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In Buddhism, as in many other religions, there are words and phrases that are considered important for believers and adherents, because they the main focus of sacred meaning. So, for example, is an Indian mantra “Om Mani Padme hum”, the value of which will be discussed below. It is fundamental to Buddhism the so-called “Large chariot”, or Mahayana. Mainly this phrase, despite its Indian origin, is used in Tibet and Mongolia.

the Mantra om Mani Padme hum meaning and translation

Mantra “Om Mani Padme hum”: meaning and translation

If we turn to the literal meaning of these ritual words, then it is quite simple. “On the jewel (or, in other embodiments, the “jewel”), which shines in the Lotus flower!” credited with one of the most famous figures in Mahayana Buddhism-the Bodhisattva of compassion. It has several names and incarnations – Avalokitesvara and Kuan-Yin, male and female. A bodhisattva this – one of the incarnations of the Buddha. He refuses to reach Nirvana until all living beings will not be saved. His birth is shrouded in legends. Unlike Buddha Gautama spoken of as a real person who reached enlightenment, Avalokiteshvara appeared to his father for sixteen years in a huge Lotus flower. Therefore, the original meaning of the mantra “Om Mani Padme hum” is this: it symbolizes the birth of the Bodhisattva. It would seem that everything is simple. But the Buddhists, as a rule, very rarely interpret these words literally.

Meaning of the mantra om Mani Padme hum

Symbolism of a mantra

Many authorities of Tibetan Buddhism (Lamaism) revealed in his writings the meaning of these words. First, the word ‘Mani”, that is the pearl, represents the main moral categories of this religion – the desire for enlightenment (awakening from the illusions of this world), and love and compassion for all living beings. “Padma”, that is, the Lotus is traditionally the symbol of wisdom and purity. And the word “hum”, or heart, means the Buddhist orthopraxy, that is behavior that gives you the opportunity to come to salvation. In common parlance the Tibetans and the Mongols referred to this phrase simply ‘Mani’. Thus, they briefly summarize its significance. Mantra “Om Mani Padme hum” symbolizes the actual Avalokiteshvara, the perfection of his heavenly body, word and mind.


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the Mantra om Mani Padme hum significance

The interpretation of a mantra

They are connected with a hidden sacral meaning of the ritual phrases. One of them, the most popular among the people, means that whoever accepts the Buddha with all my heart, will thrive, like the lotuses in the pond, riches and jewels. But it's certainly not the only and not very theological value. Mantra “Om Mani Padme hum” (self-reading and the sounds of those words) helps, according to the Mahayanists, to Wake up the dormant in every human being's Buddha-nature. All the jewels of the universe Shine in the heart, like the white Lotus, but it's available to see only enlightened one. In addition, it is believed that this mantra should be recited not for his personal welfare but for the good of all living beings – only then it will work.

The Meaning of a ritual phrase to self-improvement

A Buddhist teacher because I consider useful the recitation of this mantra is that, in their opinion, it could have a beneficial influence on the psyche and consciousness of a person who repeats it. The word “om” able to cope with vanity and pride. ‘Mani’ suppress jealousy, envy, selfishness. “Padma” pronounces against ignorance, stupidity and greed. And “hum” calms anger and hatred. Buddhists say that words have power to change man because of its hidden meaning. As the mantra symbolizes the Bodhisattva, then, repeating it, the person thereby takes a little something from manifestations of his nature. After all, for Buddhists, sounds inseparable from the essence that is of great importance. Mantra “Om Mani Padme hum” from the point of view of believers, it purifies the man, removing a kind of veil of habits and emotions that hinder to open up his body and mind and also gives the knowledge of the truth.

Indian mantra om Mani Padme hum significance

Positive sense

This “Queen of mantras" in Buddhism is not only an instrument of self-improvement and struggle against vices. She is also able to attract to the person the positive qualities, turning what prevents enlightenment, in what he promotes. And there is a huge role is played not only words. Mantra “Om Mani Padme hum”, the value of which we consider, is even the name “six-syllable". And for good reason. Each syllable constituting this phrase, too, has sacred meaning. So, “om” gives human generosity, “mA” gives him the opportunity to lead a good and dignified life, “no” brings patience, “pad” - invokes the ability not only to apply a force, but also to rejoice in him, “me” - helps meditation, and “hum” develops wisdom. In addition, the six syllables of the mantra represent the number of hands Avalokitesvara, as it is often portrayed in Buddhist iconography.

the Mantra om Mani Padme hum significance and its impact

Mantra “Om Mani Padme hum”: the meaning and its impact in the world beyond

Meaning of the Sacred ritual phrase, of course, not limited to only symbols and help in self-improvement. It is, according to the beliefs of the Buddhists, gives a direct practical benefit in obtaining salvation. In their religious texts it is argued that the recitation of this mantra eliminates the so-called rebirth in the lower realms. That is, this practice is able to interrupt the ‘circle of samsara" and to keep man away from this ‘Vale of sorrows”.

  • Syllable ‘om’ closes the path to the so-called world of the gods. This place is like an earthly Paradise whose inhabitants experience a variety of pleasures. But they are not immortal, and when their good karma runs out, they can once again be in the circle of rebirths. But while they are good, they don't think about saving.
  • Syllable “mA” door closes to the world of the demigods. These creatures really want to go to heaven, and that are constantly squabbling with each other. But their karma from such conflicts only getting worse.
  • Syllable “no” does not give again to be reborn in our world, where people live.
  • “Pad” - eliminates resettlement in the bodies of animals, where you can get stuck for a very long time – for thousands of years.
  • Syllable “me” does not give after death to become one of the hungry ghosts, who are always looking for people to eat and have no repose.
  • “hum” saves you from hell. From the point of view of Buddhists, is an illusory world, but cause real suffering. The people who are there, it seems that they suffer, and they think that this happens indefinitely.


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