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Certain layers of the human psyche have a lot in common with the animal world. This applies to the basic innate instincts, for example, procreation and self-preservation. One of the manifestations of the latter is the fear that makes us avoid dangerous to life and health situations. In turn, one aspect of fear is fear – reflex action of the subconscious being. And if the static sense of fear possible in any way to control and subjugate his conscious control, then suddenly appeared frightened to normalize the situation and your health is much more difficult.

All of this applies to small children who also still do not possess a developed consciousness, no experiences, no knowledge. Therefore, the instincts predominate over them in full force to its primordial chaotic essence. Special hazards of severe fright for the child is that the consequences can be very serious and to stay for life. This is because immature psyche and the body of the baby does not have immunity in the form of psychological and physiological mechanisms of neutralization of destructive emotions like intense fear and of fright. Therefore, parents and guardians is very important to prevent such incidents for the health and welfare of the child.

prayers of fright in children

Since ancient times with the children's fear fought a variety of improvised methods. One of the most popular and common to all cultures the medium was preporucena child to the patronage of higher powers-gods, spirits, angels, patrons and other benevolent entities who recited various prayers from fright and the evil eye. In addition, by means of magic and amulets, people have tried to prevent the malicious influence of negative energies and various demons on the child.


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Since then, many centuries have passed, people learned to cross the oceans, control the elements, invented electricity, and even began to fly into space, and clone living beings. However, magic, like religion, is still popular among the people. Each himself explains why. Someone who completely believes in the existence of parallel thin and the spiritual worlds, and someone refers to the psychological effect of suggestion. Whatever it was, in fact, prayers of fright in children as well as other ritual stuff, and it is currently working. So it makes sense to talk about them at least for General information.

About the nature of fear

Speaking of fear, we must first touch the topic of hormones. When the brain receives an external signal, which regards as "SOS", he instantly throws in the blood of the lion's share of adrenaline, which mobilizes the body for fight danger. On the other hand, will come into effect and some other hormones and neurotransmitters, and different in women and men. So sometimes fear inhibits and literally binds the man's hands and feet. Particularly harmful in this sense, cholecystokinin, which is responsible for the feeling of panic, fear, depression and physical ailment in moments of fright.

prayer fright baby

A sign of fear in children

Fear the child often manifests in crying, restless behavior and abstinence from food and wet diapers. He may have both external causes and is rooted in heredity. Before, by the way, take this into account, when picking specific charms and prayers of fright in children. Most importantly, we have to make sure that the cause of illness of the baby – it is fear, not any other circumstances and disorders.

Orthodox prayer fright

Prayers of fright in children

Different countries have and practice different rituals, ceremonies and prayers for overcoming fear. This is due to the peculiarities of the local culture and the prevailing religious doctrine. In Russia, for example, from the time of Christianization mainly used Orthodox prayers from fright. Although in parallel had always remained purely pagan reflection. But as for Christian prayer, the distinguishing feature of it is the freedom of verbal expression. Simply consciously turn to God and ask for his words about child protection. If you are having trouble with your own wording, Orthodox prayer books offer ready-made options to choose from. Ready prayer from fear of the baby can also be used, but must in the words of others to put his own faith and soul. Otherwise it will be just gibberish and reading meaningless words.

prayers of fright and evil eye

Conspiracy of fear

As for this traditional and popular things like plot, it has two important features. First, it is not prayer. Prayer from fear of the infant differs from the plot that in prayer we ask for help from above, and conspiracy to create protection own power and energy. The second feature is that the Church conspiracy refers negatively – witchcraft is considered a very grave sin, tantamount to diabolosradio. However, the conspiracy of fear in Russia has always flourished, and often even had a very Christian colour, passing sometimes into a full-fledged prayer of fright in children. Use them or not-everyone decides for himself.

Example of a conspiracy of fear

The Next plot is read on the water, poured in the small basin. This water then needs to wash the child every morning and evening and also to drink it.

Text: "John the Baptist and Christ the Savior over the Cup stood, the water was consecrated. I take the water, the servant of God (name) wash the fear off forever. Amen”.


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