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In recent years, on the roads and in the parks of cities has become more and more cyclists, slowly winding the miles on the asphalt. Someone to change for a mountain or trekking bike is forced to extreme measures-raising fuel prices, the inability to contain your car. Someone finds comfort in that and the opportunity to relax after a nervous and stressful day. Whatever motivated you to ride a bike, the main thing - that the trip was a pleasure. And for this it is important to choose the right two-wheeled transport with the desired characteristics, and thus not to overpay extra money.

mountain bike

Let's Start with the fact that the exercise bike designed for leisurely rides on paved roads or sidewalks of the city with the ability to carry some cargo. It has a durable steel frame, curved fork to reduce bumps of the wheels on the bumps in the road, a wide seat and chamber tires. In these bikes there is a large number of speeds and they are designed for long life. They are comfortable, have good traction and are fairly easy to maintain. So if you need a mountain bike to explore the city, then there is no point to buy the mountain, which is designed for off-road driving, has different characteristics and is not well suited for a measured walking.

Bicycle women's pleasure

Also, when choosing a two-wheeled horse, consider who will ride it. The fact that the bike is a women slightly different from men's design and parameters. The female has a little less weight, a curved frame. This design facilitates the trip, the start and stop for women. Of course, if the girl is dressed in sports pants, it is easy to be able to control a two-wheeled machine with a standard frame. But do not forget that convenience – one of the main priorities of the pleasure of this transport.


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A topic of conversation - a pleasure to buy a folding bike. Indeed, this steel horse has several additional advantages compared to those that are made with a solid frame. Folding has less weight, easily fits on a balcony or in the pantry, and with almost nothing to lose in speed, performance and level of comfort.

recreational folding bike

Bicycles are becoming every day more and more popular, therefore now they are available in different price categories. The main thing you should not forget when you choose the exercise bike that expensive does not mean good. Often the price of a particular mountain bike is much too high because of one or several additional functions, which in fact can be absolutely useless. So think carefully for what purposes you acquire the two-wheeled machine.

Bicycles regain the lost popularity. Everyone uses this form of transport for different purposes, so when choosing, you should know exactly where and how you will be using. Depends on bike model and additional functions.

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