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Since ancient times has reached us of the runes – the characters that the peoples of modern Europe was used as a written language. They were endowed with magical meaning and was intended to establish a connection with nature. Still it is believed that runes carry a certain energy that can help people cope with the problems of life, to attract wealth and love.

One of the magical symbols is the rune Fehu. Value, description and their interpretation are rooted in antiquity and depend on many factors, which we will try to understand.rune Fehu value


The Word “Runa” dates back to the Gothic runa means mystery, mysterious whisper. The name, according to scientists, may be associated with the attribution of runes by ancient Germans mystical properties.

The Main feature of runic alphabet is its special order. He received the name "Futhark" for the first six letters. In addition, all the runes are divided into three kinds, or attire. Each includes 8 characters long. Each rune has a name. However, the authenticity they do not come down to us from ancient times. Today the are used for their reconstruction.


Fehu (or other sources of Fe, FEU, Feoh) is the first symbol of the Futhark, the first (older) attire. In translation it sounds like “cattle” or “property”. The ancient Germans carved runes into wood or chiseled on stones and rocks. Because of the difficulty of tracing they have an angular shape. The rune Fehu, the value of which is associated with success, fertility and growth, depicted in the form of branches of a tree and match the letters “f” and “in" (f, v).

Today, this symbol is used for different purposes: in conducting magical rituals, in the symbolic painting. Very popular divination on the runes.rune Fehu value description and their interpretation


The Most significant symbol in Celtic cards is considered to be the rune Fehu. Significance in divination it is therefore very versatile in interpretation. Since ancient times this symbol was dedicated to the Norse gods Freyr of fertility and love, Freya. Therefore, in its normal, upright position Fehu is understood as a sign of wealth and success, material and spiritual.

However, each rune sign carries a lot of options for reading. No exception and the rune Fehu. The value of the symbol depends on the type of alignment, in combination with other runes and character position.

A Combination

Specialists classify the combination of runic characters on elements. The rune Fehu (the value of its knit with fertility and growth) refers to the element of fire. When in the scenario it does fall under the same characters, it predicts emotional stress, unpredictable turn of Affairs, a failure. A similar interpretation of the rune Fehu gets and in combination with runes of the air element.


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The Symbols of water, despite the natural resistance to fire, on the contrary, indicate the rise of a creative, successful execution of plans.

The Most successful is a combination with Fehu runes of the earth element. It symbolizes wealth, profit, career growth.

Of Course, this is a pretty vague description. It is necessary to trace it to specific examples.

So, the connection is Fehu and the blank rune Wyrd speaks of the surprise, the favor of fate. Combined with the rune of Uruz, you can expect to receive an inheritance. Nervous strain and loss promises the rune Fehu, a value combined with a symbol of the gifts of destiny TURISAS. But the Union Fehu and Ansuz, Raido, and Vongo or caño, by contrast, portends a successful resolution of cases, financial success.

It is Dangerous to mix the runes Fehu and Hagalaz, Otal or Nautiz. They are in bankruptcy, disaster, even death.

For women connection with the Fehu symbol Perth means an ambulance, but the unwanted pregnancy, but for men the financial earnings.

For success in professional matters indicate POPs with Fehu the rune of the soul, Teyvaz or Laguz.the rune Fehu, the symbol value

Love and relationships

Rune Fehu is not always an indicator of financial Affairs. Personal hands, it can be interpreted quite differently. For example, if a symbol falls in a straight position, then he talks about a man wondering, how about a self-sufficient, confident and reliable. You can build relationship, they will definitely bring prosperity and spiritual growth. The rune Fehu (the value of love) suggests a quick wedding with the chosen one. However, here we should pay attention to next to the symbols. In the Union they can represent a large expense.

Depending on the overall picture of the situation, the rune Fehu, the value it points to the need to maintain old acquaintances, to remember a trusted and loyal friends. Perhaps in the future will need their help.


As mentioned already, a lot depends on the position of the rune. Fehu inverted – usually a symbol of loss, waste, disappointment, subject to the continuation of the project or relationship. Of course, the interpretation comes from the purpose and type of alignment.

So, at triple the location of the rune Fehu (inverted) gives a negative value, marks the beginning of a stagnation period in cases where happy to rely on case not necessary. If in this period, the man decided to engage in a business or project, then inverted rune warns of a blank, questionablesituation.

In the individual case posing the character says about the imminent disappointment in relationships, friendships or love. It is an indication of doubts, quarrels, unfaithfulness, when there are adverse runes. If the Union of the runes are aimed in a positive direction, these problems will be resolved quickly with minimum loss of financial and emotional. The only advice here might be a manifestation of patience and restraint. The rune Fehu (value relations) sometimes speaks of the character of the person who is wondering, his penchant for controversial, ambiguous friendships.rune Fehu inverted value

Do Not forget about the combination of runes. In respect of the business, if nearby are conducive to the symbols, the rune Fehu (value, description and their interpretation) changed its forecast in the time period and circumstances. Perhaps there will be unexpected delay of the project. So you should take a break. But time will tell, is to continue or is it better to switch to another thing. The Alliance with the “negative” runes clearly says about possible material loss, and failure. To profitably get out of the situation, you must close the new project and some time to give yourself a break.

With the General predictions character can indicate the condition and the associated material waste that usually carries the inverted rune Fehu. The value in this position symbolizes a sudden illness. And if this next fell straight TURISAS, the situation could face a serious operation or injury. A favorable sign is, if there would drop the rune of Algiz. It represents healing, finding patrons, the successful completion of the case, although it may take a lot of time.

The Use of runes

In Addition to divination, the rune Fehu often serves as a talisman for people who wish to attract love, wealth, luck. This symbol is applied on purses, jewelry, some household things, office. Modern innovation is themed tattoo. But to approach it quite carefully. This is especially true for those people who believe in mysticism, magic.

Experts believe that the graphic drawing of the runes – this is only a key. A similar example would be computer software for which the necessary key or password to activate. It is only a tool, not a source of magical energy and power.

Rune Fehu, value, description its aimed at the activation of the creative force or idea that give the people confidence and make it more resolute, purposeful, diligent and resourceful. Because of these qualities, he firmly walks to his goal and successfully reach it.

Skeptics believe that the mark of character in this case and a person's belief in his mystical powers helps to overcome difficulties and achieve success. Because energy cannot come from nowhere. And the rune Fehu, a photo and value which is available for study today everyone – it is more mysterious and sacred phenomenon that you need to properly “enable” and use.

rune Fehu value description


Since the runes are a kind of guides to the natural world and its ordinances, then do they need from natural materials (wood, stone or clay). You can choose the material also with a symbolic meaning. The rune Fehu, the value of which is focused on material welfare, profit, success, it is wise to look at a lemon or a money tree, malachite or tiger's eye. All of these materials also have energy to attract wealth.

Rune you must first draw and then cut along the contour, the external form of its framing does not matter. Experts recommend runes to produce the symbol alone, that it preserved the energy of the “host”.

At the end of the rune (i.e. the mere outline of it) can be painted. In relation to Fehu will suit Golden, brown or red. If the rune is created to get rid of competitors and bad influence, I preferred the black color.

To Runa replied to his master with gratitude, it should be made in a calm and bright mood. Otherwise, the unbridled energy that gives the selected character, which can lead to disaster. It must be remembered that the cutting of the runes – this is a crucial ritual, he will bring the benefit of only pure, good nature.

Depending on the size and shape of the symbol, you can use it as a talisman on his neck, put in a purse or place, inaccessible to prying eyes and hands. You can, of course, and buy a ready rune, but it has extraneous energy (the masters, the seller). As an ancient symbol this is not love, it needs to be hidden, private. If independent production is for some reason impossible, the ritual should be trusted close to a reliable person who is devoid of envy and any evil thoughts against the future owner of the rune.rune Fehu the meaning in divination

Tarot Cards

The middle Ages has given mankind another invention for predicting the future – Tarot cards. They also have a certain system of symbols, but did not carry such serious importance as the magical runes. The classic pack is divided into the major and minor Arcana. Each card corresponds to a specific element, planet, and, oddly enough,rune.

Rune Fehu Tarot card matches the symbol of the “Tower”. She is 16 senior lasso and highly complex interpretation. In the classical interpretation of the “Tower” of destruction, thus creating conditions for progress and overcoming difficulties. She represents something that happens suddenly – a breakthrough, an Epiphany, etc. Negative connotation of the symbol lies in the fact that all unexpected changes lead to crisis, conflict, and emotional destruction of a person.

Inverted “Tower”, as the rune Fehu in this position indicates imminent bankruptcy, disaster, serious illness. But if the rune symbolizes a temporary difficulties with a possible resolution in the future or warn them, then inverted “Tower” categorical in his statement and tells about a long black stripe in life.

In the personal scenario, the symbol of the Tarot, like Fehu, indicates the development of a love relationship. However, the negative message of the “Tower” warns about the test: the forced separation or relationship test loyalty. Upside down tells about the breakup, the disappointment.

A Lot of correspondences between the Tarot card and rune Fehu is observed in hands on career. In a straight position first predicts dramatic changes that will require a lot of ingenuity and determination. Inverted “Tower”, as Fehu, points to a sudden, disastrous end of the project, a resignation or a major financial loss. Of course, a more accurate interpretation depends on a combination with other Tarot cards.rune Fehu Tarot card

A Matter of faith in mysticism

In any position (direct or inverted) rune of Fehu, its value, prevents a person applying to the fortune, on the lookout professional and love the area. In it distinctive feature of runes. They don't just predict the future, but have a tip that can change some events or alert at all. This is especially true upside down runes. So how obstacles and change can escalate into a global problem.

Of Course, believe it or not – the choice of each individual. But the runes come to us from ancient times and, according to legend, ancestors that were not created by ordinary people, and elected, who passed the mystical meaning of the symbols orally. Over time something has changed, lost and forgotten, but the magical quality of the rune Fehu, like other symbols, it works and helps people who with a soul appeal to her.

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