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Novokuznetsk Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral — one of the oldest Orthodox churches in the city. Located on the banks of the river Tom, a beautiful architectural structure with a forty meter high bell tower is visible to all visiting Novokuznetsk. Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral for many years was the tallest building not only in the city but also in Siberia.

Novokuznetsk Spaso Preobrazhensky Cathedral

Building the wooden temple

The Story begins with 1620, when was built the first Orthodox Church on the territory of the Kuznetsk Ostrog near the chapel, built in 1618, with the participation of the priest Animedia. The Church called the Transfiguration (in the name of the Transfiguration of the Lord).

Got Novokuznetsk Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral for the first time. This was facilitated by the fact that in 1622 Ostrog gained city status and a coat of arms. The Cathedral looked like a Church in Siberia: traditional North Russian tent-roofed style was a symbol of Russia.

The First Abbot — Ivashka Ivanov previously served as a sacristan in the Archangel Cathedral of Moscow, arrived at the temple, there was delivered to the Royal doors, icons and vestments. Began service. The priests of the Cathedral in the seventeenth century helped to protect from the raids of the Tatars-nomadic Kuznetsk.

Eighteenth century: change status

In 1718 by Peter I, was granted a three-metre cross of wood in the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral. Novokuznetsk then celebrated the hundredth anniversary. A few years later the Cathedral was rebuilt after a terrible fire in 1734.

Only in the XVIII century wooden Church received its full name and status. Until the early nineteenth century it was the main Cathedral of the Kuznetsk district, and then — only the Kuznetsk deanery consisted of 20 parishes.


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Saviour Transfiguration Cathedral in Novokuznetsk

The Transformation in stone

In 1791, the wooden Church fell into disrepair. It was decided to build a stone building. The Archbishop of Tobolsk and the Siberian Varlaam blessed FR. Efimov made an order of the Irkutsk farm Pochekunina, which produced a bookmark and the first stage opened in may, 1792.

The First floor contained two throne — the forerunner and Baptizer of the Lord and in honor of St. Nicholas of Myra, sanctified them in 1801 Archpriest Yakov Aramil. On the second floor was placed the high altar of the Transfiguration.

The Pace of construction was depending on the income of funds and other assistance from parishioners. Finally, after 43 years, adorned the city of Novokuznetsk of the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral.

For a Long period of construction is reflected in the architectural style, which included classical tradition of constructing temples and elements of the late Siberian Baroque. Restraint decorative design of the facade combined with the abundance of Baroque cupolas, giving the Cathedral a unique character. The stonework was completed in 1830 and in 1831 graduated finish. Service for the solemn consecration of the Church took place in the summer of 1835. So the second time got Novokuznetsk Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral.

Saviour Transfiguration Cathedral in Novokuznetsk address

Testing the early nineteenth century

It took several decades. All this time adorned the Transfiguration Cathedral in Novokuznetsk and the surrounding area, its high bell tower was visible from afar.

The Beginning of the century the Church was dilapidated and met several victims of the earthquake in June 1898. By 1907 was completed the overhaul: has been updated paintings and icons, the gold-plated iconostasis, crosses and bulbs.

Test for the temple began at the end of 1919 when, during anticachectic performances suffered greatly Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral. Novokuznetsk, where there is still Odygitriya Church (famous because her married F. M. Dostoevsky), was almost completely destroyed and burned a group of anarchists from the Altai guerrillas under the leadership Rogova G. F. Novoselov, and I. P.

The Temple was ruined, almost completely burned down, the bell dropped from a height to the ground. For seven years in the Cathedral had a repair on the first floor, the most affected by the fire, resumed worship.

But not for long the temple took parishioners. In the twenties he was captured by the ‘Renovationists”. In 1929, opened the geological Museum in this building. Hardly resembled the once beautiful Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral. Novokuznetsk lost symbol and spiritual Foundation.

In the years 1933-1935, the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Kuznetsk sparrows with a detachment of the Komsomol completely looted the temple, again threw off the heavy bells, dismantled a large part of the bell tower, demolish the domes, crosses broken.

The Building was planned to be used for the Museum, but the plans were never implemented. In an abandoned building two years the school was combine, in a few years — a bakery. After the war, the Cathedral building was completely abandoned for several decades.

Saviour Transfiguration Cathedral in Novokuznetsk photo

The Second half of the XIX century. Long oblivion

Abandoned temple stood for many years. In the 60-ies of the management of Novokuznetsk was considering a plan to turn the Cathedral into a restaurant called "Old Fort", but did not make it a reality.

In the late 80-ies in the building to notice again, consider the placing of the organ hall. Almost at the same time, Orthodox Christians filed a further appeal to the city Council of people's deputies to transfer to the temple. They have been doing it for many years and were refused.

In 1988, the city Council made the decision to transfer the Cathedral to the Orthodox community of Novokuznetsk, despite the fact that the experts were talking about him as the ideal premises under the organ hall.

Saviour Transfiguration Cathedral in Novokuznetsk where there is a

Rebuild the temple

Since 1989, the revival of the temple, restored the parish, launched a restoration and repair. Already in 1991, even before the completion of the works resumed worship.

The First Abbot of the restored Cathedral was the priest of Borisov. How restored Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral of Novokuznetsk, photos are few.

Since 1994, around the temple was built the scaffolding for painting the walls. Three years later, was covered with copper main dome and dome of the belfry, the floor of the first floor made of heated marble.

In 1999, finishing work completed and scaffolding removed, the dome covered with gold leaf. And in 2004 finished the restoration, and painting of the Church. It's only been fifteen years, and again could see the Transfiguration Cathedral of Novokuznetsk. Address at the temple has remained the same: building a waterfall, building 18. The Cathedral with 400 years of history, celebrated its rebirth and once again became the center of the Kuznetsk deanery.


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