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A Gun called the ladies', only looks like beautiful toy. In fact it is dangerous and even deadly weapons. Look at how the legendary "Walter", "Vesta", "Browning", and their modern alternatives.

What is a girl's gun

Ladies waistcoat, cabin or pocket pistols is the small size of the device, whose purpose is concealed, in contrast to, for example, from the service weapon of the police. Such small-caliber guns is the gun chambered for .25 ACP, whose muzzle energy equal to 20% of the standard pistol (9х16 mm).

Pocket weapon mainly used for two purposes: self-defense of citizens and a backup gun for law enforcement and intelligence agencies. The second option is the reason that lady's small gun uses the same ammunition as that for the primary service weapons of police and military.

ladies ' gun

Pocket pistols First appeared in the XIX century - their ancestor is the "Derringer" (the name comes from the name of the Creator of this weapon of a Derringer). Because of the short barrel they were given the nickname "bulldogs". The device quickly became popular in Europe and USA due to its simplicity, reliability, portability and high power. By the way today the silent model "Derringer" properly serve the members of Russian security services and intelligence services.

Features pocket pistols

The most important distinguishing features of small-caliber pistols.

  • Ergonomics. The form of such weapons always smooth, devoid of protruding elements - the gun will be useless if stuck in the pocket or cling to the skirts. Platoon hammers and levers are replaced by buttons, fuses are moved to places where they are difficult to unintentionally hurt, or absent - pistol self-cocking design.
  • The Use of the cartridges of the same calibre as service weapons. This increased power of women's gun does not give any reason to consider it a toy.
  • Miniature mechanism. This feature leads to the obvious inconvenience, the handle is sometimes difficult to keep pinkie. Manufacturers solve this problem in different ways- extend the store, move it forward and down under the chamber.


Ladies ' pistol "Walter" - a classic small-caliber weapons. Company «Karl Walter Waffenfabrik”, founded in 1886, began to release a similar device in 1911, And that pocket pistols brought the company worldwide fame.


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the gun lady Walter

In All there were five models of mini-guns "Walter"

  1. The First are distinguished by compactness and lightness, had an open lock casing, a drum type mechanism. The store was located 6 rounds of 6.35 mm.
  2. The Next version, patented in 1913, had a hidden trigger, and the pillar served as an indicator of the presence in the chamber of the charges.
  3. The Third version of the little pistols "Walter" was rare (produced only 3500 units). It is distinguished by the increase of the caliber to 7.65 mm and had an unfortunate drawback: the casings ejected through a side window, got into the field of view of the shooter, distracting him.
  4. The Fourth version was vosmimetrovym analogous to the third, distinguished by a more simplified disassembly and extended barrel.
  5. The Latest model is an improved version of the second edition, but with entirely motionless and four grooves pistol barrel.


Popular small-caliber Spanish pistol "Vesta" refers to amurskomu type (Eibar - the Spanish city, former capital of this weapon of the XX century). This automatic device has the caliber of 6.35 mm or 7.65 mm, shop for 6 charges.

small-calibre pistol

The Main difference between "Vesta" was the location of the fuse on the trigger in the middle. In all other respects the gun resembled the legendary Browning, which will be discussed next.


The Design of Belgian John Moses Browning was a real breakthrough in the industry of the ladies ' arms in the early XX century. "Browning Baby" was released in 1906. Length miniature of the gun was equal to 114 mm caliber was standard for this weapon - a 6.35 mm. Ladies ' gun, "Browning" was used until the 1930-ies by the red army until it was replaced by the similar Soviet "Korovin".

 ladies 'gun Browning

Mass production of guns "Browning" ended at the beginning of the Second world war. By the time it was released about a million copies of the weapon. The model became a prototype for many of the developments of gunsmiths from the USA, Spain, Germany and other countries.

Modern compact pistols

Consider the top ten most popular ladies ' pistols present:

  1. Ruger LC9s - a little more than 15-centimeter gun, weighing in at 487 grams with 9 mm caliber. At his store fit 7+1 rounds.

  2. Glock 42 polymer pocket guns with drehtechnik sight for cartridges of caliber .380. Designed for 6+1 rounds.

  3. Springfield Range Officer Compact pistol is considered a premium. It is produced by carbon steel, aluminum alloy. Fly arms are made of fiberglass. The gun fits 6+1 charges caliber .45 ACP.

  4. M&P Bodyguard 380 Crimson Trace - model manufacturer with the richest product line pocket pistols - Smith & Wesson. This self-cocking the weapon shop 6+1 is one of the safest and his arm with notches for your fingers and trim the "fish scales" - the most convenient.

  5. M&P Bodyguard 38 Revolver Crimson Trace is already samosvat drum for 5 rounds. The producers assure that this is 16.7-centimeter gun as powerful as the classic.

  6. Kimber Solo Carry - high quality gun for cartridges of caliber 9 mm capacity 6+1 rounds. The length of the device is only 14 cm Its distinctive feature is the body covered with a diamond-like coating, makes the gun virtually invisible.

  7. Taurus 85VTA View - just a beautiful 5-shooter revolver with transparent side frame, gold plated trigger and chrome trigger hook. For these weapons need ammo caliber .38 Special.

  8. The Desert Eagle 1911U - trigger pull it the hook is measured only 1.5 kg. it can hold 6+1 rounds of .45 ACP.

  9. Walther CCP - the combination of classics and innovations in one-color or two-tone solution of the case. The capacity of the shop this 16-inch gun 8+1 charges of caliber of 9 mm.

  10. Sig Sauer P238 Extreme model, quite popular among law enforcement officers. It is also a convenient location of the fuse. Length - 14 cm at a capacity of store 7+1.

small gun

Ladies ' pistols remain popular today. The reason for this is that modern technology has endowed them with a number of features that make these devices the power not to give way to larger arms.


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