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The Boats of the "monsoon" - high quality inflatable products from the Russian manufacturer. Large range of models, reliability and durability of materials and affordable price is an attractive choice criteria for a person who is busy looking for a good durable boats.

About the brand

Inflatable boats Musson manufactures the Ufa company. A huge range is one of the main benefits of this domestic producer. Each model is unique, has its own characteristics, the characteristics, design and functionality. The range of "Monsoon" is divided into several categories: K, B, S, R, and others. Model B have the same shape fore or aft part of the S aft made in the form of a trapezoid, covered "apron." The R series is characterised by an acute nose. The shape of a boat is one of the most important parameters that determines its behavior on the water. Not less important is the design.

boats monsoon

Inflatable boats come in different colors: black and white, protective, olive, gray. It is color that helps to "Monsoon" become less visible on the water. The company produces boats of different sizes - from the smallest to the most spacious. The smallest weigh only six kilograms. Available to the buyer of the propeller model the propeller with the possibility of installation of motor and motor. One of the most beautiful boats of the brand can be considered the model of "monsoon 3200 CK". It can accommodate four people, and the power of its engine is 15 HP.


The Price of boats PVC "monsoon" available to fans hunting or fishing. Model "monsoon M 2800" refers to a category of motor-propeller. Available in several trim levels and two colors: camo and green. The design of the model allows to set the motor up to 6 HP Casing is an inflatable balloon in a U-shape. It is made of the five trapezoids with conical crinolines. The cavity of the boat has three separate compartments, the bottom is flat, made of stretched PVC Mousson reviews


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The model Comes with two oars, seats made of plywood and rope rails. Capacity - two people, while a flotation device can withstand a total weight of 250 kilograms.

The Model of "monsoon 3200 CK" is the largest inflatable motorboat from domestic producers. Original colors, inflatable keel, hard-bottom, installation of motor up to 15 HP are the main characteristics of "Monsoon". The boat can withstand weight up to 450 pounds, it can accommodate up to four adults. Model made of PVC for high strength. The material is resistant to punctures, cuts and other damage.


Inflatable boats "monsoon" are very popular among domestic buyers. Different models are designed for fishing, hunting, leisure, rescue operations, and perform vocational tasks in different water bodies.

  1. "Musson R 195" - boat with a length of two and one meter wide, has a tube diameter 27 cm Capacity: one person. Load capacity is 120 kg, weight - 6 kg. There are two inflatable compartments, a stationary seat mounting. The package includes two collapsible oars, foot pump, wooden seat, repair kit, carrying bag and user manual. Price - 6 thousand rubles.
  2. Model R C TP 260 is a boat designed for two people. Its length is 2.6 m, width 1.2 m can Withstand 220 kg, weighs 23 kg, has an engine capacity of 3.5 HP, has two inflatable compartments, hinged type transom, hard floor. Made of PVC. Price - 13 500 rubles.
  3. Model S with 190 strokes. Reliable boat with a capacity of one person. Characteristics: length - 1.9 m, width 1 m, tube diameter - 27 cm, capacity 120 kg, weight - 6 kg flotation device has two inflatable compartments and two strokes. Costs 6 500 rubles.
  4. Model R240 - a great option for the angler. Boat length is 2.4 metres, width 1.2 m, tube diameter - 34 cm Holds two people, can withstand 220 lbs, weighs 13 lbs. is Equipped with two inflatable compartments. Costs 9,000 rubles.

Judging by the reviews, boats Musson - quality domestic product that successfully replaces foreign counterparts.

inflatable boat monsoon


Is it Worth buying a boat "monsoon"? Customer reviews note that, despite its affordable price, they are made of durable PVC material. PVC boat fabric, which can withstand enormous loads. The main characteristics of PVC: abrasion-resistant, air - and water-resistant. There are several groups of this material density: light, medium, dense, tissue enhanced, or high density. Fabric of high density is used to create ballony boat with a powerful motor. Their production is also used vozdukhosoderzhaniya material. It fully complies with all regulatory requirements, possesses good flexibility, density, and elongation.boat PVC Mousson reviews


The Boats of the "monsoon" from domestic producers not far behind in quality and are considered a good replacement for foreign brands. The company offers not only a large range of inflatable boats, but also different price range. The cheapest models cost six thousand rubles, the price is more expensive and functional has surpassed fifteen thousand. As a rule, expensive boats with motor andwith a capacity of more than two people.

boat PVC monsoon price


Are Reliable or no boat PVC "monsoon"? Reviews those who have purchased one of the models of this manufacturer indicate the main advantages of the range: the ease, roominess, large cylinders. The boat quickly inflated and deflated, the quality of the materials of manufacture, attractive price, good handling, simplicity of operation, relatively light weight, beautiful design. It is important that the boat is well washed. Of the minuses: in the cold stiffens the plastic that holds the seat and paddles.

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