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Soon an important event and the dress was a little tight? At such moments, every girl starts to think about how to lose weight in a week again to look at any clothing. Radically lose weight in such a short time is impossible, besides it will be dangerous for health. But there are more reasonable ways how to lose weight in a week, making the abdomen more toned.

How to lose weight in a weekHow to eat?

To get rid of fat, you have to combine exercise with proper nutrition. A well-functioning digestive system – the first step to a slim silhouette. First and foremost is to give up fatty and sweet foods, stop drinking alcohol and to quit Smoking. So you will be able to normalize metabolism. Bad habits and sugar cravings can not be combined with any methods, tells how to lose weight in 1 week, because they make effort. The most harmful consumption of beer – it is this drink brings to the body the excess female hormones that cause fat storage in the abdominal area. Overall, diet does not have to be very strict. Most importantly – eat fibrous foods with lots of fiber. Such food reduces appetite and does not cause constipation or flatulence. If you think through the menu in search of ways how to lose weight in a week, be sure to include a list of useful products grains and vegetables with fiber: buckwheat, zucchini and cucumbers, brown rice, celery and beans. Food to fill can be a small amount of olive or other vegetable oil, and sour cream or mayonnaise it is best to abandon at least temporarily the diet. How to lose weight in a weekFruits also are a good choice at the time of weight loss, it is best to opt for pears, apples, grapefruits and oranges. Protein foods should appear on the table in the form of boiled fish or lean chicken, and eggs. Finally, an important product is ordinary drinking water. The body that is not receiving the right amount of liquid, slows down your metabolism. To train yourself to drink enough water is pretty easy-make sure that the bottle was always at hand, and occasionally drink a few mouthfuls. As soon as the drink will end, go and refill the bottle.

How to do?

So, with proper nutrition is more or less clear. What kind of physical activity suggests the best way how to lose weight in a week? There is a certain set of exercises for weight loss, which is to be performed according to several rules. How to lose weight in 1 weekTrain in two hours after a meal, to do this, get comfortable clothing and be patient – in the first days the result will not be too obvious, but that's no reason to give up. First exercise - lifting your body. From the supine position raise legs, knees bent, to the position perpendicular to the torso while lifting off from the floor of the case. The maximum number of lifts – 35 times. The second exercise – touch your heels. Get on your knees and from this position, lean back on the back. Lift the torso, alternately reaching with left hand to left heel and right hand to the right. Enough eight times to repeat the exercise in three sets. Not less effective method – periodic retraction of the abdomen. So the muscles in this area become more resilient, and to think about how to lose weight in a week, you have less and less.

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