Dead fish what dreams? Will the disease?


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Not too nice when in front of the eyes, a dead fish. What a dream this unusual way, you need to find out details. But in General, all the dream books agree dead fish, what a dreamOne: you are waiting for changes, which joy did not cause.

Women dead fish what dreams

Live aquatic creatures for beautiful ladies – a sign of upcoming pregnancy. Another thing, if the fish is dead. Then need to interpret the reverse. To dream of dead fish to possible unwanted pregnancy. Those who are not planning children (or has contraindications), should exercise extreme caution. Still this dream can talk about the disorders in the sexual sphere. Any woman after such a vision should see a doctor. It is likely that implicit until the disease is already hurting your reproductive function. Regret later, you need to be treated, hesitate to anything. Dream fish dead in the aquarium, then run into dishonesty in a friendly circle. Someone is not sincere with you. In the face smiles, and for what dreams dead fishBack spreading malicious gossip.

A Pregnant dead fish what dreams

For the mother is one of the most dangerous images. In the early period it could Herald a miscarriage. The most likely course of events - the failure of pregnancy due to negative experiences. The woman who already a long time, this dream could Herald a premature birth. Alas, the fruit can not be saved. Women who saw this dream, it is recommended that rest and special care. If dead fish were many, perhaps a dangerous disease for moms. Only already prepared dish of sea life in a negative sense for a pregnant woman. This dream portends a way out of depression, good mood.


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The Man is dead the fish is what dreams

Representatives of the stronger sex poor catch may be a dream in two cases. If he just saw a dead fish, it means that he will be the cause and the initiator of the break dear to his relations. The fatal flaw motivates him to distrust the woman you love and making wrong decisions. Warning: you may regret it. Do not take decisions in the heat dream fish is deadOf anger. If the man saw that he caught a huge fish, and it was dead, so he loses there, where he hoped to obtain. The dream warns that his risk in the financial sector are not justified, and plunge it into bankruptcy. To see a large number of dead fish dead due to ecological disaster, to a decline in professional activities. You are facing a period of stagnation, when no action will be able to push a dead point established. You just need to wait. Young people this dream foretells a problem. Students – the loss of the scholarship.

The meaning of the dream for girls

A Young, beautiful dead fish swims into a dream trouble with the Cavaliers. It is possible and deception, and pregnancy (unplanned). Perhaps a very dangerous acquaintance. If the Cavaliers yet, so the health of girls at risk. And the learning goes on troechku with a minus. A dream about dead fish – is very bad. It is better to tell the current from the tap water and to forget.

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