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Fighting mixed martial arts gradually gaining popularity worldwide. The participation of women in these tough fights is quite unusual and not to everyone's taste. In Russia scintillate this movement was Natalia Bobkina, the asset has a victory over the wife of the famous Bob Shreider, but she soon went to sumo.

Truly the way to the ring for the Russian women broke Julia Berezikova. Biography athletes showed that a competent PR campaign, vivid fights can make the most conservative connoisseurs of martial arts to pay attention to the beautiful ladies in fights and seriously treat them.

Girl Fighting

Born «Russian birch” in Krasnokamensk of the Chita region in 1983. Since kindergarten she distinguished military character, and did not give no one offense. And Julia only fought with boys, never sadiras first.

Her relationship with the sport began with more traditional disciplines. Enrolling in swimming in the first grade, Julia Berezikova was successful in more than four years, achieving some success. However, after an unfortunate jump into the water, she suffered a serious neck injury and long was in the hospital.

But the restless girl barely recovered from his injuries, immediately enrolled in a section on judo.

Julia berezikovaIn addition to wrestlers in the same room and were engaged in karate, to which Julia ran periodically. So she have the makings of a universal soldier who is familiar with the shock and wrestling equipment.

A New name in MMA

Julia Berezikova long searched for their place in the world of martial arts. In 1999, she moved to St. Petersburg and switched to Boxing. It helped her to improve his striking technique. Then, in Russia fights of the mixed style was not particularly popular, and an athlete was seriously thinking about how to link their career with Boxing. Idol athletes were best boxer on the planet Roy Jones, technique and speed which delighted Julia.


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In 2002, she took part in fights of the mixed style. A few years later took place the first serious fight in his career, which became her debut in MMA. Having won two qualifying matches in Russia, she came to the national team for the match against team USA in 2006. The opponent was the biggest – Tara Larossa, a former winner of the world Championships in judo. Everyone expected a quick victory American women, who already had scored 11 wins in 12 matches. But she has lasted 10 minutes and lost in the second round, when Tara caught her painful admission, having broken her elbow. So began his career in MMA Julia Berezikov.

Battles against new rivals were not long in coming. After a month passed, the encounter with the song Li Jing in the match between Russia and Korea.Julia Berezikova fights Women's fights then in Russia was not developed, and Berezikov a month begged the promoter of the Novel Finkelstein about the organization of this fight. The first victory was spectacular. Julia knocked out the Korean in the first minute of the fight.

After that, Berezikov suffered the most crushing defeat in his career from Julie Kedzie. In the second round of the Russian athlete was knocked out. After 2009, she temporarily retired from mixed martial arts in JIU-jitsu. According to Julia, she took a break to focus on a more tactical type of martial arts. Two years later, she began working with the RusFighters club, after which her business is up to you. Today she spent 11 fights, 7 of them won.

Achievements in related martial arts

Julia Berezikova began his career with judo and has achieved some success, becoming a prize-winner of Asian Championships in 1998. Until 2005 she was concentrating on Boxing matches and successfully acted in the Championships of Russia, taking medals in various denominations.

Today, as a universal soldier, it also participates in competitions Wushu, combat Sambo. Julia Berezikova biographyHowever, in fights of the mixed style, the emphasis girl is doing it for shock training.

Life outside of sport, public and political activity

Julia Berezikova is also notable for his active civil position and social activities. Together with Alexander Zaldostanov, better known as "Surgeon" of Michael Porechenkova and Dmitry Sablin she was one of the organizers of the movement «Antimaydan» in 2015.

Berezikova became one of the first women in Russia, which gained fame abroad in fights of the mixed style. It pulled her athletes of the new generation.

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