Can I re-gift gifts: omens, superstitions and reality


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It's No secret that the issue of whether to give gifts with a birthday or other important dates, and sometimes takes a practical nature, as not all gifts are exactly what I would like to get. Is it possible to get rid of unnecessary things, not risking to offend the giver, or of incurring this act, any other trouble?


The Ethical side of the question

"is it Possible to give donated gifts to other people?" – this is a question that everyone will have to give your own answer based on the specific circumstances, which may be countless. However, remember that the basis of the solution is before going to be the ethical side of the question.

Not Even touching so fashionable in our days of mysticism and not affecting the question of good or bad luck to give gifts, remember that choosing them people have spent energy, time, emotions and, of course, money. This is especially true in cases when the gifts – pictures, picture frames or any knitted things – was made with their own hands. It will be simply indecent to undermine the efforts of loved ones. That is why you should thoroughly weigh all «over» and «against».

Unwanted items

At the same time it is not uncommon situation when gifts are bought on the principle of «well, at least something to give necessary”. In these cases, we become owners at times are very expensive, but for the most part completely unnecessary things. Over the years, our homes accumulate a lot of photo albums, figurines, vases and similar stuff. Obviously, in this case, the question of whether to give gifts, should have a positive response, but on the condition that the donor will never know and therefore will not be offended.


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so many presents!

Arguments in favor of this decision always is a lot, especially if we are talking about things that you already have in the house. All kinds of cookers, juicers and blenders, of course, can be a good gift and to please the mistress of the house, but only on the condition that she has not had time to acquire them. Otherwise, before it gets a dilemma: to give this thing to someone else, or forever bury it in the closet. Here in its entirety and the question arises: "is it Possible to give gifts, and if so, how to do it without offending the giver?"

A Little about our prejudices

Now, let's discuss the mystical side of the issue. We do it very carefully, because we will talk about some of the secret forces, which is generally better to stay away. However, we all live with an eye on them and speaking of their unbelief "all that nonsense”, are not always forthcoming, especially when it comes to bad omens.

If, for example, to meet a woman with empty buckets in the cities you rarely (except in the period of emergency shutdown of water), the black cat cross the road – business as usual. It is no secret that many of them plunged into confusion, although we're trying to set up a meeting with them a joke.

Black cat superstition

What say the experts?

Is it Possible to give gifts – the question, which is also associated with a variety of different beliefs that came, incidentally, from ancient times. The fact that in the old days every offering had some mystical meaning. It was believed that each gift carries with it what in our days is called fashionable, but very vague expression "positive energy".

Simply put, our ancestors believed that with a gift they pass close to the human part of his soul, which is more expensive than anything in the world can be. So if the person who received such a priceless gift, had the temerity to ignore it, he inevitably incurred the wrath of higher powers.

This positive energy (we still operate by this term) could be transferred to only one person, namely the person for whom intended this gift. Further it had gone. That is why the question of whether to take peredelanye gifts, apparently, would have surprised our ancestors. “to Take, of course, possible, – said they would – but what's the point? After all devoid of a soul, they are like empty eggshells”. Such judgment is difficult not to agree.

is it Possible to give gifts

Generic tradition

However there are no rules without exceptions. It is known that in ancient times there was a tradition of intrapartum donation. She expressed that the older generation gave to their younger heirs of bladed weapons, works of art, jewelry and various family jewels. And this can be done during the life of their former owner.

For Example, the head of the family received as a gift from his father the sword, and then, during his lifetime, passed to his own son when he reached the proper age. My grandfather had no reason to be offended: a family heirloom passed from him to son and then to grandson – all within the tradition. As and grandma's diamonds, presented once his daughter, could during her lifetime to become the property of her granddaughter.

Tradition, which served as the succession of generations

In this case, the question "is it possible to give gifts" was solved positively, in view of the prevailing tradition. It was believed that the family heirlooms, passing from one generation to another, giving them the wisdom of the ancestors, and accompanied her success. Thus, there is a whole layer of national culture, fostered not only material but also spiritual continuity of generations.

Family treasures

At the same time, it was considered completely unacceptable to give family heirlooms to strangers, not related by blood to people whatever warm feelings for them nor tested. It was considered an open manifestation of disrespect to his own family and caused universal condemnation.

And a drop of mysticism

Among will, through the millennia, there are quite a few that showed an exceptional vitality. These include a belief according to which peredivannya jewelry for other people can bring trouble as donors and those who receive them. No clear explanation of this statement is not, nevertheless, this viewpoint is shared by many. Therefore, it is considered that, if received as a gift item did not fit or just did not like it or take it to a smelter and then to do something else, or just to keep in the box “rainy day”.

In addition, different kinds of mysticism and other “experts” claim that the gift can be if you want to charge not only positive energy, as discussed above, but also negative, able to bring trouble. For this reason, to receive gifts from strangers or from those who can nourish in the soul of hostile feelings is dangerous. If for one reason or another could not avoid receiving them, then these things it is better not to use it, and possibly get rid of them any way.

Gifts – the manifestation of spiritual generosity


So, in conclusion, we note that the question of whether to give gifts, you don't have a definite answer, it all depends on many circumstances some of which were mentioned in this article. For someone it is crucial to the ethical side of things, but for someone its mystical component. But in any case, before you make a choice, you should put yourself in the place of that person whose gift, and may be part of the soul, you intend to reject and pass into the wrong hands. Once the Savior said: “do Not do to others what you do not want to imagine”, and let these words will help us make the right decision.


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