What does the name Alexander? Fate and character


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what does the name Alexander

This is the name of one of the most popular. This is not surprising because it was worn by many famous people. "Defender" is what mean the name Alexander. It is of Greek origin. That was the name of kings, writers, poets. Its value strongly influences the media. It is known that among the famous generals had a lot of Alexandrov (Macedonian, Nevsky, Suvorov).

What is the name Alexander for a child

"a Protector of man" is really a child patronizes weaker, loves animals, takes care of brothers and sisters. Little Sasha did not differ good health, often with lung problems. Sports give a positive result, and after finishing school they become stronger and stronger. Will independence help them to achieve the desired first from parents and teachers, and then from others.

What does the name Alexander for the nature of the holder

what is the name Alexander

The Guy has a contradictory character. Surrounding he shows the lightness, artistry, and friendliness. He's smart, communicative, ironic, able to make quick decisions. Thus closed in itself, often wears a mask, is prone to feelings, but not to their demonstration. Typically, each Shura has a good sense of humor, knows a lot of jokes, and easily can become a soul of the company. Alexander should be more careful with alcohol. Many Sash are inherent in the temper, and the intoxication they were capable of a lot of mangled wood and ruin relationships with others. Alexander's weakness is the fear of failure and uncertainty. Men are not inclined to work on yourself may be too harsh and rude. Alexander's strengths are ambition, talent, luck. Even if they make blatant mistakes, fate is saving them from negative consequences.


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What does the name Alexander in the sphere of love and marriage

Alexandra is very gallant, courteous, generous, attentive. No wonder they like women and reciprocate. They do not differ constancy and faithfulness. Often passion as fleeting as they arise, because of what Sasha can feel a sense of guilt. In the wife chooses a woman with a strong character.

name for a boy Alexander

What does the name Alexander in professional activities

Of all the things Alexander is a master of virtually any. Thanks to its innate artistry, a Sasha to be famous actors. Strong will, determination to achieve success in the military. Risk appetite, sociability and resourcefulness enable them to become good entrepreneurs or journalists.


A Good marriage with Natalia, Lyudmila, Tamara, Valentina, Anna, Veronica, Barbara, Darya, Elizabeth, Inna, Zoe, Love, Maria, Hope, Oksana, Vera, Pauline. But difficulties and problems can be in a relationship with Lydia, Elena, Zynaida, Svetlana, Ekaterina.

Name for a boy. Alexander. Diminutive derivatives

The name of a great number of diminutive counterparts. Sasha, Shurik, Alex, Alex, Alex - depending on the company one and the same person can choose for themselves the different options on how to introduce myself.

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