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An Old Russian fun – the hunting of the hare. At all times it was one of the favorite kinds of men's leisure, especially if it's hunting with hounds. On a hare hunters come to the forest, Prusak – in field, woods, on the edge. In this kind of hunting play a decisive role dog. With a loud barking hounds pursue the hare.

the hunting of the hareHounds hunting a hare involves the observance of certain rules and ethics, which are carefully passed by hunters from generation to generation. The area where going to hunt, carefully chosen, away from the places where it conducted raids on ungulates.

Interesting hunt the hare in the autumn. When the snow falls long and hare already changed your coat for the winter, fun hunt “ in userco”. Hunters United for two or three people, go through the woods, to the places where the usual rabbit, and carefully looking at all the white spots are nearby. At this time, the animal lies on the ground very tightly. Very easy to approach him prone.

When the snow falls, will begin tracking Belyakov and hares on the trail. The avid, experienced hunters starts hunting the hare, when hard frosts and deep snow and allow the use of hounds.

It is Advisable to go out early in the morning, when dogs are much easier to find the hunting of the hare in autumnFresh, still hot rabbit trail. After dogs, people chain move in the area where the rabbits have settled on the nest. Experienced hunters know very well that in rainy, humid years should hare to find in dry places on hills, and in the dry – in the lowlands. In autumn hares are most often arranged in open places. In the forests they are worried about drops. Snow Whitey rushes deeper into the forest, and the hare approaches closer to the nearest villages where winter feeds.


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In those places where the hunting grounds are small villages or towns, raised hare tends to get on the road, cross town and get rid of the persecution of dogs. Most often, local hunters are aware of this “tactics” hare advance and occupy positions at the intersection of roads from the nearest village. Thus, the hunting of the hare is facilitated. Rabbit makes a circle, the size of which depends on the terrain, which is a rut, but mostly on dogs.

hunting for rabbitsIf a hare chasing a fast dog, he makes a much greater circle than in pursuit of quiet, “Hiking” dogs. Based on this the hunting of the hare in Western Europe with a Dachshund. Lifting from the prone beast, the hunter gets from a backpack a Dachshund and puts her on the tracks. Dachshund pursues him slowly but noticing eared, gives voice and thereby hunt easier.

Waiting for the beast, you must choose a place which is clearly visible from the area of maturation of the animal or those passages which he had participated in the previous round. When the rut gets close, the hunter should stand still, but to be in full readiness to fire. You cannot move from place to place: the hare can throw your inhabited district, would lead the dogs and spoil the hunt.

To Comply with the fire precautions in order not to hurt the dog. Shoot the rabbit only when you see it clearly, fraction No. 2 or No. 3. When the hare killed the hunter notifies the other members of the hunting voice, encourages dogs paws and continued the hunt.

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