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The Name Ivan is experiencing a rebirth. More vosprinimaetsya it is not the usual, banal and aristocratic name, which is called the peasant children, and which bore the most popular heroes of Russian fairy tales: Prince Ivan to Ivan the fool.

Shift has occurred not only due to natural change of fashion in the names, but also because our country has become more open, and the names, amazing depth values accumulated over tysjacheletnego history, and has analogues in many languages, is very convenient. Variants of this name can be found in Italian (Giovanni), English (John), Finnish (Jukka), Arabic (Johan), in Hebrew (Yohanan), Greek (Ioannis) and many others. The name Ivan has a very simple phonetic form and easy to spell in English.

What does the name Ivan: history

It is Impossible to determine exactly when it appeared the name of Ivan, whose origins can be traced back to the depths of Jewish history. In Hebrew, which from the point of view of Orthodox ideaism, said the first man, Yochanan means "God relented". This was the name of a legendary religious figures: John Chrysostom, John the Baptist, John the Evangelist. At the same time this name refers to allinsurance Hebrew names - the culture of the ancient Hebrews is closely intertwined with the Greek.

In Russia the name Ivan appeared with the advent of Christianity, which, as is known, was adopted by the Kievan Rus after the marriage of Prince Vladimir and the Greek Princess.

Gradually, the name Ivan was in Russia very common. Its meaning, "God have mercy", as if prophesied child happy ocenennoy by the grace of God destiny, was a kind of talisman. Although few of the internally baptized (and Prince Vladimir did not bother, imposed Christianity by force) understand its value. The name Ivan has gained popularity largely forced. Every parent was obliged to baptize his son, by choosing the name according to the calendar, in different editions of which the name John was dated from 64 to 170 times per year.


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the name of Ivan origin

What does the name Ivan: character

His Character is an amalgam of true Russian traits, strengths and weaknesses, which ascribes to the Russian people. So do not expect certainty, Ivan can be very different: strong or weak, simple or sophisticated, delicate or violent, short-tempered. In any case, its main features - breadth of soul, and a kind of inner light. Even if he demonstrates such ambiguous side of his nature, as reticence, shyness, and inconstancy, it will have goodness, poetry, generosity, energy and special mental health.

Very often cut - open and responsive, easily find a language with everyone and have the talent to win over people. They feel comfortable in the family, accumulated around them like a whole family community, they maintain relationships with even the most dalnimi relatives. Their house always full of guests.

The Flexibility inherent in Ivan is not from their weakness, but from the breadth of nature. Wonderful family men, they can change. Although they are not called vettenniemi: the cause of infidelity is curiosity and the desire to experience itself. They are attentive, trusting and not jealous, give greater freedom to partner, but can suddenly fly into a rage, seeing how someone has her attention. They seem very flexible, soft and delicate people, but if you hurt the interests of someone from their friends or relatives, you become like a rock: do not yield to any entreaties.

Ivana is a talented, effortlessly achieve success, but they can surprise all the sudden laziness and indifference to what seems to be passionately fascinated by them yesterday. They are often endowed with features characters from Russian folk tales, and this is the truth. This name has absorbed the most striking features, value Slavs: recklessness, daring, resourcefulness, courage, sense of humor, openness, industriousness, courage, fortitude, willingness to give his teammates life. Of course, all these advantages have their continuation in the form of weaknesses: carelessness, excessive credulity, levity, which can push Ivanov into trouble.

meaning of the name Ivan

What does the name Ivan: the fate

Name is character, character is destiny. If you know what the name Ivan, you can already foresee the destiny of its bearer, without neglecting, however, the amendments that the Creator of my life is still himself. So, what is the wish giving your child parents choosing this name?

The Name Ivan gives light and strength, both physical and spiritual. But we need this power to cope. Reckless daring and gaiety inherent in Ivana, can lead them in the most honest way. They are endowed with wisdom, intuition, ability to see the past and the future, because that name incorporates the experience of millions of people, including mnogestva famous and successful, from Ivan the terrible to Ivan Turgenev. From early childhood, to direct a powerful energy in the right direction, it is necessary to take science, creativity, and then he will manifest himself in a brilliant way.

But because no human side may not be absolute, force Ivanov may result in certain circumstances weakness. Confident in their health, they neglect the care of it. Open and direct, they do not see how "feed snake on your chest". Their loyalty to the friendship can make them too malleable a bad influence, and resistance may result in a dangerous obstinacy, and convince Ivan, if he's already decided to stand his ground, will be impossible. His wisdom combined with extreme sensitivity to the opinions of others, which can be a ground for the most dangerous qualities, such as envy, pride, bragging rights. At the same time, with the right education this sensitivity will turn into a broader social responsibility due to which Ivan is able to be trusted and serious, a great friend, husband and father.

In his childhood he may be weak physically, to experience difficulties in relationships with peers, but the energy name will take its course. Adult Ivana endowed ascorutinum health and ability to please a majority.

what does the name Ivan

Ivana have very high abilities, they are available a variety of professions. People with this name have a high potential and is able to offer the world something new. If you pay attention to the lists of the famous Ivanov, you'll notice how much of it is creative, spiritually rich people: artists, writers, and actors. People with the name Ivan is a talented hands that manifests itself in everyday life: they are not afraid of any housework.

The family and marriage are conservative, they cherish stability. Really looking forward to children and enjoy doing them, although not always have enough will to successfully educate them. Relationships with women and my wife and Ivan are not simple, the reason why his desire to be in a secure part and at the same time softness. It's frustrating most of the women who are waiting for the manifestations of passion and male power, that's why Ivanov's first marriage is often unsuccessful. But with a reliable and reasonable partner who knows how to treat everything simply, Ivana is able to make a very reliable couple that with its hospitality, tranquility and success will delight all others.


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