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Long before the advent of Christianity to the Slavic peoples celebrated Green week. It marked the end of spring and beginning of summer. To this day preserved some pagan rites and divination, which are held in the Holy Trinity. Customs Long time based on the renewal of life – this is the time when the first leaves appear on trees, flowers bloom. And for Trinity day the Church houses were decorated with greenery – a symbol of growth and renewal of the Christian faith.

The Trinity or Pentecost?

The feast of the Trinity – one of the most beautiful feasts in Orthodoxy. It always falls on a time when they begin to bloom the first leaves on the trees. Therefore, homes and churches this holiday people decorate with green branches of birch, maple, Rowan.

Pentecost traditions

Trinity is no fixed date of celebration. He was appointed on the fiftieth day after Easter. The Bible says that on this day the Holy spirit descended on the apostles. The disciples received the ability to preach the word of Christ. Therefore, this holiday is also called Pentecost or the Descent of the Holy spirit.

Only in the XIV century began to celebrate in Russia the feast of the Trinity. Customs And traditions on this day are met since those old times. The founder of the feast was St. Sergius of Radonezh.

Old Testament feast

Pentecost is a Jewish holiday that is celebrated on the 50th day after Jewish Passover. According to legend, on this day the people of Israel gained the Sinai law. Traditionally to celebrate the live entertainment for the people, mass celebrations, sacrifices.


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The Prophet Moses on mount Sinai and gave his people the Law of God. It happened on the fiftieth day after the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt. Since Pentecost (or Shavuot) began to celebrate every year. In Israel this day is celebrated the first harvest and fruit.

When Christianity appeared Trinity? The customs and traditions of the celebration originates from the old Testament of Pentecost.Holy Trinity customs

The presentation

The retired Apostles to celebrate the Jewish Pentecost. The Savior, before his own martyrdom, and promised them a miracle – the coming of the Holy spirit. So every day they gathered in one of the Zion room.

On the 50th day after the Resurrection, they heard the noise that filled the small space of the house. Appeared in flames, and the Holy Spirit descended on the apostles. He showed them three hypostases-God the Father (Divine Mind), God the Son (the Divine Word), God the spirit (Holy Spirit). This Trinity-the Foundation of Christianity, which is firmly the Christian faith.

The People who were close to the upper room, heard a strange noise – the apostles spoke in different languages. The disciples of Jesus received the amazing ability – to heal, to prophesy and to preach in different dialects, allowing them to spread the word of God all over the world. The apostles travelled to the middle East, India, Asia Minor. Visited the Crimea and Kiev. All the disciples except John, died a Martyr's death – was executed by the enemies of Christianity.prayer to the Trinity

The one God is the Holy Trinity. Customs The Holy day began in the morning. The whole family went to the temple to worship. After which the people returned home. Arranged a festive dinner, visited, congratulated the friends on the happy, gave gifts.

Slavic holiday

In our country the feast of the Trinity began to celebrate only 300 years after the baptism of Rus. Before that Slavs were pagans. But today, there are rites, signs, which originated in those days.

Trinity To this day is considered the border between spring and summer. His name – Semik (Green week) or Triglav. In pagan religion, the three deities ruled over all of mankind – Perun, Svarog, Svyatovit. The last – guardian of light and human energy. Perun – defender of truth and warriors. Svarog-the Creator of the Universe.

Semik people staged celebrations fun, drove round dances. The house was decorated with the first greenery, which later prepared medicinal tinctures and decoctions.

So from a pagan celebration Church arose the feast – the Trinity. Customs, signs Of the ancient times is still relevant to people. For example, the greens, which were decorated with the Church at Pentecost, were taken home and dried. It sewed up in canvas bags. This Sasha served as guard house.


How is the feast of the Trinity? The customs of most holidays start with cleaning the house. Only after the room Shine with cleanliness, the women had decorated the room with green branches and flowers. They – the symbol of fertility, wealth.

The Hostess prepared a festive table-cooked pies and cakes, cooked pudding. On this day there is no post, so Orthodox are allowed any food. In churches on Trinity Sunday the divine Liturgy is celebrated the day after – the evening. During the kneeling prayers are read. The clergy ask for the gift of grace to all present, the revelation of wisdom and understanding to believers.

Trinity traditions customs rituals

After the service, people sit at the holiday table, invite guests, give gifts and congratulate each other. According to tradition, on this day it was customary to propose. It was believed that if the matchmaking happens on the Trinity, and the wedding on the Cover – a young family waiting for a happy life.

As noted in other parts of the world the Trinity? Traditions, customs, ceremonies Different countries together a vigil. And in England, are even religious processions on this day. In Italy, scatter rose petals from the ceiling of the temple. In France during worship blow the trumpet, which symbolizes the descent of the Holy spirit.

Folk customs on the Trinity

According to folk legend, Pentecost Wake up mermaids. In this regard, the villagers there are a few customs.

  • In the villages made stuffed mermaids, led dances around him during the festivities. Then it tore into small pieces and scattered them across the field.
  • Before bed women ran through the village with a broom to protect themselves from mermaids.
  • One girl was dressed a mermaid, taken out of its box, and threw in the corn. Then all fled to their homes.

What other folk practices of the glorious Trinity? Traditions, customs, rituals was to ward off evil spirits from the gates of the house. According to legend, on this day, Wake up water, and the villagers lit bonfires along the coast to ward off evil.folk customs on the Trinity

Great attention has been paid to the decoration of the house. Only the branches of a maple, birch, ash, oak could protect the people, to grant them strength and health.

Another custom was to irrigate with my tears the branches and flowers, which were in the temple. Girls and women tried harder to cry, so my tears fell on the greens. This method helped the ancestors to get rid of summer drought and crop failure in the autumn.

First day

All the festivities were divided into 3 days. The first was called the Green Sunday. On this day, the icons were decorated with branches of birch-trees, uttered a special prayer on the Trinity.

Festivities were held in forests, fields. People danced, played, sang songs. Girls wove wreaths and lowered them down the river. That divination helped to know what is going to happen in the coming year.

what not to do in Trinity

People remembered their deceased relatives. The cemetery was obatala crosses and monuments birch broom – to ward off evil spirits. Left on the graves of the deceased treat. That night, according to folk tales, dreamed prophetic dreams.

Second day

Klechalnoe Monday – the second day of the celebration of Pentecost. People in the morning was in a hurry to Church. After the service the priest went through the fields with blessings. This was done in order to protect crops from drought, heavy rains and hail.

Third day

Bohodukhiv day more celebrated all girl. They organize festivals, games, divination. According to popular tradition, is fun – “Led to a Poplar”. Most beautiful girl dressed, decorated with greenery and wreaths – she played the role of the poplars. Then the youth took the Poplar, and each owner presented her with a tasty treat or gift.

Symbol of the holiday

In Russia it was decided to read the birch in the Holy Trinity. Traditions of Pentecost are closely connected with this tree. Around birch was driven girly dances. It adorned the house, the first leaves were dried for protection from the evil eye.

There is still the ritual of Curling birch. During the process the girls would wish for good health to your mother and other relatives. Or during the Curling birch thought about a favorite boy – thus tying his thoughts and thoughts.

holiday Trinity customs omens

A Small birch during the festivities, decorated with ribbons, flew in her flowers. After choral chants cut her and began a triumphal procession through the village. Elegant birch twine around the village, attracting a...

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