Teach yourself to perform at home simple exercises, how to clean ass without their help is also difficult. Here are the most effective ones:

  • Walking on the buttocks. Sit on the floor, and then start moving your ass forward, then back, moving with her and straightened his legs.
  • Lie on your stomach. Then lean on your elbows and lift your legs straight, standing on heels. The body should be as straight. Hold this position for as  much as you can.
  • Exercise "scissors". Lie on your back and raise the legs at an angle , and then start to cross them like scissors.
  • The Bike. Also lying on the floor, rotate your legs as if you pedal a Bicycle.

How to clean ass man? Representatives of the strong half of mankind are not always particularly worried about the state of his body, especially the buttocks. But they often realize that their priest has lost former beauty, but don't want to lose his youth. In this case, allow the buttocks in order to help all the recommendations described above. Only here physical activity for men needs to be much higher, and it is not confined to only walking.

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